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I did this for class and am adding to it now as well and posting it here.
I think music has always been a part of my life. My father and mother both introduced me to music early in my life. My father’s favorite was country road. He would play it outside on our picnic table almost every night.
I chose this one because of the live audience and clapping it makes me feel like I am listening to his singing again. Just hitting my tambourine on my thigh to his beat. (Tearing up just listening to it.)
John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads (with lyrics)

My mother sang me Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (Irish Lullaby. These two pieces of music are importation to my life so I will add a link here too.
Brigitte O'Halloran - Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (Irish Lullaby)
So the two above are the songs I think of as my mother and father from when I was younger. This shows where I came from so they are important to me.

However to explain what my life feels like in a musical biography I must share the saddest time in my life and the song that got me through it. My father died dec 4th, only four days after our Birthday for we were lucky and shared our birthdays. The song that helped me through this time came from a sound track of The Pokémon movie that my best friend at the time had gotten for me. The song is called “If only tears can bring you back”
Not only does this show the sadness that I went through when I lost my father. I listened to the song for a month on repeated so much so that I had to re buy the cd. It also shows my love of Disney that was also started with my father.

This is a song I found during my time after my sadness and before I was ready to stand up and stop being so sad. It got me out of a slump of many many years of depression. Not to say I don’t still have those times. I got in to ICP and Twiztid. Another song would have been “we don’t die” or other ICP songs but this one was radio edited. I hope it will work.
Fort Minor - Remember The Name (Radio Edit) Music Video

There is one more song between my rise up and my now that I must include for my son, my love, and my life that I cannot forget about. It is the Disney song “Let it go” from Frozen. I know many are tired of this song but I can’t help it. It means a lot to us.
I will share just the let it go video too but this is in case you all want to watch. This is my family at world of color a few years ago. It shows how my husband and I are sharing a love of music with our son. My husbands the loudest because he held the camera but you can hear my son and even me singing on here. At 19:10 you can hear my son and I singing “let it go”

And here is just the song “let it go” from Disney’s Frozen. I think this is a song that means so much to me not only is it my family’s favorite song but I feel like it just helped me to let go of the pain, sorrow, sadness, and even fear. I wanted to move forward and forget about the past that was holding me back.
Idina Menzel - Let It Go (from "Frozen")
There was also a version by Dimi devote I highly recommend.

Atlantis Alive Music Video featuring Grout
Music video based on the Warriors of Poseidon novels by New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day, produced by Radiator Music, a transmedia music and video production company - www.radiatormusic.com

I have also recently gotten in to three songs from SuicideSquad witch I belive also are a part of my Here and Now

I believe that the above song shows where I am today. I am all about my reading and my writing. I believe that I can be as good as those who came before me and the author whose books inspired this song and music video is only one of the ones I inspire to be like. Among others such as George R. R. Martin and Jr Ward.

I do not own any of these songs or books. I was only posting my writings I have made in one place I willt ake this down if I must.
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