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Notes so far for a potential apocalyptic story. Everything is still being figured out.
Several cracks open up in the sea floor over several months. Sea levels begin to lower and everyone is in a state of panic. Water rushes inside the cracks and eventually the same amount of pressure that was once going into the cracks pushes back out, causing huge tsunamis and sea levels to gradually rise. With this, strange green life came to the surface along with new aquatic creatures and monsters. Many deaths followed with the tsunamis and rising waters. Many people that survived the disasters fell ill and suffered from a brand new disease that affects people’s mental state first, then their physical state. With a lack of medical help or knowledge, many people died or were killed out of fear. Many buildings have been destroyed and communications around the world have become limited. Supplies have become scarce and no one understands how to fight against the disease and the monsters that have began attacking humanity. The water continues to rise and fall and rain is constant.

The Disease
Symptoms are very slow but they include paranoia, fevers, nightmares, mood swings, and minor - major mutations. They eventually become hard to communicate with and act lifeless besides from some exceptions.

Some possible causes are drinking water that hasn’t been filtered, getting contaminated water on an open wound, and bites and scratches from infected aquatic creatures.

Stage 0: (Day 0-3)
The disease is contracted from various sources, be it contaminated water, or being wounded by an infected creature. Illness sets in within 72 hours of exposure.

Stage 1: (Day 3-8)
Disease presents with a high fever that lasts for days, other symptoms include dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats, and muscle weakness. Inflicted tend to present mad ravings and nightmares. Many of the inflicted die at this stage.

Stage 2: (Day 5-10)
During days 5-7 the fever gets to it's worst. Inflicted still prone to mad ravings as well as spasms, nightmares, rapid changes in mood, and speaking to imaginary voices. The inflicted is constantly cold and clammy to the touch. Most don't make it through this stage.

Stage 3: (Day 11- )
Bouts of insanity slowly fade by the second week of the illness. The infliction begins to change the physical appearance of those infected, often beginning with the skin becoming smooth and scaly, as well as pale, purplish-blue in severe cases. More severe cases have shown mutations and deformations of the body and organs, including muscular dystrophy, cutaneous (on the surface of the skin) benign and/or malignant tumors, hair loss, and bone deformation. Inflicted that have survived to this phase usually die from their lose of all motivation to move, eat, etc.

Stage 4:
With motivation, the inflicted semi-morph into a golem but they have a drive to live. They are obsessed over the thing that motivated them to keep going. Their veins begin to glow a bright blue color. They appear to be physically stronger.

Mutants (The infected)
When people get infected with the disease their veins begin to glow a bright blue that shows evidently through their skin and they slowly start to deform, their skin starts to look rock-like.

Heat and _____ can make mutants veins glow brighter.

The Golems
The golems originated from the cracks and have come to the surface. They began to inhabit cities and homes, driving humans away.

They appear to be made of rock and have purple veins running through the cracks of their bodies that glow brightly from heat. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Their bodies are naturally hot.

Overtime, the golems start to adapt. Some become more intelligent, some are stronger and larger, some stay in the water towards the surface, their appearances change, etc. They're either really strong or really intelligent, they're never both.

Fighting against creatures/Monsters that are attacking and contesting humanity.

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