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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2095528
This was something I wrote one night a while ago. I do not know where it came from enjoy.
Wish’s Dream’s a Deals.
When we are young, we hold our breaths to make that first wish.
Someone has put it in our heads that all you must do is hold your breath. Make a wish when you exit the tunnel it will come true.
We believe these tales.
Where would we be when we were young if we did not have these wish’s to make.
When we are older, we have dreams. What we wouldn’t give to fly in outer space, or to be a princess in a castle. Or to own a dragon as our personal pets.
Someone has told us Dream for whatever we want. To work hard and maybe one day you will have what you most dream for.
When we are an adult, our wish’s an dreams come back to our minds. We think just how could we get what we wanted then.
could a deal bring back the dead?
We are told never make a deal with the devil? Why not, who says it would be bad? What about an Angel would making a deal with an Angel be just as bad as making a deal with the devil?
Perhaps it is just this time of year that makes me think about wish’s dreams and deals. If I ever actually knew away If I knew I wouldn’t condemn my eternal soul or at least this part of my soul I would make a deal with the devil or an angel to have those I’ve lost back. For my mother for My son and myself.
Tho, at last, we all know we can not. All there is left are those oh so few memories we have left of them.
I know God is holding on to their souls and one day in the far away future I will be able to see my lost loved ones.
This poem is to My Father Billy Troy. My grandmother and grandfather Siegel, and my step brother Timothy Copeland who left this world way too soon. His father misses him and prays for him.
God bless all those departed souls, now or in the past, you are all missed in this wonderful time of year
Tiffany Jade Barker-Troy
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