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by Sarah
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Paranormal · #2096197
When an old sea town is haunted by an ominous figure, hysteria spreads quickly
The sea was an aqua blue. I gazed longingly at its vast capacity, watching the waves smash against the nail like rocks. Great gashes were worn into the marble wonders, it made me think; what great creature or unearthly act of nature must have caused such damage. All around me for miles were grey shores and silver shimmering rocks perfectly cast from God's very own palms, fishermen went about their duties drinking their beer and cawing like seagulls when they caught their bait. Yet I felt lost, one with the ocean, a swirling sea of thoughts.

Something buzzed gently, it was my mobile. Two missed calls from Sadie, I dialled her because I knew she would probably be asking me to collect something, she was planning the huge extravaganza for her sister's birthday and as she was such a perfectionist everything had to be just right.

"Hey urr the connection's bad, did you call?" An idiotic statement, as of course I'd seen her two missed calls.

"Yeah would you mind collecting the hamper I sent to the post, sorry I've got so much on and have gotta head off to work soon. My boss is being an ass again and wanting me to get in super early and help him out with deal with some big clients from out of town."

"Yeah of course, I was just taking in the view anyway. I'll go get it now."

"Ok thank you so much! Life saver."

As I headed to the post office I made sure to wave to all the neighbours and say the usual, "How's your day going?" etc, I bumped into my dad who was eagerly banging away at an old car, the car was an old vintage metallic blue colour and it inspired me.

"Hey Bag!" A name my sister and I have called him since we were little girls. The stories goes she couldn't pronounce her d's and so life was a struggle for her at such an age. So from Baggy he became Bag and it seemed to stick, although the name often alarmed eves droppers when they heard us referring to him as a inanimate object rather than a name suitable for the wonderful man he truly was. He pulled himself out from under the car and whipped the sweat from his brown, a glimmer was in his squinty eyes.

"Hey! Whatcha do'in today?"

"Sorting things out for Savannah's party mostly, and I thought I'd just ponder my thoughts, try and find inspiration for my next novel. Karl wants it written in a week so I've got a lot of thinking to do."

"Sounds better than what I've got lined up today, maybe a beer later ha!"

We parted ways as an I headed up the old, rocky mountain side to get to the centre I noted something in the distance. A dark figure waiting by the swirling golden lighthouse. I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me but it appeared he was watching me. Did I know the mysterious figure, or was he just a creeper who enjoyed staring at strangers. Strange, the closer I got with each step I placed on the dusty white sand beneath my feet, their face became no clearer but I could tell they wore a long black coat. Just as my eyes were adjusting to their face and digesting that this was the figure of a man, a great silver truck screamed past like a great rain cloud blurring my vision. After it past the figure had vanished now only a spec of my imagination. A day dream, or feather in the wind never to be seen by my eyes again.
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