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A letter/memo I wrote myself a long time ago.
I am me. I have talents from both sides of my family. I have a vast imagination. I have been writing for years now yet never finish a story. I have the main idea for the book I'm trying to finish. It may take me another five years, but I will not give up. Only in the last year have I went back to drawing. I am going to start to do some digital art as well. I do not think ill be awesome off the Bat, but I will start to practice more.
I am a mother. I am A writer, and I am an artist.
I can not work but I can try to find a way to publish a book, and I can begin to get into this digital art.

I hope to create the characters in my book in Digital art or Old fashion drawing one of these days.
I am Me. I am Tiffany Jade Troy married once to my ex Alexander Barker. Mother of Artimiss Barker. Engaged now to Stephen Nalley.
I am the daughter of William Billy Troy who served in the US Air Force for 21years and had cancer, for seven long years; living until December of 1999.
I am the daughter of Karen Ann Siegle Troy Copeland Also served in the Air Force, not as long but she became my mom.
I have another dad Darrel Copeland and a half sister Jennifer Copeland I have many families from that side of the line and love them all and wish them well. I have lost a lot before their time. Tho I have gone on. It is all I can do.
I live with my parents in law with my son and My fiance.
Life's not perfect no but in today's time who's life is perfect.

My son is in third grade. He is top of his class, and He loves to use his imagination just like me. I know life could be better, but as long as he is safe, happy and healthy, I will not wish for more.

I am me
(this was written a while ago. I am trying to combined all my old work in one place. I also did edit some of it from the original. )
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