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Thesis on the impossibility of anything Unnatural existing in Nature, Universe, or Reality
How Can anything be Unnatural in Nature?

Guy had somehow never internalized so called unnatural acts as being unnatural. In fact he didn't believe anything that could occur in Nature could be wrong or Unnatural by virtue of it being able to occur or exist in Nature. He knew that people, most people, would call him a sinner and a pervert for his feelings. But in his head he honestly believed that any thought was valid and in no way wrong or unnatural. His feelings never changed. In older times he would have been stoned or executed for these thoughts. Still, that never prevented him from thinking and feeling completely free and unencumbered by the beliefs of the fearful and constricted. Especially those who let themselves be dictated to by the dogmas and rules of others. The believers in all the fairy tale religions that humans made up to assuage their guilt and fears. Those were the beliefs he considered unnatural as there was no proof in Nature that the things they proclaimed were factual or ever existed.

In the late Twentieth Century it was commonly and popularly speculated that Humankind had done the unthinkable and unnatural act of upsetting the balance of the environment or Nature. It was becoming an acceptable belief that Man was actually capable of acting outside of or against Nature. Guy was not one to believe that this was in any way possible. He had always felt that when men spoke of unnatural acts or acts against Nature that they themselves were acting in a pretentious and conceited manner. As if Man were a higher entity able to redesign and reshape Nature itself. In what way was anything that occurred in our Reality unnatural? Since we believe in Universe (one single plane of existence) and not Multiverse (many planes) we are confined to that one Nature, that one plane of reality on which we appear to exist. Therefore it is only possible for an act to be natural within our sense of reality. It is also blatantly obvious that Nature permits any act.

It is said that Nature abhors a vacuum. Nature acts to fill that vacuum. If we humans upset the balance of Nature, Nature would act to rectify the problem. Not as punishment for any unnatural act but to right the balance.

Since anything that is done is allowed by Nature then Nature is everything and all that there is. There is no possibility for unnatural acts. Further, if Guy was to believe what seemed to be true, that one always gets what one needs, then all needs are met by Nature. It followed that what was happening to him was entirely natural. He needed only to discern its meaning to his own satisfaction since that was what he had always been striving for in the first place: the answer for why. None of which is to be confused with his holding any belief in predetermination which he did not but rather as a larger more holistic sense of Universe. Some may declare this thinking circular logic but Guy saw it as empirical none-the-less.

Humankind does Nature and itself a grave disservice in its attempt to distance and separate its existence from Reality. It is similar to what many men have done with God. By objectifying God and Nature they become separate entities from us. We do this for many reasons several of which are as listed:

- As an inherently left-brain activity humans are prone to naming, categorizing, and cataloging everything we perceive. It is how we understand and accept reality. We instill order on it.

- In an attempt to rationalize our weak and fallible existence we created God or our version of a separate and anthropomorphic God as our father and creator. This frees us from accepting responsibility for our non-perfect and petty existence and provides us with a scapegoat. Someone to point a finger at and blame thus relieve us of any guilt or shame such as what Adam allegedly felt in the garden.

- By describing acts we find objectionable or reprehensible as being unnatural or outside of Nature we rationalize that we are not and could not be responsible for these acts. Responsibility is not to be confused with assigning blame.

Scientists have clearly stated that at many times in the Earth's history there have been periods of Ice Ages or volcanic activities that have ravaged the planet's Eco-systems destroying the environment. It is apparent that Nature has always been able to come back to equilibrium from whatever devastating acts had occurred. Nature will do so again if it is necessary. If it appears that Man has helped to speed up the process this time than that in and of itself is still a natural act within our Reality. It is so therefore it is natural. In no way is our role outside of or against Nature fore we are Nature.

In some way Guy had always felt some sense of these concepts especially when he heard that so-and-so had committed acts against Nature. It amazed him even as an adolescent that people would position themselves as the Voice of Reason and Reality and decide who or what acts were offensive to Nature. Of course the act was only offensive to those persons making the complaint. But by placing the offense on an abnormal and contaminated scale they were able to draw in those followers, those persons with weaker wills, who didn't or couldn't think for themselves. There have always been those who point the finger and cry Witch and there have always been and continue to be those who will follow blindly.

There was a difference in Guy's mind between acting within Nature or without. He could see that there were many ways in which Mankind could more gracefully act in harmony with Nature and Reality. Alternate sources of energy first and foremost. In the seventies, Guy had dreams of harnessing the power of the wind to fuel the energy needs of his first home, a project he had purchased in a city-wide homesteading program. He designed solar heating systems for the home but found the costs prohibitive at the time. He understood the value of using replenishable sources of energy as being in accord with Nature rather than abusing it. As an aging Hippie he had always applauded those who were pioneers in utilizing the powers that be in energy use and conservation. The difference he felt between the conservators and naysayers was the same as the glass being half full or half empty. No different from the negative versus the positive or Alan Watt's game of Black and White. The need for balance; the balance that Nature provides and requires for existence. The seemingly negative effect Man has on the environment would balance his usage of Nature's resources.

We cannot replace the finite deposits of fossil fuels we have allegedly used up. It seems that we need to be threatened by our own devices in order to seek beyond those blatant sources and into what are now deemed as Alternative sources. Using up the fossil fuels leaves a vacuum which Nature will fill. And since we are Nature we will find the resources to fit the bill before any dire consequences are put upon us. Therefore we are not acting against Nature but in congress with it, with ourselves. There is no unnatural act. There is only us. Guy had read that, "Nature puts humans in their place because their place is in Nature." Right now Guy wondered what his place was. Was this his nature? Was he here forty years in his own past to discover some true nature he had somehow missed the first time? Where was he headed this time during his time travel mind trip? How did these contemplations on Nature fit into the grand scheme of things? What was the grand scheme of things? And was there a grand scheme? Was there a greater, truer Nature he was to find? When would these questions be finally answered? Time takes time. So Time alone would tell.

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