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A young beautiful woman falls for a vampire and finds out secrets she won't want to know.
Angelique just found out she was going on evenings at the Book Store and would be working in the café. She would no longer be selling books on the day shift. The boss's niece wanted to sell books and be on days. She would just have to make the best of it. She put on her apron and there weren't any customers, yet but there would be.

"You know it isn't so bad. Working here at night. A handsome man named Rylan comes in here every night. He is friendly. He is on his lap top a lot but never buys food. He just drinks strawberry banana smoothies." Susie smiled. Susie was quitting and this was her last night. Angelique would be doing this alone starting tomorrow.

"I am not interested in meeting a man. At least I will know what to serve him before he asks."

Four customers wanting coffee and the famous chocolate cupcakes. This was a good night.

He walked in. Rylan Winterrowd. Angelique almost dropped the brownies tray. He was handsome all right, He was all dressed in a black suit and his piercing blue eyes and jet black hair. That killer smile. Angelique was nervous. Rylan looked at her and already adored this beautiful red headed Goddess before him. He would introduce himself. Susie smiled. He was perfect for Angelique. She would let Angelique wait on him.

"May I help you?" Angelique asked.

"Yes, you may, beautiful red headed Goddess. I would like a strawberry, banana smoothie and a date with you."

Angelique smiled. "I am working right now but I will bring you your strawberry banana smoothie." The way he looked at her. Was this the man of her dreams?

Angelique got him his smoothie and he thanked her. She couldn't look into his eyes. She wanted a date with him. She was off this weekend and if he was serious, she would accept.

Rylan was on his lap top and Angelique waited on other customers. Things quieted down and Rylan had been watching her and the café was bare even thought three people were buying books in the books section.

"Looks like you have time to visit. Join me. I will have another strawberry banana smoothie." Angelique got him another smoothie and sat down with him.

"What is your name, Princess?"

Angelique smiled at him. She was so attracted to this man. She didn't even know him. "I Am Angelique Wuthering."

Rylan was stunned. SHE WAS STRATLAN WUTHERING'S DAUGHTER. A vampire he got along with but wasn't friends with. Stratlan had left his wife and daughter fourteen years ago after he became a vampire. He wasn't sure if he should pursue this woman or not.

"You didn't tell me your name." Angelique was nervous and Rylan seemed nervous, too.

"I am Rylan Winterrowd."

"Nice to meet you." Angelique offered Rylan her hand and he held it and kissed it. Angelique felt warm all over.

"My date offers still holds. Will you go out with me? "

"Yes, I will." Angelique thought why did she agree. She looked at him. He was handsome and sexy. That was why.

"Where do you live?" Rylan asked and his voice seduced Angelique.

"I live by the lake and the trading store. It is a two story cottage with French designs behind Evergreen Woods."

"Yes, I know where it is. Are you off Saturday?"

"Yes, I am." Angelique was blushing.

Susie had heard this conversation. She was leaving this place now but she went to make a phone call. She read Rylan's mind and Bernacchi, the ruthless two hundred year old vampire who had turned her would want to hear this. She told Bernacchi that Angelique is Stratlan's daughter. Bernacchi was going to kill Angelique. This was how he would settle his score with Stratlan. Susie felt bad because she liked Angelique but if she didn't tell Bernacchi what she knew, she would be dead.

Rylan had heard Susie talking to Bernacchi. Why didn't he know that she was a vampire? He had to remember that he was a young vampire and still learning the ways of vampires. No one was going to hurt Angelique. He would protect her. This he promised.

Angelique's shift ended and Rylan took her home. As they walked in the door, Bernacchi was there and going to kill Angelique. Angelique screamed. Bernacchi was old, ugly and showed his fangs and pointed teeth. Rylan jumped on Bernacchi and they were fighting and throwing each other against the wall and broke a lamp. Another vampre showed up and it was Stratlan. Angelique's father.

"Father?" Angelique went pale.

Stratlan and Rylan grabbed Bernacchi and were able to pull his head off. Angelique had seen fangs, incredible strength and knew they weren't human. With Bernacchi's dead headless body lying there, Angelique wasn't sure what to think.

"Father. Why are you here? Who was that man? Rylan. What the hell kind of creatures are you?"

Rylan put his arms around Angelique and lead her to the couch. "We are vampires." Bernacchi was, too. Your friend Susie is a vampire and she called Bernacchi and he wanted to kill you."

"Why" I didn't hurt anyone and he didn't even know me." Angelique was in shock.

Stratlan went and sit on the other side of the couch by his daughter. "I had an affair with an evil woman named Lila and she was Bernacchi's wife. She turned me into a vampire and I later had vampire hunters kill her. Bernacchi had a score to settle with me and he went after you. I am sorry. I knew what Bernacchi was up to and I knew Rylan couldn't take out Bernacchi alone so I came to help. I miss you. I love you. You are my daughter and I am sorry I cheated on your mother and I had to leave. Being a vampire doesn't make for a good family man."

"I, too was turned by Lila. Bernacchi hated me as well. I don't know what else to say. We could make you forget. I do want to see you."

Angelique looked at Rylan. Now, she knew why her father left and she just met this vampire. She had read "Twilight", had all the books and movies and liked vampires. She read vampire books all the time and was really into them. Now, she finds out they are real. She should be happy. She secretly wanted this, didn't she, she asked herself.

"Are there more vampires who want to kill me? What about werewolves?"

"There are no other vampires around here. Just us. There aren't any werewolves around here we know of."

"This is funny. I like vampires. I have the "Twilight" movies and read a lot of books but my father being one and a guy I want to go out with? I guess my fantasy came true. Welcome home, Dad. Rylan, we are still on for Saturday night."

Rylan kissed Angelique's cheek. "I promise you I am more charming then any movie vampire or book vampire."

Stratlan hugged his daughter. Angelique's mother had died a few years back. She would have never accepted this.

Angelique went out with Rylan. She had a good time with him. Susie mysteriously left town. Rylan threatened her and she went to Transylvania.

I may add to this later.

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