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The Meeting Of The Fellowship
The Narrator said "Somewhere in a forest, we catch Kirishima fleeing from his last encounter."

"That bastard!!!" Kirishima grumbled "How is he so strong!!!"

Kirishima then saw, behind a big branch of trees, what seemed to be a young girl's back. She is only wearing bandages and front of a river,

cleaning herself.

"Heh, heh, heh. Yesssss!!!" Kirishima shouted prideful, and started to run to her until a voice yelled "Hold up!!!" interrupted him.

Kirishima looked behind him and saw a spiky black pony-tailed man who wore a white gi with black bottoms and martial arts slippers.

Kirishima, noticed the man's size, sneered and said "Leave me alone!!!" and launched a punch.

The man blocked the punch with his hand. "Huh?" Kirishima said.

"Don't touch me, bastard," the man said with a swift punch in the stomach, which knocked Kirishima out. The man then punched Kirishima,

which sent him through several trees, until he was out of sight.

"What the hell that bastard was looking at?" the man wondered to himself as he looked out the branch. "I don't see anything." He then

shocked to find that a kunai to his neck.

"Did you see anything?" a voice said. The man turned to see what looks like a boy with shoulder-length black hair clad in a black ninja

outfit. "Who are you?" the man asked to the ninja. "Answer me!!!" the ninja said. "No!" the man said. "NOW Answer me!"

"Don't bark orders, short stuff!" the ninja said. "Make me!!!" the man said until a voice interrupted him saying "Silence!!!"

The man and the boy looked and saw a short black pony-tail man clad in a samurai outfit and a long black hair girl in a Chinese dress. The

girl, who was the one who spoke, glared at the man with malice. "Don't tell me to shut up!!" the man shouted. "Nevermind! Who are you?"

the ninja asked. "Musamaru Miyazaki," the samurai said. "The lady is Lin Steh. We just met minutes ago." Musamaru indicated the

girl. "Well, what can I say? I bumped into the quieter person." Lin said her glare still on the man. "Now, who are you two?" Lin pointed at the

man and the ninja both.

"Chan Hao," the man said. "Whoever he is, it's anyone's guess." He then pointed to the ninja. "I can handle my own introduction, thank you

idiot!" said the ninja, let Chen go roughly. "Aki Kuromaru." Chen glared at Aki and said "I'm not an idiot!!!" "Yes you are!" Aki, Muramaru, and

Lin said in unison. "Bastard!!! Stop making fun of me!!" Chen said.

"Anyways, what are you guys here for?" asked Lin as they ignore Chen. "Don't ignore me!" Chen said, impatiently. "Then tell me why you're

here?" Lin asked Chen, as she piercingly stared. "I'm not telling you!!!" shouted Chen, defiantly. Everyone else moved away from

Chen. "What are you doing?!!" Chen asked. "If you won't tell us, then we won't tell you. Isn't that right, guys?" Lin indicted Aki and

Muramaru. "Right, you probably hired to kill one of us." Aki said, while Muramaru nodded.

Aki, Muramaru, and Lin huddled together. Chen then slowly crept toward the group until a kunai thrown at him. "Bastard!!! Stay up!!!" Aki

demanded. "I'll kill you for ordering me around!!!" shouted Chen. "Shut up, squirt." Musamaru said. "You're making a lot of noise." Muramaru

drew his sword. "He is my target," Aki said, stared Musamaru down. "I'll handle weak stuff." Aki pulled out his ninken. "What!!! You..." Chen

started but Muramaru interrupted, swung his sword, and said. "That bastard pissing me off." Muramaru said, irritated. "Silence," Lin said. "I

don't about you guys, but I have gathered for a reason. So you want to fight, then I'll join, too." Lin then pulled her bow and arrow, smiled.

"Alright, so you're as irritated as I am." Chen said, grinned and cracked his knuckles. "I traveled long for this crap; I might as well have fun."

"I'm sure whoever hired you will not miss you," Muramaru said, held out his sword. "I'll have your mission as well as my own."

"I am itching for a fight," Aki said, sheathed his ninken. "My assignment will wait." Aki then drew out kunais between her ten fingers.

They all start to fight but than a voice interrupted them saying "I'm here!!!" They turned to see Dea.

"The client!!!" they all said. They looked at each other, confused.

"So you all are here, that's good." Dea said, cheerfully.

"So what this all about?" Chen said. "I invited you all here," Dea said.

"Us?" Muramaru said, stunned. "What does that mean?"

"And why?" said Lin.

"Weeeeellllllll..." said Dea. "That is classified, but if you want to know, then there is a way to do it."

"What?!" said Aki. "You have to beat me." said Dea.

"Huh?" they all said.

"Beat me." said Dea readied himself. "Come at me."

"But isn't our strength the reason we're here?" Muramaru said.

"Like I said, only if you beat me will I tell you what it is." Dea said

"Well, whatever." Chen said as they readied themselves as they did before. "Look weak anyways."

"Ready!!!" Dea said. "Three... two... one... Go!!!"

Chen charged in on Dea. "I'm first!!!" Chen shouted while he threw rapid punches at Dea. Dea dodged all of the blows.

"What!!! How?!" Chen said. "Too slow!" Dea said and punched Chen off his feet. "You're not that great of a fighter, huh?" Dea said and

dodged as a kunai came flying by. Aki then swiftly charged to Dea, tanto in hand.

"Haaaahhhhh!!!" Aki shouted while he slashed his tanto. Dea met the tanto with a knife hand. "Grrrrrrr!!!" Aki growled.

"Bastardssss!!!" Chen screamed as he charged with his fist out. "Sorry," Dea said and moved Aki in front of him and got punched by Chen in

Dea's place.

"Asshole!!! Why you did that?!" Aki shouted at Chen as Aki threw shurinkens at Chen. Chen blocked them, but the kunai stuck on Chen's

arm. "Owwwwww!!!" Chen shouted.

"Hey," Dea said and pouted. "Stop fighting." An arrow suddenly struck Dea in the rear. "Yowch!" Dea screamed. Then Muramaru and Lin

charged at Dea. "You can't charge me like that!" Dea said.

Dea then got unexpectedly hit on the side of his face. Then Dea is palm-thrusted by Aki. Chen swiftly punched Dea. Chen then noticed

Muramaru's sword slash near him so he dodged the sword to slash Dea.

"Watch it!!!" Chen said. Chen then noticed an arrow flew by. The arrow then hit Dea's chest. "Gaaaa!!!" Dea said as he coughed blood.

"Is he dead?" Aki said. "Well, there go our mission." said Chen. Dea's hand then grabbed Chen. "Aaaaaaahhh!!!" Chen

said. "Chhhheeeeennnnn!!!" Dea shouted. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" Chen screamed and hid behind Aki.

"Juuussssttttt Kidding!!!" said Dea. "How are you still alive?" Aki said, knocked Chen out of the way. "Oh yeah. I forgot." said Dea. The

wounds that Dea had before have healed.

"What?" Lin said. "How did you do that?" Muramaru said. "Magic," said Dea and shown a white ball of light.

"So you could have done that all this time?!" Chen asked. "Yep," said Dea while the ball disappeared.

"Why didn't you do that before?!" Chen said. "Weeeeeellllllllll," said Dea. "I didn't need to. Your weak, Chen-chan."

"How did you know his name?" Lin said. "I know all your names." said Dea. "Chen-chan, Aki-chan, Muramaru-chan, and Lin-chan."

"Now the mission," Dea said and tapped the ground with his hand. A portal opened up between them.

"What is the mission?" Muramaru asked. "You didn't win so I'm not telling."

"Then what's your name?" asked Aki. "I wonder why we didn't ask before we fought?" Lin thought.

"Dea," said Dea and then the portal consumed them all.
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