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Bard's Hall contest winning entry. Solve the mystery in 16 sentences. I wrote fiction!
Written for:

The Bard's Hall Contest  (13+)
October Prompt: Something Horror This Way Comes!
#981150 by SpookyB

Introduction: It's the Bardstown's 16th decade, birthday celebration! The whole town is invited to the events. Detective Hall, was just about to "close shop" for the day and leave a skeleton crew on to answer phones and 911 him if an emergency arrives, then, suddenly his phone rings ...

Prompt: "Yes, this is Detective Hall, speaking. What! You found a gun buried under Elmer's sycamore tree? How did you think to look there? Oh, his neighbor's dog dug it up. Yes, we've had complaints of that dog digging in yards all over Bardstown. Wait, what's that you say? There was a metal box with lots of cash buried with the gun?"

Your job ... *Down*

Continue the story where the above clues leave off, and solve that mystery in only 16 sentences.

As Detective Hall made his way across Main Street, he knew by the flippy feeling in his gut this was gonna be a long night. When he pulled his beat up truck through Elmer's steep, gravel-strewn driveway, he noted the eerie silence: there wasn't even much of a moon to light the way to this mysterious stash of cash.

He thought the gun was a no-brainer for a past murder for hire, or even the old man's (Elmer's father) penchant for forgetfulness before his fatal stroke ten years ago.

"Detective! Ya just gotta see how long this thing's been buried, and there's $100,000 bucks, all in all!"

"Don't get your tighty whities in a bunch, Ryan-- it could just be old man Elmer's secret life savings..."

"Yes, sir," said Coors Ryan, dejected once again at his boss's dismissal of even the possibility of any crime being related to a homicide.

Upon inspecting the military, pea-soup-green metal box, and it's cash inside, Detective Hall sported a wide grin. "You know these hundreds date back to the Depression era, Coors? And look at this gun-- a Colt .38 Detective’s Special Revolver, just like the one recovered from Bonnie Parker’s lifeless thigh in 1934. I wonder--"

"Bonnie Parker, Detective?"

"Bonnie and Clyde, Ryan! It wasn't well known, but in two of their bank robberies the cash was never found, despite the ATF's best efforts over the years. Why, that must've been an extra gun of hers... or Clyde's! Well, I'll be damned..."

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