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Written for the Darcy Merit Badge Challenge
Option 2. Pride and Prejudice: Background, your views on Darcy and Elizabeth and their courtship and could you have fallen in love with Darcy? If you are a man writing this challenge, could you have fallen in love with Elizabeth?

Darcy, oh Mr. Darcy, how easy it is to fall in love with you. From the moment you entered the Ball the electricity zinged through the air and caught my attention. Though I must say your views could use some modification, but those assessments are also an enticement for me. For you see, dear Darcy, I have a strong mind as well, and when they collide like ours do, that only adds to the excitement of striving to make you see a different point of view. It’s not an easy task, but well worth the conversation because in those moments, you exude passion. I’m positive you don’t see it as passion, but let me assure you it’s there, pulsating and primal.

Did you sense something when you took my hand to dance? There was this moment where no one else existed—only you and I. That precious moment in time is now etched in my heart and mind. Before I knew it the song was over and you were gone, leaving me wondering where it would all go from there.

How many times would we cross paths and be at odds? You didn’t seem to care for, nor understand the complexities of my family. Could it have been my lack of status that kept you at bay in the beginning? Perhaps my mother’s penchant for blather that left such a distaste in your mouth that you could hardly stand to be near me? Or my younger sisters’ behavior? You need know, even those differences could not stop my heart from awakening, from being fascinated by you. Somehow I knew there must be something beneath your proper perimeter, something you hid and felt you mustn’t show. You kept it so guarded and protected. Once I caught a glimpse, I became captivated by the man beneath the rugged exterior.

Then there was that time in the rain. The tension was so thick you could carve it with a knife. My temper flared, hating what you’d done to poor Jane, that you could be so cold, yet I understood your motives, if only too late. Even being at odds with you, arguing with you, something brewed between us. Something unexplainable happening that pulled us together magnetically. You must have felt it too, for I even suspected you intended to kiss me, even though I hastily turned down your proposal. Oh how I wish you had. For you kissed me right then and there, I dare say we would have been together from that moment on. Looking back now that’s so easy to see.

Neither of us are perfect. All too easily misunderstanding get in the way, and that was the case for us. But when I needed help, needed someone to intervene, there you were like a knight coming to my rescue. You didn’t judge me, didn’t even tell me what you intended to do to recover Lydia and Wickham. My darling, Mr. Darcy, you took charge of the situation and made sure that my family did not suffer any more than they already had. You saved them from being ruined, and in doing so, you had my eternal gratitude, bringing hope back to me. You may think that is what persuaded my heart to open to you, but no, it was long before that.

It was the way you challenged me with your words that sparks my intellect. The way the touch of your hand sends heat racing up my arm and through me like a warm summer breeze. The way your eyes held mine, entrancing, searching, as if you somehow saw straight through to my soul.

So you see, it was impossible for me not to give you my heart as well as my hand. For way back to that very first moment they had always belonged to you. And from this moment on, they always will.


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