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Kirk muses about his birthday.

In command of the Enterprise for many years,
yet now home at this star-base I’m fighting back tears,
because mission is over--five years at an end,
and I suddenly have many star-dates to spend.

I’ve done battle with Klingons, and Romulans too;
(it’s a shame that my stint as a Captain is through.)
And the scene is a room where I sulk in my seat;
it’s my birthday today yet I don’t feel complete.

Enter Doctor McCoy who is forthright and kind
and of course he will always say what’s on his mind.
He conveys his good wishes on my special day,
but of course Bones McCoy always has more to say.

I admit that I probably look rather glum;
(ode to joy, because another birthday has come.
“You are hiding,” McCoy puts it right on the line;
(with the stars far away, I am ready to pine.)

“Dammit Jim!” is a phase Bones McCoy uses much;
like the Genesis Project, it retains a touch.
“Others celebrate birthdays with joy head to toe;”
“Why is yours like a funeral?“ he wants to know.

Here emotion comes through like a phaser on full;
(I perceive that he thinks I am obstinate mule.)
Mister Spock, on the other hand, idles on staid;
poor McCoy often acts like his nerves have been frayed.

So with birthday upon me I’ll summon up charm;
I am ready to head back to Iowa farm.
Earth below us in orbit here, star-base renown;
maybe I can get Scotty to beam me on down.

28 Lines
Anapestic Tetrameter
Star Trek Contest; Round 11

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2095584