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Troubles are universal.Lasting defeat is optional. Hope is the focus.Sweetness the result.
The little girl with unique eyes
had lovely in her heart,
She neared the finish but heard cries
of someone at the start.

She went right back to lift a friend,
whose knee was clearly bruised,
They won the race, though, at the end
as stopping was refused.

The young man hailed from old England,
but near the end of race,
His muscle pulled in harmful rend,
in pain he held his face.

His father pushed through all the hands,
his son must finish now,
It did not end as all his plans,
but crowd did stand and bow.

When Kerri Strug on bruis-ed limb
did run with all her might,
She won the gold for kith and kin!
How famous was the night!

The bobsled team from little isle
did finish on their feet,
But all the world gave Jamaica, "Hail!"
as they eschewed defeat.

In eighth grade I did run the mile,
that little fat boy, me
Around the last curve with a smile
I "kicked" for all to see!

'Twas second place, but my team mate
had won the race ahead
And my team won the county meet
as I in second led.

Though A-S-D may be a weight,
defeating some dear souls,
The ones, who fight are truly great,
when crossing lifetime's goals.

We learn from those, who in defeat
have learned to truly win,
That when our troubles oft repeat
the more we'll all press in!

Line Count: 40

by Jay O'Toole
on September 12, 2016

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