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The serial political TV thriller used to influence public opinion

24” (The TV Show) as Social Engineering

The TV show 24 became a staple of the 2000’s. It’s popularity was propelled by the timely topic of terrorism. The show defined itself as being both entertaining and relevant.

24 showed us a “social reality” with a Black man as US president. In fact, many might say that 24 paved the way for the presidency of Barack Obama. In fact, several years ago, Dennis Haysbert the actor who portrayed President David palmer, said as much.

It was now easy for the American (viewing) public to accept a Black president… Because they had already seen it…on TV!

24 has already ‘teased” the probability of a female US president. Cherry Jones portrayed the first female Potus, Allison Taylor during 24 Redemption, and season seven and eight . Now, this appears as an incumbent reality.

There have also been more ominous projections that 24 has suggested.

Several times over the course of the series, we have seen the detonation

of nuclear/atomic devices on US soil. So if this devastating event were to actually occur, the American public has been primed to “accept’ it…

Because, they have already witnessed it on TV.

Some secondary themes that 24 has suggested are conflict with China, and the increasing rise of China as an Economic and military rival. Jack

Bauer’s own father, eloquently proclaimed, that “China was the future”.,

He said this as his character attempted to flee the USA, and retribution for his unpatriotic actions.

During 24 season nine, the show suggest the near future reality of multiple Chinese aircraft carriers… pushing past their post territorial domains, into the waters of the vast Pacific ocean.

Once again, these ideas may appear passé to the American viewing public…since they have already viewed them on TV.

...So may I suggest that modern social reality can possibly be viewed as a rerun…?

Now 24 is poised to make a return to TV with 24 Legacy. In this iteration of 24, American now has a Black, ex-serviceman protagonist.

Will one of the underlying themes/projections be that Islamic extremists

have infiltrated (disenfranchised) Black culture in modern America?

Will we come to find out that seemingly homegrown terrorism is actually being masterminded by zealots in the Middle East?

In addition, what group(s) of arcane conspirators will be unveiled to be hiding in the highest echelons of American power?

Stay tuned to 24 Legacy to find out…

P. S. Recent news article in major outlets admit that the CIA is “embedded” in Hollywood. The TV show Homeland appears to be a favorite of “The Agency” Interestingly enough, Homeland shares many production ties with the 24 franchise.

This is quite obviously a way that public opinion, via mass media can be molded… hence, “social engineering”.

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