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How the choices we make daily, are more important than some of us might think.
With every passing moment in life, you are also granted with the god-given right, the right to pick just ONE choice, one choice out of possibly several hundreds, thousands, billions, and every single time you latch onto just that ONE choice, everything changes in a flash. Doors open, doors close, some of them still reminiscent of those from the past might even stay open, but even though the path you're on, real fast and easily could seem as if it was shaped in the hands of some masterful lord, above you.. and that he could never be you, and that you could never truly BE able to just.. Take what you see with your mind and make it true.. Just know that it's NOT true, that what it all really comes down to, is realising just one simple fact, and that fact is that, you HAVE this power, that with it you make those choices that join forces and shape your life, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second and YOU'RE the one who's in it, YOU'RE the one who can use the power of choice to steer it and win it. So go own it, make your visions come true. With the power of choice, you can can start right now and lay the path to become everything you ever wanted to. Peace.
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