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Rated: E · Other · Romance/Love · #2096508
Just a short summary of my view on pansexuality. As always, don't like, don't read.
What does Pansexual even mean?

Pansexuality is not a largely discussed topic. It tends to be something that can be overlooked. But I believe that today's youth should be educated in LGBT+ terms. Pansexual, Asexual, Polysexual, agender, and other sexuality and gender identities are most definitely not part of an everyday conversation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they need to be in every conversation you ever have in your entire life, but they shouldn't become words that are used as insults or to bash others around us. In middle schools, high schools, and basically everywhere with teenagers, older children, and even some young adults, are bound to use the word gay as negative or derogatory. Being gay or a lesbian, is typically a negative thing, when in reality it is not a disease, a mental illness, or a condition. Learning what gender or sexual identity you identify with is exciting and scary, and LGBT+ people shouldn't be afraid to be who they are.
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