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A wandering man. (Based off of the music video for Sigur Rós's song "Ekki Múkk")
         I’ve been walking.
         Miles upon years. Years within miles. All that lies before me are grass and hills. I’ve travelled across many seasons; my feet have seen the earth, and yet they have seen no one. I don’t dare turn, and I don’t dare stop.
         I think I left something behind.
         Maybe it’s the road.
         Even if it was something important, it’s too late to turn back now, I don’t dare stop.
         I’m still walking.
         Sometimes I feel like I’m walking across a green ocean and its waves are frozen in time. I am lost at sea; there is too much green. I wonder if I will drown?
         I think I see mountains on the horizon.
         But perhaps those are just hills.
         Something moves to my left. It’s a deer, poking its head out of the woods. It holds still and stares at me.
         I can’t stay to watch, deer.
         If I stop walking I’ll slip right through the grass.
         Its head follows me as I walk. I wonder if it wants to swim with me? Its ear flicks. Its ear flicks. It stares, and so do I. It turns around and starts walking away, back into the woods. Back to the other animals. I look out across the plains. I haven’t found any animals here. I would like to be where those wild things are. I look back into the woods, but it has scampered away.
         I guess it’s afraid of drowning, too.
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