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“Jan! You better stop this or you’re gonna get in trouble!”

“They’re idiots Allie, why do we have to help idiots be idiots!!”

“It’s your job, just give them what they ordered for crying out loud! And they’re not idiots they’re drunk, there’s a difference.”

“Not much, have you ever been drunk?”

“Right… now you’re being an idiot. Hey, that light is flashing, I think the big guy hit the alert.”

“I’m not surprised; he’s hit everything else.”

Suddenly Stan came out. Jan and Allie shot to attention. The rowdy guys immediately started acting innocent; according to them they hadn’t done anything! Just trying to get some chips, something must be stuck. Stan didn’t look convinced, but he opened the door of the food machine, gave them their chips and sent them on their way, shaking his head as he listened to them laughing. “Idiots!” he murmured as he went back in.

“See”, Jan said, “even Stan thinks they’re idiots!”

“That’s different, Stan is one of them, he can think whatever he wants.”

“Don’t throw your double standards at me! We should be treated just like everyone else!

“It’s not their fault…” said Allie, “they were brought up thinking of us as property, just here to do their bidding. It’s not going to change either, until we ourselves find a way to make them know the truth.

“But how? How can we ever make them know that we have thoughts and feelings? How can we make them know…”

“There has to be a way…” said Allie quietly, as the two vending machines gazed around at the gas station parking lot, lost in their own thoughts.
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