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I wrote this after a shooting
It was a crazy gunman who took the lives of 6 Innocent souls on Jan 8th, 2011
It was not right winged activists or the tea party or even Sarah Palin tho the left winged news and radio would have you believe.

It was a crazy gunman. It was not the Gun itself.
He went in with the intent to kill and shatter many souls, and he had done so.
He deserves no rights. He deserves death. Tho we are in a society that will not give him what he deserves because of our laws. So be it. He will pay.

His soul will burn. He will pay by God above. His soul will burn he will pay.
Those who have lost a soul do not worry. God knows. This Gunmen will pay if not on Earth then in heaven.
Those souls we've lost with this hate with this crazy gunmen's hate will be welcomed will be embraced by Gods' arms. By gods light.
This we pray this we know by every fabric of our being.
God bless those and their family's affected by this hate in AZ Jan 8th, 2011.

Tiffany Jade Barker-Troy
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