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Korras father has been captured and it's up to her and her friends to save him!
Chapter 4 The Torture

Korra slowly walked back into the party with tears building in her eyes after she put out the Fire in the kitchen with her Waterbending. Asami kept up with her as they both walked towards Senna. Senna saw her daughter's distraught face and approached her with curiosity in her mind. "What was that all about? Korra where is your father? Why isn't he back yet?"

The question caused the tears to finally drop from Korras eyes as she hugged Senna with a firm grip and explained what happened in a depressing tone. "Dad was taken by the firebenders he invited earlier on today. I tried to stop them from escaping but I was too late! They escaped on snowmobiles and I don't know where they're going to go with him!"

Korra continued to cry as Asami hugged the two of them in a warm showing of her kindness and generosity. Katara got out of her chair and decided to give Korra some words of encouragement. "There there Korra. You'll be able to get him back I'm sure. They should have left some obvious tracks when they left."

Korra wiped away her tears and ended her three way hug as she attempted to calm down. "I know that Katara. But where are they taking him? Why did they take him? Was it to intimidate me like how Zaheer took the Air Nation hostage? If they had a problem with how I'm handling my duties as the Avatar they should have kidnapped me!"

"Korra I don't think their motivation is based on your responsibility as the Avatar. At least I don't think it's the main thing at play here. Zuko, was anything strange going on between those grandkids of yours before you showed up at the party?"

Zuko got out of his chair and rubbed his chin as he tried to remember what occurred earlier on in the day. "No. In fact they seemed to just talk to themselves and get along like they normally do. When I asked them what they were talking about they just said that they were discussing the pros and cons of the Fire Lords. I don't understand why they would attack the village chief out of nowhere like they did. My daughter did not raise them like that at all."

Korra was hard pressed for information so she walked over to Zuko and put her hand on his shoulder. "I just want to know where my father is likely to be taken. Can you please give us an estimated guess or even just a clue as to where they might be headed? I understand that I'm a little forceful right now but this could be a matter of life and death and I don't want it to come to that. If what you're saying is true then it's possible that they were planning on attacking my father for quite a while behind your back and behind the back of Fire Lord Izumi. So please tell me anything that might help me."

Zuko tried to think as hard as he could about the possible places Zardok and Yukiko might be headed towards but his mind was just drawing blanks. "I'm sorry Korra. Your guess is as good as mine."

Asami ran over to the kitchen exit and examined the tracks in the snow. She noticed that the tracks had a different pattern than the ones she saw around the village. Asami ran back to Korra to state her findings. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered a lead that might get us closer to finding Tonraq. The tracks made by the snowmobile were in a different pattern than the ones used around the Southern and Northern Water Tribes. This pattern has a few zig zags in the tracks when it should just be a straight line. There's only one company that sold these types of snowmobiles in the past, Cabbage Corp."

Korra was able to put two and two together pretty quickly. "So what you're saying is we need to find these distinct tracks and these will definitely lead us to who we're dealing with? I knew that already but why did you bring that fact up Asami?"

"I'm glad you asked. Cabbage Corp has been going out of business ever since we turned one of their airships into a makeshift sandsailer and when Kuvira took over the Earth Kingdom for three years. Because of this only criminals use the technology from Cabbage Corp now since my security for the Future Industries tech is pretty tight to say the least. So this narrows down our options a bit. Also I noticed that Zardok had a button on his jacket that matches the criminal insignia that was used back 45 years ago when a crime lord named Yakone ruled over Republic City."

Korra was shocked at that statement. "Yakone? That's Noatoks father! You're saying we're dealing with the son and the daughter of a member of this guys gang?"

"Pretty much yeah."

"Well it's a good thing that you're a genius Asami. I'm not going to face these two alone." Korra got up to the second floor to address the remaining guests at the party. "Attention everyone. My father, the village chief Tonraq has been taken by two criminal firebenders just a few minutes ago. I am going to follow these firebenders and bring their criminal activities to a swift and hopefully peaceful conclusion. Ms. Asami Sato is going to assist me as her brilliant intelligence will help me significantly. However I also desire some more volunteers to come along with us. Are there at least three of you that can join us on this mission?"

At first no one raised their hands for such a perilous trek into the territory of criminal benders but eventually two familiar monotone Waterbenders raised their hands. "We accept this mission cousin."

Korra initially couldn't believe her eyes. Desna and Eska walked up to Korra and Asami and shook their hands. "Are you sure about this Eska? It's not that I don't trust you it's just..."

Before Korra could finish her sentence Eska interrupted her with absolutely no emotion. "Do you want to find your father or not? He's my uncle as well. We're going and that's final."

Desna added in his own argument. "Yes cousin. Besides we would like to make up for us you know fighting you alongside our deplorable father? You're welcome. You may express your gratitude through accepting our generous offer."

Korra realized that arguing with these two was pointless and it wouldn't end well if she declined their inclusion. "All right fine. You're coming. Now is there anyone else who wants to help us?"

Senna raised her hand as well and joined the group. "I'll come with you as well. There's nothing that ignites a woman's fighting spirit like someone stealing her husband!"

Korra patted her mom on the back and finished her speech. "All right then. Everyone wish us luck as I'm sure we'll need it. But make no mistake, the five of us will save Tonraq or we will die trying!"

The Waterbenders in attendance cheered for Korras confident speech but Desna and Eska were still less than pleased. Eska let her feelings out while still remaining monotone. "If I die brother will you bury my body close to Bolins eventual grave so he can be my husband in the afterlife?"

"I'd do anything for my sister. Of course I will Eska."

Meanwhile several miles away from the party Zardok and Yukiko arrived at their compound. They exited the snowmobile and carried Tonraqs unconscious body to the building. Zardok pounded on the door until someone answered. An earthbender with a scar.

"Who's there? What do you want?"

Zardok responded with delight. "It's Zardok and Yukiko. We've successfully captured Tonraq alive! I would've preferred his father but the sins of a patriarch often descend to the son. So he'll have to do. Let us in."

"Proceed." The earthbender opened the door and Tonraq was carried all the way to the back room of the building. It was a dark, damp and flavorless establishment. One full of old Cabbage Corp technology and a practical hive of the worst scum and villainy that remained from Republic City's criminal underbelly. Zardok placed Tonraq on a metal chair and barked out orders to the criminals inside like he owned the place.

"Restrain this man. Make sure he can't move his arms or his legs. I want him to suffer before he dies. I want to gorge myself on his misery until I have my fill." Zardoks subordinates restrained Tonraq without questioning him. They locked his legs and arms in platinum chains and tied the chains as tightly as they could to the chair completely immobilising Tonraq. Yukiko grabbed a bucket of water for her brother and Zardok tenderly grabbed the bucket with one hand and hugged his sister with the other hand.

"I love you little sister. Never forget that. No matter what happens you know my family is important to me."

"I know. I'll stand watch first. The tracks that the snowmobile made might cause the Avatar to come and find us."

"Come on Yukiko. Avatar Korra lost a fight to that mongrel Unalaq a few years ago, she also lost to Kuvira, A Mecha Tank, a Dark Spirit and some random Equalists! She's by far the most pathetic Avatar I've ever read about. I'm sure we'll be just fine."

"That overconfidence could get you killed my friend. Many of Korras enemies were killed by their own arrogance. You must not underestimate her."

"All right. All right! If you are so sure that Korra is not to be messed with then you face her first if she appears. I'm sure you're more than capable of beating her with my comrades here. Please leave me be with Tonraq though. We have much to discuss." Yukiko stepped out of the room alongside all of the criminals in the building as Zardok splashed Tonraq in the face with the water in his bucket. Tonraq woke up in a frenzy as he tried to move his arms and legs but the restraints were simply too strong for him to break.

"Where am I? Why is this happening? Someone tell me what I'm doing here!"

Zardok laughed at Tonraqs feeble attempt to escape and walked slowly towards his victim. "What you're doing? Well you're doing what any sane individual would be doing in your situation Tonraq. You're experiencing fear. Fear just like I felt when my father was taken from me. You Waterbenders are just so simplistic and so stupid. It's a wonder how you lasted as long as you did really."

"Zardok? What's the meaning of this?" Zardok slapped Tonraq right in his face and continued to monologue.

"Shut up! I'm the one who asks the questions and speaks the most! Besides the meaning of this is about my memories. Memories... I find them to be such worrying things. My childhood was just such delight for me. I was lost in the aromas of Fire Flakes and the lovely productions of the Ember Island Players. I was with a mother and a father that loved me oh so much and I had a life of luxury and privilege to look forward to. I had all of that sentimental value in my past. But my past just had to be destroyed when that loathsome Waterbender killed my father and left me freezing in the snow of this repulsive nation. That Waterbender was your dad Tonraq. He shared your outfit, your beard and your feral hot blooded idiocy. I guess I understand why Korra is such an idiot. She must get it from you."

Tonraq couldn't take any more of Zardoks petty insults. "You do not get to talk about my daughter that way! Who do you think you are?"

"Who do I think I am? Well let's just say I'm a guy who's sick and tired of people who mess with my family with no consequences. Your father Lang ruined my life by killing my father. It broke my mother's heart beyond repair. But she had her own responsibilities as a Fire Lord. I didn't lie about being Izumis son. She eventually remarried and I got a sister out of it but the hole that Lang left in my heart wouldn't go away. It ate at me like a parasite that I couldn't take out of my body. Sure my dad wasn't always the best of guys but he knew how to treat me like a son rather than a piece of property that needed constant protection. What were you teaching her?"

"I kept her with the White Lotus because she was a child! What was I supposed to do? Just let her get captured and used as a weapon?"

Zardok slapped Tonraq again and kicked him in the chest in frustration. Then he looked around the Cabbage Corp tech to find a weapon. "Well if you did she might have escaped and she might have become much stronger than she is now. The White Lotus was always full of fools who never knew what was best for the world. But I know what's best for it. There's always a way for one Avatars family to pay for the sins of the past. The past... Yes one minute I had the perfect life with a perfect family of a man a woman and me. The next minute it turned into something that wasn't even close to fair. You see the past can be a repulsive, hot headed, arrogant little brute, like your daughter and that disgusting girlfriend of hers. Ugh! She makes me want to puke!" Zardok eventually found an electric baton similar to the ones used by the Equalists. With a giddy grin he turned it on and walked back to Tonraq.

"Ahh! There I knew we still had some old Future Industries tech! I mean it's just an object, but people objectify girls all the time. Especially in the Water Tribe. Another reason that you're inferior to every other nation. At least I have some female gang members with me."

As Zardok approached Tonraq with the baton he started to sweat and gasp in fear. "Zardok please don't do this... I wasn't responsible for your father's death! Can't you just forget that memory?"

Tonraq didn't realize that what he said was the worst possible thing he could have said. Zardok swung the baton and hit Tonraq right in the arm with it. Dozens of volts of electricity shot through Tonraqs body as he grunted in pain. "Can I forget that memory? Well memories are where my reasoning is based on. If I deny them I deny reason itself! But at the same time I'm not tied down to my empathy, I don't have any kindness in me anymore. So when I beat you with this little trinket and when you're screaming and begging for mercy as I laugh uncontrollably, enjoying my sweet revenge remember this. You can always escape into darkness. You can accept your slow and painful death as the thoughts of your village, your wife and your daughter disappear forever!"

Zardok completely snapped and laughed maniacally as he smacked Tonraq with the baton over and over again, each time more painful than the last! Tonraq tried to act tough but he simply couldn't hold onto his pain any longer and he started screaming as loud as he could as the volts of electricity got more and more intense! Zardok then started electrifying the water that Tonraq was soaked in to spread the shocking electric charge around his whole body! Tonraq cried and screamed in agony until he finally passed out. Zardok stopped laughing and finally left the room to get some more torture supplies leaving an unconscious broken man hanging his head low as he subconsciously thought that he failed the ultimate mission as a father.

Chapter 5 Searching Through the Snow

Korra, Asami ,Senna, Desna and Eska all drove through the snow following the tracks of the Cabbage Corp snowmobile with their own snowmobiles. As they rushed vigorously through the icy tundras of the South Pole Desna and Eska dully passed the time in Korras side car talking about Korras girlfriend. Desna spoke up first "So do you think that Korras girlfriend will accept us since we tried to kill Korra a few years ago?"

"I really don't think it matters. Besides I think she'll be more focused on saving our uncle than wondering if we'll betray our family again."

Korra couldn't believe what she was hearing. She may not be the most intelligent person in the Southern Water Tribe but she certainly wasn't stupid. She knew that Desna and Eska even as allies are still tough to trust. "You know I can hear you two right? I allowed you two to join me because I needed backup. I don't need to have you two backstab me or Asami again."

Eska laughed in a dull and unemotional manner creeping Korra out though she tried to stay focused on driving the snowmobile. "You don't need to worry cousin. I personally think it's cute the way you and Asami cuddle up close with each other every night."

Korra was dumbfounded by Eskas response as she never told anyone about what she does with Asami in private. Other people knew that they were dating but the facts they knew ended with that. "Why do you think that we cuddle at night?"

Eska pulled some sheets of paper out of her fur coat and handed them to Desna. "Desna and I have been writing stories about your romantic experiences. I just started the chapter where you try out ladybending for the first time."

Korra was confused she knew all about the Four elements, subskills like metal bending and she even knew about the Avatar State but she never knew about this "ladybending" that Eska was referring to. "I may be sorry that I asked but what is ladybending?"

Desna creepily giggled as he explained the concept. "When our dad died we were moving his belongings out of the Northern Water Tribe but when I went into his private quarters I found a book. A book called Kuruk and Ummis Instructions on the Art Of Ladybending. It explained how the previous Waterbender Avatar was able to use his bending to satisfy his fiancée when they were dating. You see he takes some water and inserts it right in his dates..."

Korra didn't want to hear the explicit details of this process so she shut down the conversation. "Stop. First of all I've never done that with Asami. Second I don't understand why everyone is so interested in my lovelife. I mean why is my dating experience just so much more interesting than everyone else's?"

Asami joined in as she drove next to Korra with Senna in the sidecar. "Well you're the Avatar so anything regarding your life is of course going to be popular. Besides it's just playful storytelling. I wouldn't worry about random stories that people write in their free time about you."

Senna noticed a wooden cabin in the distance and tried to get Korra and Asami's attention. "Umm. Asami, Korra I'd hate to interrupt your interesting conversation but there's a building in the distance. Do you think there's anyone there that can help us find Tonraq?"

Korra was perplexed by Senna's suggestion. "Why would we do that? We're still following the tracks... Oh. I see why you're suggesting this." Korra noticed the snow covering up all of the tracks as they went further along the South Pole. She saw that if there's any chance to find Tonraq now it's not by following Cabbage Corp tracks.

Asami noticed an antenna on the roof of the building as well. "There must be a radio inside. We can use it to call Izumi or Chief Beifong."

Korra had other ideas with the radio though. She wasn't letting go of her aggressive nature when her family was involved. "Or I can use it to call Zardok so I can give him a piece of my mind!"

Senna tried to calm her daughter down though. Korras rage is not just feared by her enemies and Senna knows that no one can stand against an Avatars angry assault. "Korra. You should think this through. Zardoks not going to let your father go just because you want him to. Maybe Asami is right, maybe we should call the Fire Lord to let her know what's going on."

Korra was annoyed by her mothers advice though. "Oh. So now you think that I can't think clearly? Who's side are you on mom?"

"I never said I was on anyone's side Korra. I just don't want you to do something you'll regret. When you were in that wheelchair I was scared that you'd never experience a single moment of happiness ever again. You were depressed, you were tired and you were so delicate. I don't want that to happen to you again."

Korra and Asami stopped their snowmobiles in front of the cabin as Korra took a deep breath to calm herself down. "I'm sorry mother. It's just... I never want to lose you or my dad. When I thought my father was killed by Zaheer I wanted to slaughter and kill Zaheer and his accomplices so much to the point where I let all of my rage out in my Avatar State. I just want to see him again mom. I miss him mother, I really miss him."

Senna rubbed her hand over Korras cheek and soothed her daughter's frazzled state. "I know honey. I miss him too. Let's just keep going though. I'm also pretty angry about this. I know it doesn't seem like I am but I've learned throughout my life to hold in my anger. I've just been waiting for the right time to let it out."

Desna and Eska got out of their side cars and put their hands on Korras broad shoulders. Eska whispered in Korras ear with a slight sentimentality to her voice though it was still monotone. "I understand why you feel that way. When you have someone close to you ripped away, it puts a hole in your heart that you feel this desperate need to fill. I should know. Because I wanted to fill the hole in my heart by killing you for ruining my wedding."

Desna patted his sister on the back after she let out her feelings ever so slightly. Korra didn't know how to take that mixed message of a response that Eska gave her but she decided to take it as Eska trying to help her. "Thanks Eska. I guess. Let's head inside, there's got to be some kind of radio in there."

The five heroes opened the door of the cabin to find a group of people bundling up near the fireplace inside. There were some Earthbenders sitting quietly and drinking Jasmine tea, there were some Non benders passing around coats, Firebenders keeping themselves warm with their chi and Airbenders meditating around the place. Asami noticed a radio at the end of the room and stepped forward towards it but as soon as she did the benders all removed their coats and shot their elements at her! Luckily Senna used some water to block the fire, rocks and air flying towards her. One of the airbenders turned on the radio and called Zardok.

"Sir, the Avatar is here! She's brought some friends with her! What should we do?"

Zardok replied with a slight frustration in his tone but he remained composed. "Deal with all of them. I don't care about the Avatar being spared this time, kill them all. I don't want anyone interrupting my torture session."

The airbenders turned the radio off and instructed the other benders. "You heard the man! Kill them all!"

The heroes all ran outside to get a more wide open battleground as the battle commenced. The Non benders tried to hit Korra with electric batons but she dodged their strikes and stomped the ground causing a fissure in the earth which flung the Non benders into the air, allowing Korra to shoot them down by flying into the air with jet flames and using air and fire punches to knock them down to the ground hard!

Desna and Eska covered each other in an ice barrier to defend themselves against the Firebenders and Earthbenders attacking them at first. But then they blasted the ice barrier away sending the frozen spikes in all directions. Some of the benders blocked them but Desna and Eska then dashed around the snow while slashing the benders around them with ice claws! Then the two of them formed water whips with their arms, swung them around catching their remaining opponents and tossed them away! "Good move brother."

"You did well too sister."

Senna and Asami faced off against the Airbenders. They attacked the two women with gusts of wind but Senna was able to drive them back by shooting ice discs at them. Some of the airbenders tried to rush them on their airscooters but Asami flipped over them and shocked them into an unconscious state with her shock gloves! Then she pulled out a bola from her bag and tripped up another Airbender with it before stomping on his face to knock him out. Two more Airbenders attacked her but Asami dodged their air blasts and air leg swipes and chi blocked one of the Airbenders to disable him. Unfortunately the other Airbender hit Asami with an air punch to the face knocking her down! The airbender attempted to follow up with another attack but Senna hit the Airbender in the back of the head with a water whip to save Asami!

"Thanks Senna. I was getting kind of scared there."

"No problem. No one messes with my daughter or any of her friends." The remaining criminals all rushed over to Asami and Senna and prepared to attack them in a twenty on two assault but before they could Korra gathered all of the water around her from the snow and formed a massive tidal wave!

"Asami, Mom you have to jump!" Yelled Korra as she slammed the giant wave onto the remaining criminals, hitting them with tremendous force and knocking all of them on their backs and stomachs. Korra then froze the water they were covered in keeping the criminals in place. Thankfully Asami and Senna avoided being frozen themselves due to Senna using an ice platform she bended to move out of the way of the wave with Asami.

Korra breathed heavily after delivering such a powerful attack to end the fight so Desna walked over to Korra to check on her. "Are you all right cousin?"

"I'm fine. That huge tidal wave really took a lot out of me though. I haven't fought like that in a while. Let's head inside and finally use that radio."

So the heroes went back inside and took off their coats. Korra was sweating profusely after she demolished Zardoks hired criminals so she lifted up her shirt and wiped the sweat off of her perfect six pack abs. Eska stared at her perfectly toned stomach for quite a while and then she lifted up her own shirt to see her own flat but untoned stomach to her disappointment. "Desna. We need to start working out so we can be as muscular as our cousin is."

"Why would we want to be..."

"Less questions, more exercising! Korra is gorgeous and I need to have her body!"

Korra who was more focused on the task at hand ignored them and picked up the radio. "Southern Cabin this is Zardok I need a status report." Came out of the radio.

"Okay here's your status report. All of your cronies are defeated and now I'm coming for you." Said Korra in an intimidating voice.

Zardok giggled to himself nervously but he maintained his serious demeanor. "That was the easy outpost that I set up. I'd love to see you try to take my sister down! You'll never get to your precious father."

"Yes I will and if I have to call your mother to let her know what you're doing then I will!"

"Oh I wouldn't do that if I were you. I hacked most of these radios so you won't be able to call anyone but me. I'd like to stay and chat Korra but I need to discuss some more things with your dad so farewell. If you're lucky you just might find the next outpost. It's in the North so you might want to get over there quick. Your father didn't look too good the last time I saw him." Zardok hung up on Korra causing her to growl and walk towards the door.

"Let's move out people. We've got somewhere else to be."

Zardok walked outside of his compound to talk to Yukiko who was still standing watch. "Sister. Maybe you're right. Maybe Korra isn't to be trifled with. Can you go to the second outpost and assist the gang there?"

"Sure thing brother. I'd hate to say I told you so but I told you so."

"Yeah. I know." Zardok hugged Yukiko before she rode off to the second outpost. Zardok gathered his gang members inside of the base and dressed them in Northern Water Tribe Council uniforms before waking Tonraq up by zapping him with a small lightning strike to his neck.

"Ow! What is it now you freak?!"

The gang members were all positioned to look like they were the Water Tribe Council which make Tonraq sick to the stomach. A main councilman impersonator started this mockery of a trail. "Order in the court! Order in the court!"

Zardok stepped forward and made a corny joke to add to the twisted nature of the situation. "I'll have a squid with lemon!" Every one of the gang members groaned at Zardoks painful attempt at humor.

"Well it doesn't need to be a good joke for it to be a classic joke. So Tonraq, I'm glad you're finally awake because I need your help."

"Is that why I'm here?"

"Well it's why you're here now as in right now like in this moment. Try to live in it okay? Anyways me and my colleagues couldn't come up with one sound mind between ourselves about a certain topic so we're counting on yours."

Various gang members made the topic clear to Tonraq. A male earthbender started the collective rant. "What should be done to someone who has no regard for the law?"

A female airbender added to his question. "Someone who treats others like wastes of space?"

A male firebender also added a question. "A person who has no problem making boneheaded decisions to get her way?"

"Now now." Added Zardok.

A female earthbender asked the final questions. "What would you do to a woman who breaks laws that she should uphold? An uncaring individual who ignores everything you stand for?"

"Come on. Is it that bad?" Asked Zardok.

"Yes it is. If it was up to me..." Replied Tonraq.

"Right now it is." Interrupted Zardok.

"I'd throw the book at her." Finished Tonraq.

The gang members all chanted in a collective manner, "Throw the book! Throw the book! Throw the book!" As Zardok stepped away from Tonraq and stopped at the other side of the room. Tonraq noticed that a law book was placed in front of him and that one of his arms was no longer tied up.

The gang continued to chant as Zardok started to lose his patience. "What are you waiting for? Throw it! Throw it right at me old man!"

Tonraq grabbed the book and threw it as hard as he could at Zardok but the firebending tormentor flipped over a crude cardboard cutout of Korra and the book hit that instead. "Right on target. Truth is the woman on trial is your daughter. We all know the one nation with the most failures as far as Avatars are considered is your nation. So you have got to deal with it!"

Tonraq laid his head down again as he wondered how much more he could take. "Korra. I know you can't hear me but please hurry." He thought to himself.

Chapter 6 A Sisters Survival

Korra and her allies continued to ride across to the North in order to find the second outpost. This time Asami and Senna drove the snowmobiles and Korra, Desna and Eska stayed in the sidecars. Korra was thinking of how much pain her father was in at that point. How much he was suffering every single minute that she wasn't there to save him. The very thought of it proved to be painful enough to change her mood from angry and determined to depressed and hopeless. She needed to talk to the closest person to her.

"Asami. If you can concentrate while you're driving can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What do you need to talk to me about?"

"Well. It's just... My family has always been important to me. I remember that day when I was nearly killed by a man that almost killed my father right in front of me. I realize what happened and I've moved on but I still remember it just like he does. I don't know why this guy captured my dad but my anger makes all of my decisions for me when my family's involved. So if I end up finding my dad as a mangled corpse please do anything to keep me from doing something I'll regret."

Asami gave Korra a handshake while keeping her eyes on the road. "I'll make sure to do that. You can count on me. I'll honor my father's change of heart by helping you save your father."

"You're still reeling over his death aren't you?" Wondered Korra.

"Yeah. He was more interested in his revenge against benders then raising his little girl but that doesn't mean he didn't try to be a good guy near the end of his life. You're not the only one with family tragedies Korra." Replied Asami. She started to tear up slightly while talking about her father's death as it was a very painful subject for her.

"Let your emotions out Asami. It's healthy to cry when you're hurt inside. I did it all the time before I finally regained my strength. I just want you to feel loved by those around you. Not just by me. I want to make you feel good. Maybe after I save my father we can try that Ladybending thing that Desna and Eska were talking about if it helps you through your turmoil."

Asami wiped away her tears and smiled ahead at the road in front of her. "Thank you Korra. I love it when you get compassionate and caring. You really have learned and changed more in a few years than some people have in their entire lives."

Meanwhile Senna talked to Desna and Eska while tailing Asami's snowmobile. "So may I ask why you two had such a change of heart after my brother in law tried to become a Dark Avatar?"

Eska breathed deeply before responding. "I think the turning point was when my brother was left for dead by Unalaq. I had my suspicions that our father cared more about his beliefs than the lives of his children. I was right when he fused with Vaatu and destroyed my cousins past lives."

Desna continued the explanation plainly. "I realized that in some ways the two of us aren't that different from Korra. We were all given sheltered lives and we rarely interacted with the outside world until our teenage years. This caused us to be quite childish. Our emotions made all of our decisions and we basically went for our fathers plan because he was one of the only people we knew well at that point. We didn't know he only cared about himself and the dark power that Vaatu posessed."

Eska continued with a slight sense of happiness in her voice. "Well after that point we felt something that we hadn't felt for Korra in our entire lives. Sympathy. We understood that being an Avatar really must take a lot out of you and every Avatar we've read about has had a lowest point. Even Avatar Aang. We learned that Avatars are just people and like all people she made mistakes. People will always do things that we don't understand or don't agree with but that's fine."

Desna finished with a small bit of happiness as well. "Ever since Korra saved the world we wanted to make it up to her somehow. So when we arrived at the birthday party and the tragedy struck we saw it as our opportunity so to speak. But enough about us. I believe we don't know that much about you. So Senna. What were you doing while your daughter and your husband were going on these adventures?"

Senna never really saw her life as exciting as her husband's or her daughter's but she decided to open up about it anyway. "Basically I was never a fighter before I met my husband. I was always a healer. I always wanted to be a supporter rather than a leader."

"So you didn't exactly wear the pants in the relationship?" Asked Desna.

"Yeah. Even when my dear Tonraq needed help in fights I'd usually let him take the charge. I'm just didn't think I was strong enough to stand alongside Tonraq or Korra."

"I see what you mean. I'm not exactly wearing the pants in my bond with Eska. If you didn't notice she's more prominent than I am." Replied Desna in agreement.

"Which is why you'll count all of my calories when I try to be a big strong woman like Korra is right?" Asked Eska.

Desna sighed in exhaustion. "Yes sister that will be the case."

Asami noticed the second outpost ahead of them which was bigger and it looked more like a Northern Water Tribe Village. "Let's park here. The outpost is straight ahead!"

The heroes parked their snowmobiles outside of the village and Asami pulled out a pair of binoculars from her bag. "The base looks like it's filled with guards. I think a head on approach would be suicide."

Korra concurred with Asami's observation. "So you're saying we should take a more stealthy approach?"

Asami nodded. "Yes. Since there's five of us we should be able to sneak up on two or three of them each and then we'll find what we need inside the main tent without any scratches."

Senna put her hand in the center of the five of them to signal their unity. "Sounds like we've got a plan. I'll make those guys wish they'd never been born."

Desna, Eska, Korra and Asami all put their hands on Senna's and broke off into four different areas of the village. Desna and Eska went to the south area of the village, Senna went to the western side, Asami went to the eastern side and Korra went to the northern side. Desna started sneaking around the huts and he splashed one guard with a ball of water before freezing it and slamming the man's head to the ground. Then he snuck up behind two more guards and smashed their heads together while they were getting heated up near a fire.

Simultaneously, Eska used the snow below her to her advantage tripping up two guards by bending the snow below them into water and freezing their feet before hitting them with water streams to the back of the head knocking them out. Then she encased a third guard in water and froze it to an ice prison giving the silenced and immobile guard hypothermia.

Senna bended a water tendril onto her right hand and snatched a guard by the leg before pulling him towards her and knocking him out with a knee to the face. Then she formed an ice gauntlet onto her left hand, smashed one guard in the back of the head with it and hit the ground with the gauntlet shattering it to pieces, the pieces hit two more guards in the face knocking them out as well.

Asami snuck around and threw a rock at one of the guards to get her attention, then she waited until her back was turned and she shocked her with her electric glove knocking the guard unconscious. Then she grabbed another bola out of her bag and wrapped up another guards legs with it before knocking him out with an elbow to the face and she snuck behind one more guard, used a takedown to knock the guard off of his feet and finished him off with a punch to the face. "Thank goodness for those self defense classes."

Korra had the most guards to deal with on the northern side but she knew she could handle it. She knocked two guards out by bending rocks to the back of their heads, she tripped one up with an air sweep and knocked him out with a fire punch, she knocked two more out with air blasts forcing their bodies to careen into the hard snowy ground hard. She metal bent a nearby table and broke it down to little metal strips then she used the strips to subdue the four final guards by restricting their limbs and covering their faces. Korra finished her dominant stealth attack by flinging the metal wrapped guards away from the village with their mouths sealed shut. "Okay! I think that's everyone."

The five heroes reunited at the center of the village and Korras allies were rightfully impressed by Korras versatility and effective takedowns. Senna had to question her about it. "When I was done with my section I saw you kick those guards butts like nobody's business. That was amazing! How did you take them out with the metal lying around here?"

Korra took this praise with a humble answer. "I learned a lot from Suyin Beifong. I also studied the techniques used by Kuvira when I fought her for the first time."

Asami gave Korra a pat on the back. "Excellent job girlfriend. Let's head inside this main tent. I'm sure we'll find another clue here.

Korra however saw something interesting in the ground. Something that she knew could help her find out Tonraqs location better than any radio. She dug up a Spirit Vine from the snowy ground and touched it. She saw Tonraq sitting alone in the compound depressed. She looked outside the compound to see that it's close to the North Pole Spirit Portal! Korra got out of the vision and told her allies what she saw based on the vine she touched. "Actually guys. I know where my dad is."

However before an actual conversation could take place about what the best course of action would be to save him a familiar female firebender walked out of one of the tents and got Korras attention by shooting a ball of fire at her. "You will never save your father Avatar!"

It was Yukiko! The firebender ran towards Korras allies at full speed so Desna and Eska tried to take her down first. They attempted to hit Yukiko with water whips but Yukiko dodged their attacks and used her lightning bending to shock the twins into unconsciousness! "Which one of you idiots is next?"

Senna tried to take her down next. She froze the water around her and shot icicles at Yukiko. Yukiko used fire punches to cancel out the icy projectiles and shot jet streams of fire out of her hands to propell herself into the sky before crashing down and hitting Senna in the shoulder with a fiery kick knocking her away from the fight!

Then Yukiko conjured a fiery ring around Asami so she couldn't interfere in her fight with her real target. "So Avatar Korra. We finally meet face to face. I've got to say, you really are as naive as I expected. Prepare for a serving of flame and pain!"

Yukiko formed flame streams and tried to lash at Korra with them but Korra dodged with a well timed backflipping and kicked a big rock at Yukiko. She burned right through the rock and tried to hit Korra with fire jabs and fire kicks but Korra used circular motions to weave her way the fire and eventually hit her with an air punch knocking Yukiko back a few feet. Yukiko recovered and rushed towards Korra with jet streams on her feet while shooting more fireballs at Korra from her hands. Korra rolled out of the way and hit Yukiko in the back with two icy rocks forcing her down to one knee!

"Give up and release my family!"

"Never Avatar. Never!" Yukiko tried more fire punches and kicks but each one was cancelled out by Korra bending water orbs at the flames. Yukiko was getting frustrated at her inability to deliver real damage to the Avatar. "Okay that's it enough is enough! You're going to be struck down eventually."

Yukiko let go of her emotions and generated lightning from her fingertips and shot the bolt she conjured at Korra! Korra made an air scooter to avoid the lightning strike and Yukiko missed bolt after bolt as Korra circled around her at incredible speeds. Korra was starting to wonder how she could beat Yukiko but then she remembered a lesson she was taught by her old friend Mako. A month before her return to the Water Tribe Mako showed her how he was able to bend lightning at Air Temple Island. She flashed back to that moment while still riding on her airscooter.

"You see Korra since you have more peace in your mind I think I can teach you how to lightningbend."

"Sure Mako. Can I have a demonstration?"

"By all means." Mako breathed softly and moved his arms in a bending motion while extending his fingertips. Then a slight shock moved throughout his body as his fingers sparked. He shot a bolt of lightning out of his fingers and accidentally hit a tree nearly splitting it in half. "Oops. Well I didn't mean to do that but you get the hint."

Korra giggled at Makos mistake but as the flashback continued Korra saw her past self bend lightning alongside Mako as Korras emotional state was much more peaceful than it was before. She reached one point in her flashback where she asked Mako for more information. "So Mako. How do you redirect lightning?"

"That's a bit trickier but since you're familiar with waterbending motions you should be able to handle it. You need to redirect the course of lightning strikes by absorbing the bolt through one arm, guiding it through the stomach, and out the other arm. I'll show you. Stand over there."

Korra stood near the edge of the Island and got into position. "Ready Korra?"


Mako shot a bolt of lightning at her but Korra dodged out of the way and yelped in fear. "Korra you need to relax. Let the lightning inside of you, feel its flowing energy and then use the flow to get it through your stomach and out of your other arm. Let's try it again."

Mako shot another bolt of lightning at Korra and this time Korra caught the lightning with her fingertips and let the lightning travel through her right arm. Her arm felt like it was on fire but she remained composed as the lightning traveled through her stomach. She felt a bit of indigestion but she kept letting the lightning move through her. She willed her body to keep taking the shocking pain until she finally fired the lightning through her left arm and right past her former boyfriend. "Impressive Korra. Very impressive. Just remember. Feel the bolts flow and know your moment to strike."

Korra got out of the flashback just quickly enough to avoid another lightning strike and land on the ground after dispersing her air scooter. "All right lady, keep firing that lightning at me. I can take whatever you've got!"

Yukiko shot another lightning bolt at Korra but this time Korra was ready. She caught the lightning with her left fingertip and let the lightning flow right through her left arm, her stomach and finally her right arm before shooting the lightning at Yukiko and shocking her body to a devastating degree! Yukiko screamed as loud as she could before collapsing into the snow. The flaming ring around Asami dissipated so she ran over to Korra to see if she was okay. The sleeves of Korras outfit were torn showing her big biceps to the world.

"Korra. Are you okay?"

"Well I'm doing better then she is."

"Is she dead?"

"It's unlikely that she is. The lightning I redirected only incapacitated Desna and Eska so I'm sure she'll be fine as long as she's healed. I think we can convince her to help us. Let's pull her back into the tent."

"But what about your father? He's still getting tortured right?"

"Not really. He's sad but he's physically okay. We have some time to come up with a good plan to get him out of the compound."

"I see what you mean."

Senna slowly limped over to Korra and Asami after being flung away from the battle while carrying the unconscious bodies of Desna and Eska. "Do you need my help with anything daughter?"

"Yes mom. We need to heal my cousins and this girl. Let's begin getting them inside."
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