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by Espero
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The Queen's Love
The day was here but was she ready? She had trained for years, there was nothing more she could do. Soon she would be known as Queen Mary. Her choice was to remain as she was, a refined young lady ready for love; but the choice wasn't hers, was it? It had been written years ago.

Love! Oh how she loved Thomas, and he her; but it never could be. Never spoken of. She wasn't sure how it had happened but a locking of eyes across the ballroom set it in motion. His black hair with that little wisp escaping across his brow. The dark blue eyes that sparkled when he looked at her. The lips, so full and luscious; oh how she wished she could taste them now. She wanted to shout it from the rooftops. She wanted one more secret meeting in the garden.

She must stop this, it is over; over before it had begun. Now was time to let it lie. This was her lot in life.

The carpet stretched before her: she walked, upright, tall, and beautiful. Around the hall her subjects bowed as she passed. With a slight nod of her head she acknowledged them. One glance almost brought her to her knees, for there he was; looking sad and dejected.

She turned to face them; the hall fell silent. Raising her scepter overhead she spoke with grace and ease. “I promise you I will do everything in my power to protect and provide for you. I will not judge too harshly, but I must uphold the law. I ask you to follow me for I will not let you down.”

Then, assisted to the throne, the golden crown of generations, was placed on her head. With heavy heart she began her reign.

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