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When romantic notions refuse to work as planned -- even in the dreamscape
"These creative sparks
Keep me writing by pen name from home.
Still in the early early hour before commutes,
The home computer gets fired up.

No child’s Summertime desires are yet awake to interfere.

Hard drive crash makes for restless sleep
What is your conclusion?
The novel...
The Affair...

Could be ...
The zero, zilch, nada

The response is at the top of the email --
It's partner titled, READING PLEASURE
Speaks all intent with it's shy, polite two line
Brush off.

Deep-sixes my plans for the weekend.
Both will end up deleted, but not forgotten.

All my dreams --
All conclude in this lost data

An unsolicited rejection letter
Odd to most, but this one writer.

This writer feels sexual,
But it is a whispered truth.

The conversation:
A retelling of my early years at the paper;
Working the nightshift.
'Always concealed behind steel and concrete –
Tempered glass locked doors and dark windows.'

Sounds like Rapunzel?
he offers.

What an odd reference? Has something cracked?
I am no princess
Not a victim of kidnap
Besides my years of work being mind-numbing,
I have George Jetson typing skill.

I did not see many people.
My co-workers were wild -- never ate out
Couldn't pick up a scent and hunt the forest.
When we met the sun rising,
The joy and agony of it hit.

It is yet a long way to home.

Younger but wise Prince Charming
Knows many things.

We laugh about not even being able to say, with romantic irony,
'Her sun is the moon.'
I love that he understands the reference.

I love.
It's what I do.
I love too too much."

The recording ends.
The analysts
Glossy, pale metamorphs
Cocooned in their adjacent listening pods
Glance at each other with strained eye stalks.

This is the third attempt to decode
The meanings behind the communication.

Tapping the unconscious of this human female
Has produced interesting tasks
But not-likely accolade.
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