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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2097502
Korra and Asami are about to get married! But will some unforeseen complications ruin it?
Chapter 1 An Unexpected Invitation

Tonraq and Senna were sitting in their comfy chairs in the Southern Water Tribe Palace. The big chief of the Tribe was sipping some delectable five flavor soup from his gorgeous wife. Tonraq gulped down his meal with pleasurable gusto as Senna watched in admiration of her husband. Tonraq finished the soup and gave his wife his empty bowl.

"Being the Chief must take a lot out of you doesn't it?" Asked Senna.

"Yep. Thanks for the five flavor soup. It was delectable as always. Said Tonraq gratefully.

"You're very welcome." Senna washed the bowl by bending some water into it. While she did that she thought of her daughter Korra. How she hadn't heard from her in about six months and how it had been nine months since Korra saved the entire world from the so called "Great Uniter" Kuvira. "Honey? Do you think Korra is doing well with that Asami girl? I mean it's been a while since we found out that they're a couple. I just want her to be happy." Senna had a sense of uncertainty in her voice as she still remembered watching her daughter's depressed face every single day for months on end. She didn't want the same thing to happen to her daughter again after she finally recovered.

"I'm sure our little girl will be fine. I mean, she is as happy as can be around Asami. That's why I approved of their relationship. Anything that makes our baby girl pleasant after she had to deal with a near death experience is a good thing in my book." Said Tonraq as he reassured his wife. He put his huge arms around Senna's petite body and hugged her from behind as Senna giggled to herself.

Senna bumped her backside against Tonraq to get him to let her go before she spoke more calmly. "You're right. I'm sure our little girl will be fine. In fact I bet she's doing great right now!"

Just then a Water Tribe representative opened the door of the Palace and walked over to Tonraq. He carried a piece of paper in his hand. "I'm sorry to disturb you sir but I just received this message from your daughter. Apparently she wanted it to be brought to you as soon as possible." He gave the message to Tonraq and the Chief opened the piece of paper to see a letter written by Korra! Senna looked over Tonraqs broad shoulder as he read the message.

"Dear Mom and Dad. How are you doing? For me I'm doing very well. I've been the girlfriend of Asami for about nine months now and we've both decided to take our relationship to the next level. This letter is an invitation for you to come to our wedding which will take place at the new Future Industries Building Indoor Wedding Chapel where my good friend Bolin will have us officially wedded. My other good friends such as Mako, Opal and Suyin Beifong will also be in attendance. I don't know how to say this but Asami means the world to me. I don't know if I can keep going without her. That's why I want to marry her and why I proposed to her when she stayed with us a few months ago. We were made for each other and I simply think now is the time for us to solidify our love for one another. So if you're available I would like you to come to Republic City so you can see me marry the woman of my dreams. I hope to see you there. Love your daughter, the Avatar, Korra."

Tonraq finished reading the letter and a huge grin appeared on his face. He hugged his wife from the front and squeezed her tight. "I can't believe it honey! Our little girl is getting married!"

"I'm in complete disbelief myself Tonraq! I never could have forseen this. Do you remember when Korra saved you from that psychotic firebender the last time she was here?" Senna Asked

"Yes I do. I distinctly remember that we cuddled when we got back to the Palace. You, Korra, Asami, Desna and Eska saved me and Korra said she wanted to take Asami to a special place in the Water Tribe to ask her something. Do you think that's where Korra proposed to Asami?" Asked a curious Tonraq.

"It's highly likely in my opinion. I can't wait to see my only daughter again honey! Can we travel to Republic City right now? I want to see Korras beautiful face before she kisses her bride! So can we? Please?" Asked Senna who was incredibly excited at the prospect of Korra being in love for the rest of her life.

"Yes. We'll leave very soon. I'm also very excited to see her. I can get a ship for us to leave for the City in about 40 minutes. You can pack up for us while I get the ships crew ready right?"

"Yes I can lovecake. We'll only be there for a a few days at the most. The invitation said the wedding was in two days but I'm sure Korra wants some help with the preparations. I knew Korra would find the right life partner. I'm just glad it could be a woman that everyone adores."

As Tonraq and Senna prepared for their trip to Republic City Korra and Asami were back at Satos family mansion. Korra was practicing her airbending to keep herself limber outside with her girlfriend Asami watching in awe. Her muscular physique was fully restored after many months of training. When Korra wasn't going on dates with Asami or stopping criminals in their tracks she honed her skills and rebuilt her beloved muscles. Her biceps burst with power and strength as she swiftly shot air blasts at the various targets around Asami's makeshift training grounds. Her thick and meaty legs kicked a huge gust of air at a fan nearby causing it to spin uncontrollably. Her abs formed an impressive six pack as Korra sweated vigorously. Korra finished off her airbending training for the day by forming an air scooter, dashing around the grounds and flexing her biceps proudly for Asami's enjoyment. "How was that Asami? Do you think I'm back in shape?"

Asami admired Korras physique throughout the whole exercise. She always thought Korra looked gorgeous but on this day her wife to be looked absolutely dazzling. Asami drooled as she eyeballed every inch of Korras well built body. "Umm Asami? Are you okay?" Asami snapped out of her daze and wiped the drool off of her mouth.

"Yeah. I'm sorry it's just... I'm thinking about how happy I'll be once we get married. I'll have my company and you'll finally complete your journey Korra."

Korra was confused by Asami's statement so she raised her eyebrow. "What do you mean by my journey Asami?"

Asami grinned and walked over to her. "The journey to you winning my heart. I just love everything you do!" Asami hugged Korras sweaty and muscular body causing Korra to hug Asami back. Asami rubbed her nose against Korras as the two women continued to compliment and flirt with each other.

"You know, you're so cute when you work out. You're going to be a great wife." Said Asami.

"Thanks. I'm glad that you got all of my friends to come back for our wedding. We can have a reunion of Team Avatar once again." While the two women hugged one of Asami's butler's walked over to them as he held a letter in his hand.

"I'm dreadfully sorry for interrupting your ladies romantic moment. But there's an urgent letter that you simply must read Ms. Sato."

Asami read the letter that the butler held up and it shocked her to the core. Her body tensed up and her eyes opened wide as she read the paper. "Dear Asami Sato. We heard that you are marrying the Avatar. This is something that we cannot allow. We are prepared to launch a full assault upon your company and all of the weddings guests unless you cancel the wedding and give us the Avatar. If you fail to comply we shall lay siege to you and your girlfriend. Consider this your one and only warning. You will not be allowed to marry someone who shall cause this world to descend into extinction."

Korra was just as shocked as Asami was once she finished reading the letter. She tried to process this in her head. "Wow. That's really an extreme reaction to us getting together. Who's that message from?"

"It doesn't say. What are we going to do Korra? I still want to get married but I don't want anyone's lives at risk!"

"Don't worry Asami. I have a plan. I'm pretty sure Chief Beifong is coming to the wedding anyways so maybe we can just ask her to bring some of her officers as security guards for the event. They'd make sure no one suspicious comes in and ruins our big day. Does that sound like a good idea?"

Asamis was impressed by Korras suggestion. Korra was usually the brawn to Asami's brain but that certainly didn't mean Korra was stupid. She had shown Asami that she could be very clever at times. "Yeah. That sounds good. I'll call Chief Beifong."

"Don't you worry Asami no matter what happens tomorrow we will get married. I can promise you that." Asami ran inside her estate to call Chief Beifong as Korra wiped the sweat off of her buff physique. She knew that someone was trying to sabotage her wedding but this person made one fatal mistake in her mind. That person messed with the Avatar!

Chapter 2 Team Avatar Reunion

Tonraq and Senna rode towards Republic City in their personal ship as they continued to talk about how the wedding would go. "This reminds me so much of the wedding we had at the Southern Water Tribe baby. We were from two different worlds and we came together in solidarity despite what the other Waterbenders around us thought about our relationship. I suppose Korras going through something similar to what I went through so many years ago when I met you." Said Senna tenderly.

"I suppose so Senna. Do you remember when you first gave birth to Korra?" Asked Tonraq.

"I do. After nine months of patient waiting my expanding belly was aching more than anything I had felt in my life. You rushed me over to Katara as I went through an excruciating experience of labor. My belly, my legs, my ribs they all hurt so much but I knew that I needed to get my baby out of me." Senna had a brief flashback to her memory of giving birth to Korra. She was laying down on a table in Kataras hut as the old Waterbending Master prepared some healing water for Senna. She screamed and flailed around as her huge stomach pounded her over and over again. She could feel her baby kicking constantly. She knew that her baby girl wanted to get out into the outside world. A world full of fresh air and so many sights to see. Tonraq felt an especially powerful kick that almost hurt his hand and forced Senna to start crying in agony.

"I know dear. You've almost got her out. Just hang in there for me okay? I can't lose you."

Senna managed to give Tonraq a brief smile and she winked despite how much pain she was going through. Katara grabbed onto Senna's right arm as Tonraq grabbed onto her left. "Okay Senna you're doing very well. I just need you to give me one last push. That should get your child out of you."

Senna breathed heavily and screamed as loud as she could as she pushed with all of her might. The scream was so loud that practically everyone in the Southern Water Tribe heard it. Katara finally pulled the baby out of Senna's body as the infant cried loudly and kicked at the air. However the baby stopped kicking and crying when she saw a relieved Tonraq and a very exhausted Senna. She cooed and giggled as Tonraq picked her up. Senna was almost ready to pass out after giving birth but the baby needed to be named so she kept her eyes open a bit longer.

"She's beautiful honey. Probably the most beautiful baby I've seen in my life. What should we call her?" Asked Tonraq.

"Well... I've been thinking about it... She's a pretty little maiden. Not to mention a strong one as well... How about Korra? Does that sound like a good name?" Asked Senna as she barely held onto Tonraqs left hand.

"Yes. That sounds like a perfect name. Because when I look at her I see someone who has an incredible future ahead of her. Don't you think so Katara?" Asked Tonraq

"You're correct young man. I felt that baby in Senna's womb and every kick I felt was mightier and more powerful than any other kick I felt in my entire life. You sir have a very strong girl in your arms." Answered Katara. She was right. Even as a baby Korra was a sight to behold. Her eyes were as blue as the icy ocean, Her skin was a perfect brown complexion fitting for her Water Tribe nationality, She was a bit chubby but since she was just an infant it was understandable. In short Korra was the child that Tonraq and Senna always wanted. Senna finally passed out from her utter exhaustion as her flashback ended.

"And then we figured out that she was the Avatar, The White Lotus kept her away from the outside world and we saw her grow into the teenager that we sent to Republic City. Would you have ever believed that Korra is in fact marrying a woman who helped us out during that Civil War a few years ago?" Asked Senna after her vivid explanation of her painful pregnancy.

"If you told me all of that before I actually met Asami I'm sure I'd think you were crazy. To be honest that Civil War was pointless. Unalaq could've asked my daughter to open up the other Spirit Portal without trying to take me out along with my daughter." Said Tonraq in a joking manner.

"It looks like we're almost there!" Senna observed as Republic City was in her sights. The city was still as breathtaking as it was when she first saw it. The Spirit Vines wrapped around the buildings, the Satomobile zoomed around the streets and both the Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra Statues were in full view. Senna was practically jumping up and down in place. She couldn't wait to see Korra before the wedding. The ship stopped near the dock and the loving couple stepped out of the ship however some Metalbending Police Officers walked over to the ship and stopped Tonraq and Senna.

"I'm sorry but we need to check your bags." Said one of the officers. Tonraq and Senna were confused as the officers searched thoroughly through their luggage. One of the officers put the luggage back in place once the search proved to be fruitless.

"Hey. I know these people. They wouldn't bring anything to threaten the Avatar. Just let them pass." Said the tall, dark haired young man known as Mako.

Tonraq instantly recognized Mako and he walked over to him. "Thanks Mako. What's with all of these guards?"

"I'm sorry Tonraq but we were given a direct order from Chief Beifong to provide extra security for this wedding. A threat has been made on Korra and Asami's lives and I'm going to make sure that their perfect day isn't ruined." Explained Mako.

"That's very noble of you Mako. You know... I'm sure I could find another Water Tribe girl for you to date." Replied Senna.

"I'm going to pass on that. I figured that it's best if I just do my work without having a lady in my life. Thanks for the offer but I think it's best if I just focus on keeping everyone safe." Said Mako in a deadpan and serious tone.

"As for me I think it's best if I do have a lady in my life!" Yelled a familiar childish and cheerful voice. Mako looked to his left and saw an Air Bison land near the dock carrying the cute and precious Opal, the wisened Metalbender Suyin Beifong and Mako's fun loving brother Bolin! Opal hugged Bolin as he jumped off of the Air Bison and ran over to his older brother. "Mako! It's great to see you bro!"

Mako smiled and threw a few playful punches at Bolin. Bolin dodged each one and hugged Mako as hard as he could. "It's great to see you too Bolin. I take it that your relationship with Opal is going well?"

"You wouldn't believe it Mako! She's not crazy and she's not forcing me into marriages! It's like the opposite of Eska!"

Opal hovered over to Bolin with her airbending and held his hand firmly. "You really proved to be a great boyfriend Bolin. I can't wait to celebrate Korras wedding. It's because of her that I can airbend effectively in the first place!"

"I knew you'd do great Opal. You're a natural. So Mako should we head for the Future Industries building?"

"Yes. I'll escort all of you over there. Chief Beifong might want to talk to you anyways Su."

Suyin nodded as she knew Lin still wanted to build on their newfound sense of sisterhood. The past was in the past and like the accomplished women they are they were ready to move on. "I do hope Lin is doing well. The last time we spent time together we were flying through the air unconscious inside of a platinum arm." Mako laughed as he knew she was referring to the huge battle between Republic City and Kuviras mech.

"All right. Now that we're all caught up let's head for Future Industries!" Mako proclaimed. All of the benders hopped on Opals Air Bison and rode over to the Future Industries building. Korras loyal Polar Bear Dog Naga spotted the Air Bison and started panting with excitement. Once the Bison landed Naga ran right for Tonraq and Senna. She jumped right on top of the big Chief and licked his face.

Tonraq yelped and tried to push the enthusiastic Naga off of him. "Okay! Okay! I'm happy to see you Naga!" Then Tonraq heard a whistle and Naga got off of him while she still wagged her tail. Then Tonraq wiped the slobber off of his face and saw his gorgeous, muscle bound daughter with a huge grin on her face.

"Mom! Dad! Thank you so so so much for coming!" Korra ran over to her parents and hugged both of them as hard as she could. Then she picked them both up off of the ground using her incredible power harnessed in her arms and legs before setting them down. Korras friends were impressed by her feat of strength.

"Wow Korra! You really bulked up since we last saw you!" Yelled Opal in shock.

Korra flexed her biceps a bit for her friends in her confident display. "Yeah. Well I can thank Asami for that. She gave me this awesome training regimen that made me stronger than I've ever been before both physically and spiritually!"

Suyin chimed in as Tonraq and Senna were shocked into silence due to Korras strength. "That's incredible. You really have become a great Avatar, Korra."

Just then Chief Lin Beifong walked over to the group and snarked at Suyins comment. "Yet I still got her arrested on her first day at Republic City."

Korra frowned at Lins comment and Mako slightly smirked. "Always a killjoy huh boss?"

"I try to be. Hello Su, how have you been?"

"I've been decent but I need to talk to you about something. It's about what happened to Kuvira."

"Alright we'll talk. Come with me." Lin and Suyin walked away from everyone else as three quarters of Team Avatar had their reunion.

"Korra. It's been a long time. I hope you've been doing well." Said Mako awkwardly.

"I've been doing great. But I can't believe you smirked at Lin's remark." Said Korra angrily.

"Oh jeez not this again." Said Mako under his breath.

Korra then laughed at Makos reaction. "Just kidding Mako. I'm glad to see you." Korra hugged Mako while he rolled his eyes at Korras actions. Then Korra hugged both Bolin and Opal.

"Korra I've never been more honored to do the minister duties for a wedding ceremony more in my life! I can't believe you chose me!" Said Bolin excitedly.

"Well I saw how well you handled Varrick and Zhu Li's Wedding so I figured you're the right guy for the job."

"You figured right. I know Pabu feels the same way." Pabu was sitting on Bolins shoulder and he purred at Korra in a cute fashion. Korra shook the tiny Fire Ferrets paw softly.

"Hi Pabu. Keep being adorable."

"Hey where's Asami Korra? Shouldn't she be here to greet us too?" Asked Opal.

"Well she had to deal with a few things inside. She'll be out in a moment. Maybe she had to go to the bathroom."

Opal then started praising Asami as she got more and more excited to see her again. "Asami is only the best girl I've met in my life! She's beautiful, she's caring, she's kind and she's so smart! Which other woman do you know that can just spread joy everywhere she goes? I can only think of one, and you're marrying her!" Opal skipped around the entrance of the Future Industries building but before she could enter the building Asami opened the door and noticed Opal.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything important." Said Asami in a surprisingly snobbish and dismissive voice. But that didn't stop Opal from giving her a hug.

"Asami! You're so lucky to be marrying the Avatar!" Asami pushed Opal off of her and continued to act cruel.

"What do you think you're doing?" Asked Asami.

"Asami, it's me! Opal!"

"Uh huh..." Asami dismissively passed Opal and walked towards Korra. Korra didn't know how to feel about what happened. She was shocked at how rude Asami was acting and she legitimately never saw her doing anything like that before.

"Okay... Well I hope you can enjoy yourself before the ceremony happens in two days. I think I speak for both me and Asami when I say we couldn't be more excited to have you here. Right Asami?"

"Absolutely." Said Asami with a sinister look in her eyes. No one saw it except for Korra and Opal. As everyone got inside the Future Industries building Korra thought to herself about what was going on.

"What is up with Asami? Why did she act like that? This is not the Asami that I dated for so long. I don't know why or when she changed but she changed!"

Chapter 3 There's Something Up With Asami

On the next day Korra decided to get everything ready for her wedding. Every one of her friends was responsible for preparing a portion of the ceremony so Korra decided to start early in the morning by going over to the kitchen where Senna was tasked with the catering for the guests. Korra knew her mother was the best at cooking Water Tribe meals and she also knew that Asami's hired chefs were practically of the same quality as the chef's at Kwong's. She however was still shaken by how rude Asami was yesterday and she was even more shocked by how she acted when they were in bed together the previous night. "Something is definitely up with Asami but it doesn't make any sense. She barely cuddled with me last night, she didn't kiss me and her smiles when I was around just looked so... Forced. What is going on with her? Okay Korra, let's just focus on getting everything ready for the Wedding tomorrow and hopefully by the time we have our rehearsal I'll get an answer from her."

Korra walked over to the kitchen area of the Future Industries building where Senna was hard at work. She ran around the kitchen putting garnishes on dishes, putting icing on the big wedding cake and assisting every chef with her expertise in Water Tribe cuisine. "Hi Mom. How's the food coming along? I'm just walking around making sure everything goes well for the wedding."

Senna gave Korra a thumbs up while she worked. "It's going well Korra. I'm just putting some finishing touches on a few of the dishes." Senna finished icing up the cake and it was a sight to see. The delectable dessert was at least four feet tall and it had three layers of soft white pastry bread covered in sweet sugary buttercream frosting and marzipan. Then there were the candied fruits that covered the cake. Everything from mangos to cherries to plums all of the sweetest fruits that Senna could find were placed gorgeously on the cake. Senna wiped some sweat off of her forehead after she finished. "Cake, check." Senna then bended some water from outside and molded it in the forms of Korra and Asami. She put them in a position where they were holding hands and getting ready to kiss each other and then she bended some more water to form a big heart around the two of them before freezing the piece of art into place. "Ice sculpture, check." Senna then rushed over to the oven and put on some oven mitts before pulling out a tray full of calamari pieces. "The best bite size roasted calamari pieces you've ever tasted in your life?" Senna gave a single piece to Korra so she could judge if it was indeed that good. She chewed on the piece and the salty, crispy and juicy flavor hit her taste buds instantly. "Mmm! Check!" Said Korra as she gleefully munched on her calamari piece.

Ikki rushed into the kitchen and airbended two tiny figurines over to her which represented Korra and Asami and she started to imitate the two doing their vows. "I do. Do you?" Said Ikki in a deep commanding voice like Korras. Then she said "I do!" In a more feminine voice like Asami's then she put the two figurines together and tried to make them kiss while making smooching sound effects. Korra airbended the figurines back over to the cake. "Hey! No fair!"

"Sorry Ikki. But these are for the cake. Can you play with someone else for now?" Asked Korra.

"Well I'm not playing with Meelo. He might fart at a moment's notice! I'm not playing with Jinora because I'd annoy her to death but maybe Rohan will like playing with me so I guess I'll see if he's available." Said Ikki in a very fast pace. Almost as if she was on a sugar binge. Ikki then ran out of the room just as Asami came in.

"Hello Asami!" Said Senna as she grinned at the wealthy industrialist. But Asami continued to act like a spoiled snob.

"Senna. Call me Ms. Asami Sato."

"Okay then... Hi Ms. Asami Sato. Are you here to check out what's on the menu for your big day?

"I have." Senna got the calamari pieces for her to try as Korra stared at Asami intently. Just waiting for her to act unlike herself again. Asami picked up a calamari piece, put it in her mouth and chewed on it. She had very little of a reaction to it. "It's delicious. I love love love it!" Said Asami in a disinterested tone and a fake smile. At least Korra could tell it was fake but Senna didn't seem to notice.

"Oh you're too sweet. Why don't you take a few to go?" Asked Senna as she put a few pieces into a bag for her. Asami grabbed the bag and walked past Korra without acknowledging her presence. "I know how you brides can be. So worried about your figure that you don't even get a few treats into your stomach." Said Senna. However as soon as Senna looked away Asami threw the bag of calamari into a nearby trash can and left the room. Korra was shocked at how uncaring Asami's action was.

"Mom. Did you see that?"

"Korra. I'm awfully busy. I didn't see anything."

"Never mind. I've got to see Suyin since she's dealing with our dresses." Korra went up a few flights of stairs and reached the dressing room where Suyin was hard at work making Wedding dresses for Asami and her bridesmaids.

"Suyin. We need to talk."

"Not now Korra I'm already working on Asami's dress. I can't really pay attention to what you're saying."

"I'm sorry but Asami has been a total jerk recently! You should've seen the way she acted when she tried my mom's calamari! I don't know when she changed but she changed badly!" Korra was getting frustrated as she couldn't figure out why Asami was acting like a stuck up diva. "Call me Ms. Asami Sato." Said Korra mockingly.

"Did I hear someone saying my name? Asked Asami who walked inside the dressing room with her bridesmaids. Korra didn't recognize any of them which only further increased her suspicions.

"Ms. Asami Sato. It's an honor to work on these dresses." Said Suyin.

"Well are they ready yet?" Asked Asami.

"Well here's your dress." Asami's dress looked exquisite as it was a curve hugging, radiant red dress with roses on the chest area, a little bit of beading around the shoulders and a short train that didn't drag too much on the ground. "I've been working on it for some time now and I think you'll be pleased with the results." Suyin said.

Asami barely looked at the dress before turning her head over to her bridesmaids and shaking her head no to them. "I was hoping for something with more beading and a longer train." Said Asami ungratefully.

"Oh... Well of course." Said Suyin in a surprised manner.

"And those dresses should be in a different color." Added Asami as she pointed at the bridesmaids dresses. Then she stomped out of the room as Korra looked at her in frustrated disbelief.

"Someone should call her Ms. Asami Demandy-pants." Quipped Korra as she decided to follow Asami around to see what else she would do. Korra was practically fuming at this point but she kept her cool and followed Asami into the main hall where she saw her talk to Tenzin who was in charge of hosting the reception.

"Okay. So we've been over the toasts we'll all do and the dance you'll have with Korra. The way I see it this should be a wonderful reception don't you agree?" Said Tenzin as he let go of his stuffy personality to try and be a good host.

"It would be perfect... If we were celebrating a stuck up doofus like Prince Wu." Said Asami snidely as she walked out of the room. Tenzin felt a bit hurt by Asami's words and he breathed deeply to try and avoid crying.

"And I thought I could be sensitive Tenzin." Snarked Korra as she hid behind a pillar so Asami wouldn't see her.

"Korra. I thought you were supervising everyone today." Said Tenzin.

"I am but I need to talk to you. In fact I need to talk to everyone today. Can you have all of the organizers meet me in the Bachelorette lounge? I'll get them some Lychee juice while we talk."

"Sure. I'll be right there with you."

Korra headed over to the Bachelorette lounge and poured some Lychee juice into some cups before setting them down on the table and waiting for the organizers. A few minutes later they came into the room one by one. The reception host Tenzin, The caterer Senna, The minister Bolin, The dress maker Suyin, The choir leader Tonraq and finally the Best Man Mako. Korra gave everyone their Lychee juice and had everyone sit at a table before she opened up about her thoughts about Asami.

"I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking. Asami is the absolute worst bride to be ever!" Korra shouted before drinking her Lychee juice. Everyone looked confused at Korras statement.

"What are you talking about Korra? She's been a little on edge but I think she's just stressed." Said Suyin.

Korra wasn't having it she put her Lychee juice down on the table before responding. "Suyin. She was so demanding."

"I understand why you feel that she's been demanding but I think it's just cause she wants the best of the best on her wedding day." Responded Suyin.

Korra put her palm to her face in response to Suyin. "Mom, did you know that when Asami told you how much she loved your calamari she threw it in the trash?"

"Maybe she was just trying to spare my feelings." Replied Senna.

"No. She was just being fake and totally insincere! Bolin did you notice..." Before Korra could ask Bolin anything she noticed that he was playing with Korra and Asami's figurines alongside Ikki. Korra rolled her eyes and continued. "Never mind. Dad, did you notice anything?"

"Well Asami did scream at one of the choir members during rehearsal." Said Tonraq uncomfortably.

"See?! That's pretty rude!" Said Korra in an exasperated manner.

"But then again he was singing really off key." Said Tonraq as everyone heard a horrible, obnoxious singing voice coming from upstairs that forced everyone to cover their ears. It was Meelo undoubtedly.

"Meelo..." Groaned Tenzin.

"Okay. So Mako. Did you notice anything?"

"Sorry Korra I've been too busy practicing my script for the actual marriage to notice Asami's bad attitude." Said Mako as he checked his script to remind himself of what he was supposed to do.

"Ughh!" Yelled Korra as she held her head in anger. Ikki walked over to Korra and patted her toned back to soothe her.

"I'm sure Asami is just acting this way because of stress. She'll be the kind woman I know and love before you know it."

Korra stood up and loudly proclaimed her thoughts. "Well I think her bad attitude is because she's a horrible girlfriend who doesn't deserve to know me let alone marry me!"

Tonraq and Senna both stood up as Tonraq tried to calm Korra down. "Don't you think you're being just the tiniest bit overdramatic Korra?"

Korra then blew her stack entirely. "I'm not being overdramatic! And I'm not taking out my frustrations on Asami! You guys are just so caught up in your jobs for the wedding that none of you noticed that maybe there shouldn't even be a wedding!" Korra slammed her fist on the table nearly shattering the wooden piece of furniture and knocking everyone's Lychee juice glasses down! Korra stomped out of the room as everyone looked at each other in confusion.

"I missed what just happened. What was this meeting about again?" Asked Bolin.

Korra calmed herself down by breathing heavily and she headed for Asami's bedroom to talk to Asami directly. Asami at this moment was adjusting her new red dress with the extra beading and the longer train that she wanted. She was also admiring herself in the mirror, fondling her hair and winking at herself. "Hello Korra. This is the dress I'm going to wear for the full wedding rehearsal tonight. I'm looking pretty good huh?" Asked Asami as she gave Korra some romantic poses. Korra however wasn't in the mood. She barely looked at Asami as she tried to show off her figure in her tight dress.

"Asami. We need to talk. About your attitude. You're just not acting like yourself and I think..." Before Korra could say anything else one of Asami's Butler's came in to talk to her.

"Ms. Sato I need to speak with you for a moment. The matter is urgent."

"I'll be with you Korra I better go see what he wants." Said Asami as she walked out of the room. Korra decided to eavesdrop by just leaning her ear over to the keyhole so she could listen in.

"Listen to me buddy." Said the butler.

"I'm listening." Said Asami.

"I thought I made it perfectly clear that you need to act like Asami in order for this plan to work." Said the butler.

"Well I don't know how she acts you're lucky that I was able to look like her and sound like her to begin with! Besides, nobody has noticed that she's gone except for Opal and Korra." Korra noticed that the woman's voice was pretty raspy. Almost as if this Asami was impersonating her voice.

"Well we'll need to take care of this Opal don't we?"

"Yes. We do. I know just the way to do it."

Korra was in complete shock. She knew that Asami was acting off but this was almost too much for her to handle. "She isn't just unpleasant and rude... She's not Asami at all!" Korra pushed the door open and ran through the hallway to search for Opal. Korra knew if there was anyone who could help her at this point it's the only other person who saw Asami's change in personality... Or at least the Fake Asami's change!
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