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Every day is a treasure, and so are the feelings filled within it!
Waking up, trying open my eyes
When all curtains closed, it's so lively outside
Trying to get up from the bed
While birds go all out on the countryside singing

Taking little steps to the kitchen
Seeing weird faces staring from the television
Boiling water to make myself coffee
Seeing little to no options to stop being sleepy

But when I go out
Seeing all the pictures of the life in the motion
I don't step back
Being picked up by the waves of the music in cellphone

Same route isn't same everyday
No matter where I go, fantasies go on with me
No matter what I see
Only happiness streams from the things that I see

Going in, going out
Seeing faces - doing subjects - never same for each day
Trying out, speaking loud
Sharing every bit of moment with the people around

At the end, going home
Where a grandma and a cat want to meet me at the end
To share, to speak
About what we all expressed at the day in our way

Sun sleeps, moon wakes
And so all the living beings making their way to go sleep
I'll say "Goodbye"
To the day that passed, staying in my memory
Waiting for the next day desperately
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