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I was tired of some of my friends Asking me how I could call myself Christian.
Am I, Christian
How many times have I heard this question? Who makes it their business what I believe?
I believe in Christ. Yes.
Is that enough for them No.
Are you Christian?
Again I ask why do you care?
I believe in his death I believe he died for me is that good enough for you?
I said are you, Christian?
I am Christian Wiccan or Christian Mystic.
You can not be.
Who says?
Am I Christian? Yes to Christ God My savor the creator. I am.
Why don’t you call your Self Christian drop the witchcraft?
Why should I? I am open to God. I get my magic my abilities my gifts all from him. Why should I drop my magic because you say so? Because you fear what, you do not understand? Let me ask you a question?
“No answer?”
I am Christian you are not
Am I not? How because I believe in the magic? You do realize Christ used magic; he healed, he raised people from the dead. He turned water into wine. He used the magic his father gave him just as I believe I use.
My father gave me the magic. He has given it to each an every one of his children. You just chose not to use it.
I am Christian, no matter what any human may think it is a God who will judge me, and not Man.
Tiffany Jade Barker-Troy
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