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My first Interlocking Rubaiyat.
Autumn's Chill


Frosty dew melts upon nurturing ground.
Soft rushing wind makes whistling sound.
The red and orange leaves blew into the brook.
Swept away by liquid, swirling around.

The wolves stood on the waterfall for looks,
As bear used sharpened claws just like a hook.
Fishing to catch their dinner to survive,
Was life from river that animals took.

Alpha stayed behind, keep the pack alive.
They ran past a blue jay that just arrived.
The loud bird sat perched high up in the tree.
It jumped off the branch and into a dive.

The beak landing on a worm it could see.
Into the earth, could not wiggle or flee.
Light began to dim as distant storms brew.
Drops of gentle rain crash down on a bee.

Once dry, up to Its hive the insect flew.
While squirrels foraged for some nuts to chew.
They scurried around in frolicking play
Then ran up the bark which Butter nuts grew.

The tree almost extinct, taken away.
I think it will be a very sad day,
When It no longer provides us with shade.
Wonder what mother nature has to say?

Deer stopped within a misty forest glade,
Right at the time our sun begins to fade.
They made their home in the side of a cave.
Under moon light, buck and doe had bed made.

Frightened, she bounced giving white tail a wave.
Then stillness of lush foliage it crave,
The herbs and berry they hunt for again.
Condition's of environment they'll brave.

Clouds manage land with flurries of cold rain,
Providing soil with minerals that stain.
Beautiful creations wonder abound,
take in with eye; add visions to your brain.


Interlocking Rubaiyat
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