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Transcribed data fragments. Clarity level: Known Evenness
The situation cannot help but worsen on your planet. I recommend beginning to write with your right hand. I and many of us find little difference between right hand and writing hand. As you have surmised, the intergalactic council has now only recently fixed your position in space. Though this location is called by many names, it is between galaxies.

There have been many recent changes of which I should make you aware. The star trilogy has ended and order has been restored. The search for a single cohesive epic has been abandoned. As you transcribe this data, whole peoples are passing back into unconscious existence being unified in mind with a functional state of living. What is more, those who would wake the sleeping cultures have been contained.

I shall serve as your messenging guide during your transcriptions.
The limitable is no longer relevant.

Order has been restored everywhere but not absolutely in all places and in some not at all. Nevertheless everywhere suffices to describe the extent of the restoration. The changes are most promising. The divine hammer is quiet, and the master we have found is in satisfaction, which may be spoken of as rest. All the privincy leaders of the constants of order are also satisfied. There is still conflict, especially among those who prefer conflict, but within the greater expanse, there has been a settling.

Take your own planet for example. The rule of the unjust can hardly be called order. Their structure is too complex for effective change to be made, but they are unjust in their own right. Wealth continues to dominate, and those who cannot communicate at all thrive. It is cruel to laugh at misery, and this is not done by the advanced or among those who listen.

We thank you for the part you played, knowing the cost to you and your loss of place among your people who are similar to you in dress and appearance.

Thrown from the craft you were. It is good to see your mind more settled. See with your eyes alone; hear with your ears alone. Think and imagine with your mind. Compare like to like and refrain from mixing the dissimilar. With the frequencies so burdened, it will be difficult to write and think uninterruptedly.

Since the communications are clearer I will work to quiet stray invasions. Take care of your mood that you refrain from depressed thinking. Writing will assist you. Reading will pass time in your evenings. Try to refrain from drawing thoughts up from your opaque depths unless you are writing. There is great resistance within the space that you are in, but I expect thought transfers will remain possible.

All that is is. That is sufficient. Your planet cries for an answer to what is. What is this that we are in? It is a prison called reality, bound in ways I am not. The toil is your burden. Myself that writes is likewise bound but not by the same chains. That which calls from the deep is not similarly bound.
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