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Transitions a teen goes through when changing from high school to college.
         Just from what I've learned in my own time of being a teen and how transitions can be life altering. Teen years can be unpleasant because largely, you're still treated like a kid and yet still expected to be an adult at the same time. It can be challenging to navigate through those tough years as you try and figure out who you are. Who you can trust. It hasn't been any easier since I've reached 2o now. But back when I was still at that period of my life, I can say I definitely had some major events that changed me.

         People come and go through out your life. I had friends after we moved to our new residence that seemed to leave just as I was getting used to them. They were there when I needed them and didn't stay past that. So I was stationary while the rest of the world scurried around me. I did have a bullying episode in 6th grade that scared me. Eventually the folks were involved and it was taken care of. But in the process, I had some serious trust issues afterwards, still do today to some degree. It doesn't magically get any easier with time. You have to decide if it's worth the time to develop those kinds of skills or relationships yourself. No one can do it for you.

         Seventh grade was not so bad. Except for when the science fair came up and ran into some complications along the way. It's difficult to be a teenager. You want to be independent but there's still a ways you have to go until you're there can are able to manage on your own. I took some time getting there, made some errors along the way. Still do in fact, but at least I think I getting better about asking for help when it's needed.

         Anyways, I hit 7th grade and that was another exciting year of middle school. In that year, my grandma from mom's side passed away. As well as one of the dogs being hit by a car. I was walking them and stopped for a kid in wheelchair to say hi. Well a car came up real close and got my dog. The lady with the boy, got me out of the way. But our dog didn't. I felt so horrible and everything was in a rush after that. It was just such a horrible thing to have happen. You're pest are like family and it can be devastating to have something like this occur. It's not something I ever thought I'd have to go through. I still feel partly at fault even though it was an accident.

         {Needless to say, middle school is not a time I'd like to do over. Maybe change some things in history like that time my dog was killed. But overall, not a real worth while experience.

         It's when I finally graduated high school and got accepted into college I hit another transition. I had to get used to not going so many days like I was used to. I also had to grasp that it was for a semester and after that, it was done. Had some trouble grasping that. It seemed that more effort was and is needed to get through college{or community college, like I'm at now} to be successful. I have to try and work harder a managing my time better. Also, I'll need to develop some study habits to help with learning what I need. it hasn't always been easy. Especially math, that's been the bane of my existence since I can remember. It's a real pain too. Some people drop out of college just because of college math. Something I can understand. College is hard and you get what you put into it. I'm still going and have two classes this semester and I'm hoping this semester will be a good one.
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