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Give yourself the spot light by writing for this contest. Show off what word you create.
  *NotepadY* *PenB* *PenBl* *PenG* *PenO* *PenP* *PenR* *PenV* *PenY* *Pen*: *Pencil* *Quill* *Writing* *PenB* *PenBl* *PenG* *PenO* *PenP* *PenR* *PenV* *PenY* *Pen*: *Pencil* *Quill* *Writing* *PenB* *PenBl* *PenG* *PenO* *PenP* *PenR* *PenV* *PenY* *Pen*: *Pencil* *Quill* *Writing* *PenB* *PenBl* *PenG* *PenO* *PenP* *PenR* *PenV* *PenY* *Pen*: *Pencil* *Quill* *Writing* *NotepadY*

DWG Presents To You This Opportunity!
Prizes, and the spot light to show off!
Grab your writing tools and write!

Use the words: holiday, thankful, food and bold these words by using {b}holiday{/b}

Guide Lines
1. You, must create a static item in your portfolio, or have an item never used for this contest to submit.
2. Please, use b-item which is {b-item:#######}or link to item format which is: {link to item:#######}for your submissions.
3. Please use E for everyone so that everyone may participate.
4. Editing is allowed, however, judging will take place near the end of contest and new edits may be missed
5. Please do not enter the same item after it has been entered into this contest.
6. Lines for poetry should be limited to no more than 40.
7. Prose entries should have no more than 1,000 words
8. Include within the item the line or word count.
9. Whenever a prompt is provided it must be used for this contest (watch out for this in the opening post for next round.)
10. Whenever there are additional instructions these will be announced within the opening post for the next round.

Enjoy writing and create the best word art possible.

Enter your item below.
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