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by B-T
Rated: E · Script/Play · Comedy · #2095834
How this relationship blossomed into an addiction
Such a happy little place…

“What was that?”

Impossible! Can you hear me? Jade!

“Is-is that? Nope, not happening. Logging off right now. Place of nightmares and stuff, this has horror written all over.”

Wait! Wait! Aren’t you curious? Just a bit?

“… No.”

WAIT! Let me just… redirect you. Ah! Here, look, look, happiness.

“How’d you-? You stole my mouse. You changed my page. I wasn’t even, I was still, I wasn’t done.”

Read the page, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Are you chuckling? How do wires and CPUs chuckle? Manically?”

Better yet, I’ll read it to you: The grand, the vast, a place like no other that will hold you captive, tranced, hypnotized in happiness and

“It doesn’t say any of that. What is this?”

A writing site. Try it out.

“Why would I need this?”

You think that drivel you groan and bicker with will get any better locked on your computer, for you and my eyes only?

“Huh, well… you think it’s drivel?”

That’s not the point, Jade. The point is this will help. Oh look, you’ve clicked sign in.

“You did, you clicked sign in.”

Try it out, for both our sakes.

“… And that is how it happened, folks. I swear to God. My addiction, as you call it, was bestowed upon me by otherworldly forces. Couldn’t stop it.”

“So, um, Jade, your computer told you to logon?”

“Make it sound so demonic, why don’t you Janet? It was utterly out of my control. Sometimes Lucifer even logs me on or sets up more sites for me.”

“You gave your computer a name? You, you named him Lucifer?”

“Sure, why not? We still communicate. He’s not a bad guy, you’re judging him poorly because of what he is.”

“’Ey dude, I get ya. Sometimes I’m ordered to do stuff too. They whisper things, man. They take control. I get you.”

“Demitri, you do not ‘get me’. Our situations are completely different. Who invited him anyway?”

“Explain, please. How can we ‘get’ you, Jade? We are trying to help.”

“I told you already, I’m in deep. Lucifer’s plugged into all my devices. See? My screen saver for my phone, my background for my computer, my tablet, and right there, you see that? I just got a message and it's from Lucifer telling me I just got a critique on one of my sites.”

“It’s a problem, Jade.”

“It’s my life now.”

“But do you have to check them so often?”

“You know what? I have to go read this story if you don't mind.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2095834