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by Kris
Rated: E · Poetry · Gay/Lesbian · #2096380
Based on the struggle that LGBTQ+ people go through (this is read like a slam poem/rap)
To all you folks who are wondering why
When I wake up I breathe a sigh
It’s not a sigh of relief; it’s a cry of pain
The same pain that plagues my heart every day
And believe me when I say that this is not okay

But it’s more than just me, it’s everyone like me
With the same DNA but they’re not treated the same way
As the humans who decide what’s wrong or right
They’re treated like slaves, half-human and tightly
Bound by the people’s so-called “law of the land”
But would it really be so difficult to just reach out your hand
To a friend or neighbor
What do you say, sir?
The church is standing on the corner just handing out papers
Saying “God hates Gays” and “stop the marriage laws”
The same laws that allow two lovers to call
Each other “husband” or “wife”
We didn’t vote on your life
Or your right to do what you want with the person you love
You’re sitting in church preaching quotes from above
Quotes that don’t make any sense
You’re under the pretense
That we are all the same in every way
That by telling us we’re not gay
You can just make us go away

But the problems won’t stop if you only avoid ‘em
You took our lives and crushed and destroyed ‘em
Because you chain us and drain us and find heinous ways to break us
You’ll do everything possible to completely stop sustaining us
But why can’t you see
To just let us free
It’s a great life living in the light of reality
So then maybe you’ll let us be

Life goes on, and what do you do
If you choose not to progress like the rest of us do?
We say screw you and screw your rules
We will carry on with our lives in the way that WE choose

Don’t even get me started on the same lame reasons
Like “being gay is the ultimate treason”
Or how about this one? “It’s Adam and Eve”
Well, okay, if that’s what you really believe
But I’m just saying…they weren’t the best to represent
They invented sin, or will you just pretend
That that never happened, and only pick and choose
The parts of your “holy book” that you want to use

And what I can’t understand
What I really can’t handle
Is that fact that it bothers you,
It’s a clear example
Of people snooping around and getting really in our business
I hear “it’s not natural” and I can’t help but grimace
We don’t need your advice because it’s not your decision
I just need you to sit down and listen to my rhythm

Why does it matter if you don’t like us gays?
It may be true that we’ve seen better days.
But honestly, who doesn’t have a bad run
Every once in a while we’re all outdone

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t
We’ve been here all along, so why all of a sudden
Do you care so much? It doesn’t affect you
We’ve been pushed and shoved, and I’m honestly through, because
We are not broken
We are not ashamed
We will grow stronger and reclaim the name
that was once a swear word
The worst thing you heard
And the worst thing to say
Was to call somebody gay

But no longer will that be the case
We are nearing the end, and ending our chase
For equality, it’s simple, it’s all we request
Just treat us the same, and we’ll treat you the best

We have waited way too long in the closet
But now I can feel like a day is upon us
Where all people, regardless, will be treated with respect
And the world will be better, still far from perfect
But close enough that we will all be adored
For those contrasts inside, with no one ignored
Based on preference or race
No one’s a disgrace
We will love and be loved with a friendly embrace
And forget these dark days when gays are hated
And remember these words, that all are created
We are all human
So we should all be free
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