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The town of Friendship will never be the same. It's about to get even better.


Young Billy (or Sally) is turning 16. A small town in the Old West decides to throw the biggest shindig ever.
What happens becomes legend. Tell us about it!
Remember to write in the western genre!

Legendary Times Two

     Billy and Sally bobbed their heads up and down at the same time. Then Sally popped her head up alone. She was coming down when Billy’s head came up. They were shaking their heads downward to the loud cheering that was going on below.

     Sally glanced up and ducked just before hitting a banner spread between two buildings. The banner said, ‘Congratulations to our under sixteen shooting competition winners.’

     As they exited that town Billy glanced down at a sign next to that street. It said, ‘Friendship.’ Right under that, it said, ‘The friendliest town in Kansas.”

     Twelve-year-old Sally looked at Billy who was now looking at her. Both were smiling. Billy glanced down at the men carrying him. They were being carried out of Friendship by a group of townspeople. Shouting and cheering congratulations to Billy and Sally as they headed for a large farm just outside of town. As they got closer to that farm Billy and Sally could see a big party was about to begin in a field.


     “Everyone settle down.” Sheriff Kevin shouted at the townspeople in front of him. Billy and Sally were on either side of him. “Before we start the eating and the dancing let’s hear a few words from our winners.”

     “All the telegram said was that they both won. Billy for the boys.” Sheriff Kevin slapped him on his back. “Sally for the girls.” He patted Sally on her head. “No other town has ever had two winners at the same time before. If there ever was a time for the biggest shindig the world has ever had it’s this one.”

     Billy looked at Sally and nodded yes slightly. Sally smiled back and stepped forward. “I think Billy should speak first. Not only because he’s the oldest but because he’s about to turn sixteen in a couple of weeks. This was his last competition he could be in.”

     Sally stepped back. At first, Billy didn’t do anything but stare bugged eyed at the townfolk in front of him. After about a minute he stepped forward. Before he could say anything a rider came galloping toward them. He was shouting, “The Devlin Gang is in Friendship.” The rider repeated that several times before he slumped forward on his saddle.

     Everyone turned and stared at the rider as he approached them. They could barely hear the shot that came out of a man’s rifle at the edge of Friendship. A second later the rider fell off his horse.


     “What are we going to do?” Betsy took a quick peek out the window. From the surroundings around them, they were all in the schoolhouse.

     “Get away from that window. Do you want to get us all killed?” Sheriff Kevin pulled Betsy away from the window.

     “They’re not going to kill us. They don’t do that. Once they get the money from our bank, some of our food and weapons they will leave.” Patrick stood by another window but wasn’t looking out it.

     “They already killed one of us.” Betsy almost shouted in panic. “I know he’s new to town, but why wasn’t he at our shindig?”

     “Why he wasn’t there we will probably never know.” Sheriff Kevin pulled Patrick from his window too.

     “He was probably late for our shindig when he spotted The Devlin Gang.” Billy stepped out between the other children that were in the centre of the room. They were being protected by the adults.

     Betsy started panicking again. “What are we going to do. They are going to kill all of us, aren’t they?”

     “You’re the sheriff. Why aren’t you out there protecting this town?” Patrick now stood next to Betsy.

     “Because the only ones outside of that rider today that has been killed have been the last six sheriffs. A little money, food and weapons aren't worth getting killed over.”

     “I agree we have to do something.” Sally stepped forward. She looked at Billy and smiled. He smiled back. “There’s only one thing we can do. Billy and I will confront them.”

     “How many weapons do you have in your store?” Billy asked Patrick.

     “About twenty revolvers and ten rifles. Why?”

     Sally and Billy headed for a door next to the teacher's desk. “We might need them all against The Devlin Gang.”

     Sheriff Kevin blocked that door. “There’s no way we are going let you do that.”

     “We are the best shots this town has. If we don’t do it who will?” Billy ducked to one side of Sherrif Kevin while Sally did on the other side. Sheriff grabbed for Sally, but he missed them both. One second they were there the next they were gone.


     Sally and Billy stood in the centre and middle of that street. The Devlin Gang stood at the other end of the street. Under the banner. Two in front and eight behind. Everyone had their hands on their weapons.

     One of them in front spoke first. “You must be Billy and Sally. Congratulation on your wins.”

     “What kind of a town is this?” The other man in front asked. “This town is so scared they send children out to die for them.

     Before Billy or Sally could respond one of the men in the back pulled his weapon out. he got one wild shot off before Billy killed him with a bullet to his chest as he dove behind a water trough. Sally started firing rapidly as she quickly took shelter behind some barrels. The Devlin Gang darted for whatever cover they could find too.

     The fight only lasted about fifteen minutes. When it was over just Billy and Sally were still lived. The rest of the town folks came running out to congratulate them again. Sheriff Kevin patted both of them on the backs. “If we weren’t legendary before we sure are going to be now.”

Word Count = 975

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