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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Dark · #2095848
A realization of what you are and what you've done just to find out that there is a twist.
Blood splatter stains the wall as I lay drenched in my own sin. I had lost my mind in the darkest of places. Everything I once knew was dead. Her lies. Their laughs. No one even cried. Broken and shattered into a million pieces I left the world a better place. I laugh at myself. I stabbed myself. I knew that I couldn't win. I cherished her love. I cherished her life, now she can cherish the day that I died. Take what's in your mind. Take what that you hold dear. Then stab it and drown in your own fear. A symphony of lies. A symphony of cries. You wake up and you're alive. Then you realize you are dead.
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