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Just a question ?
Why du girls date hoemoe sapeins ? Us hetiroe sapeins are better !

It's like cumpairing : water and 7-up ! 7-up is wetter !

And why stay in confedirate states ?

B-cuz of hurrahkanes yool pay hyer insurants rates !

And those alley gaters are after yor kids !

& with no more slavery , yor economey is in the skids !

& being south near Mexico , those killer bees doent have far 2 go !

Until thay reach the USA , & win thay sting U , wut will U say ?

without belfour , the Dallas stars aren't so good .

& win it rains , yool be in the mudd !

& remember yor near rozwel , new Mexico ,

So the aleins hoo land thair woent have far 2 go !

And u mite not like , yor haff alein chyld .

B-cuz its temper mite not be myld !

& sinse floods allways folloe the drout ,

We are back 2 hurrahkanes 4 U 2 think aybout !...
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