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sometimes in life, choices we have to make are heartbreaking
The sound of thunder and flashes of lightning fill your senses as you tell yourself she's not really dead. Yet the body lies before your eyes, there can be no doubt that life is gone. Gone to where you really don't know, somewhere beyond. Where IS it? Where DO they go?
You tell yourself you'll not go on with pain so great that feels like maybe you were wrong. You would had done anything to keep her here, but the doctors came and said you must choose, and if you play God your mind you may lose.

She would never recover, never open her eyes. Never again hold you close, be who you loved the most.
This person who gave you life, who shared your laughter, your ups and downs, could no longer share your tears.

They gave me moments to try to say goodbye, then came in silently and with a pull of a cord, with your soul I watched my mind fly.

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