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Inspired by a high school break up, written in 1995.

When Love Goes Away

You wonder who was right and who was wrong,
Or if it was both of us all along.
You wonder what the truth was and what were lies,
But it's hard to admit defeat when love just dies.
You wonder how much you can stand and how much you can take,
But neither of us, an apology, will make.
We both think we're right, not considering we're wrong,
And yes it was both of us all along.
So now do we quit and just walk away,
With nothing more to say?
We once looked upon each other with love but now we speak with hate.
Have we now met loves cruel fate?
What happens now, what do we do?
Is this my punishment for loving you?
What good are words when you can't change a thing?
No one knows what tomorrow will bring.
I loved you with my heart and soul,
But now there is left a hole.
Was this really necessary, did this have to be?
A reason for this I cannot see.
How can I turn my back and just walk away?
But there is nothing more I can say,
When loves turns its back and just goes away.

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