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My biggest fear-NUCLEAR WAR
If it was my last day on earth!

I woke up and realized that yes this must be the day! My last day on earth. From childhood this has been the worst fear of my life. Nuclear explosion. I do not fear my own death, i never did! But there was something about the rath of a nuclear attack, the extermination of several thousand people in one go that gives me goosebumps each time i imagine about it! For people are not just a thing, but they are stories.
So this was one fine day when i had realized that a nuclear war was inevitable and living in delhi means to be right under the falling skies.
I woke up in the morning and was like to go and hug my parents! I went to my elder sister and apologised for being such an annoying brother all my life! My college is about 1 km away from my house. I usually take a rikshaw to my college but that day i preferred to take a longer route through the locality park. I was surprised that how in my 20 years i had never observed that how flowers of different colours and types- daffodils, pitunia, sunflowers, daisies etc. inundated the park. Butterflies of sorts adorned the greens! I was in no hurry and i went to college slowly praising all the beautiful things that god had gifted us!
I walked with a comfortable pace to the college. The lecturer scolded me. I apologized sincerely without feeling embarrassed or humiliated in any way. I listened to the lecture religiously and every concept seemed so easy and comprehensible that day!
After that i gossiped with my friends. They had a habit of teasing me but that day i was impervious to all the negativities surrounding our friendship.
That day what people thought of me became so trivial a matter.
I sang loudly and danced to rhythm of the cosmos which were clearly conspicious to me that day.
I was laughing and crying at the same moment and was at total peace with myself.
At evening i took all my pocket money and brought a lot of sweets with them distributing all of them at a nearby orphanage. It was such a joy watching all of them smile!
I regretted not behaving like this all my life. I calculated that i had wasted 20×365 days of my life!
I am such a fool!
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