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My take on diversity from my own perspective.

As a young, 20, white, college student, it's not a topic that I generally put much thought into. In my Intro to Diversity class, we did a little activity. We went around with a little Styrofoam cup and plunked in a bead for every sentence that applied to us. Some things were easy. I moved on fairly easily on them. Some things like gender, no beads, sex-I skipped over that not too many/if nay there. {It's kind of awkward since I don't generally thinking about it. Maybe curious about somethings. But I think that's normal.} Religion was a few here and if I didn't know skip it. At the end, I had quite a few beads for my makeshift bracelet. It died on me and spilled everywhere, making me start over. In the end, it put me in mind that, even if it's not something I'm always conscious about, there's still much of life that's made easier for me because I am the way I am.

I am unapologetically ME!

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