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Korra find out the truth about Asami's doppelganger and tries to warn her friends!
Chapter 4 The Rehearsal of Lies

Korra ran through the building trying to find Opals room as she couldn't believe what she heard from the Fake Asami. "I knew it! No one believed me but I knew it! You'd think after everyone figured out that I was right about Hiroshi Sato being a criminal they'd believe me here but no! Of course not. Well I'll show them how wrong they really have been this whole time!" Korra found Opals room and opened it quickly but right before she was able to talk to her she saw Opal hugging one of Asami's butler's and Suyin crying tears of joy. "Umm... What's going on over here?" Asked Korra.

Opal grabbed one of Suyins dresses and smiled proudly at Korra. "Korra, you wouldn't believe it! I got chosen to be Asami's new maid of honor! Me! I get to be right next to my darling Bolin while you two do your vows!"

"It's enough to make a grown woman cry!" Said Suyin as she couldn't feel more proud of her only daughter. Korra however got a bit more suspicious of what was going on as she saw Asami's bridesmaids earlier in the day so naturally she assumed that Asami already had a maid of honor. This whole thing made Korras head spin.

"New maid of honor? What happened to her old maid of honor?" Asked Korra.

"The butler didn't tell me what happened to her but he said that Asami would just love it if I could fill in for her. So that's exactly what I'm doing!" Said Opal as she excitedly ran over to the bathroom so she could try on her bridesmaid dress.

"But Opal. You saw how sinister Asami looked yesterday. You were shocked when she was acting rude! Aren't you on my side?" Asked Korra as she was entirely perplexed.

"Give it a rest Korra. What is it with you and sides?You should try on your own dress soon. I guess you were being paranoid about Asami. I knew she is an absolute gem!" Said Suyin.

"Yeah Korra. I'll admit that Asami was a bit mean yesterday. But my mom told me that she's just stressed and since she did this for me I'm sure she's over her stress!" Said Opal with glee as she stepped out of the bathroom and showed off her maid of honor dress. It was an emerald green masterpiece with beading on the arms and the Earth Kingdom symbol on her flat stomach area. It was a simple yet elegant design that fit Opal like a glove. "Mom? You don't mind if I put a bow in my hair right? It's a special one that Bolin made for me."

Suyin nodded. "Go ahead. I'll be more than proud to see you up on the altar with the new happy couple of Republic City." Opal squealed with delight as she tied up her short black hair and put her special bow into it. The bow itself was also green and it had picture of a smiling Bolin on it. Opal hugged her mom as Korra sighed and walked out of the room without picking up her dress. She walked outside to get some fresh air and pondered to herself.

"Well I guess it's all up to me now. This Asami doppelganger really covered all of her bases when she knew things weren't going right. I'll still prove to everyone that she's a fake though. If there's something this woman didn't factor in when it comes to her so called plans it's that you don't mess with the Avatar!" Korra psyched herself up and headed over to the Wedding Chapel around fifteen minutes later when the rehearsal was set to begin. The Chapel was an exquisitely designed room with marble pillars, flowers on every table, mainly roses and lotus flowers. There was a ruby red carpet in the middle of the room leading to the altar where Bolin was already present. His faithful pet Pabu sat on his shoulder as the bridesmaids walked over to the right of the altar. Mako talked them through the whole process as he continued to read his script.

"Okay ladies that's good. Then of course the maid of honor comes in with the bride." Korra hid behind the door as Opal and the Fake Asami walked over to the altar. Korra noticed that the Fake Asami had a strange way of walking. She swung her hips from side to side and gave Mako a sultry look as she walked by him. Korra knew that Asami never walks like that and she was obviously acting like she was the hottest woman alive to divert people's attention away from her attitude. It made Korra nauseous. But she didn't want to puke at this moment, she wanted to give the Fake Asami a piece of her mind.

The Fake Asami and Opal walked to the altar where Bolin continued his rehearsal speech. "I'll say a few words and then we shall begin the I dos. Asami you'll get the ring from Korra which will be provided by the best man. Mako awkwardly looked through his jacket and pants before eventually finding the ring. He was about to present it to Korra... Until he realized that Korra wasn't there and he looked around the Chapel without seeing her.

"Has anyone seen Korra?" Asked Mako. Just then Korra kicked open the Chapel doors with her Airbending which got everyone's attention. Korra gave the Fake Asami a death glare and spoke with a thunderously commanding voice.

"I'm here! I'm not going to stand next to her and neither should anyone else in this room!" All of the people in attendance let out a sudden gasp at Korras actions. Bolin meekly tapped Fake Asami's shoulder.

"I'm not sure why she's acting like this Asami." Fake Asami pouted and crossed her arms like a petulent child before responding.

"Maybe we should just ignore her okay?" Asked Fake Asami in an arrogant remark.

"You have to listen to me!" Yelled Korra. Opal ran over to Korra and tried to approach her from the side.

"Are you okay Korra?" Korra walked forward and barely looked to her left to see Opal.

"I'm fine Opal. Someone here clearly isn't." Then Mako ran over to Korras right side and saw how agitated she was.

"Are you sure Korra? You look really out of it." Korra continued to walk towards Fake Asami and barely acknowledged Makos presence. Everyone in the Chapel was unaware of the truth that Korra knew.

"I have something to say to everyone. She's not the real Asami! She's an imposter!" Yelled Korra as she pointed at the Fake Asami who tried to act threatened by backing up against the wall. "I figured there was something up with you the moment I saw you push Opal away from you. You've acted like a stuck up diva towards all of my friends, you've obviously done something to your maid of honor and if that wasn't enough I heard you talking to one of your butler's and he said you need to act like the real Asami. So yeah looks like you've got me thinking that you're not who you say you are!" Korra grabbed the Fake Asami by the throat with her left hand and set her right hand on fire. She was ready to pound this imposters face in. "So where's the real Asami?! Tell me now!" Fake Asami flipped over Korra and caught her breath then she glared at Korra.

"Fine. I'll tell you what the butler told me. Do you want to know why he told me that? It's because ever since this wedding preparation started I've been getting terrible migraines. So yeah I've been a bit irritated! I'm not an imposter I've just been dealing with this pain for a few days!" Korra tried to interject but Fake Asami continued to rant against her. "And I decided to replace my maid of honor because the only reason she wanted to be in the wedding was so she could meet me and use her privileges around here frivolously. And if I haven't been on my best behavior for the past few days it's because with you being so busy supervising everyone I had to make all of the decisions for the wedding!"

"I was just..." Started Korra before she was interrupted again.

"I'm completely stressed out because it was really important to me that our big day would be perfect! Something that obviously doesn't matter to you!" Fake Asami then held her head and pretended to have a migraine before finishing her cold hearted retort to Korra. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to tell all of our guests who probably paid hundreds of yuans to come here that the wedding is off! You can forget being my girlfriend anymore! In fact if I were you I wouldn't come back to Future Industries at all you big jerk!" Fake Asami then walked out of the room and slammed the door. Korra was almost brought to tears. She started to think that maybe she was wrong the whole time.

"Come on everyone. Let's see if we can comfort her." Said Bolin. Bolin ran for the door towards Fake Asami and everyone ran after him. Tonraq glared at his daughter causing Korra to react in shock.

"I'm incredibly disappointed in you Korra. You're barely a daughter of mine." Korra started to have tears drop from her face after that statement but one more caused her to become completely distraught. Tenzin stood over her and frowned.

"You have a lot to think about Korra." Then he left with everyone else leaving only Korra in the Chapel. Korra wiped her tears and tried to come up with anything to do.

"I guess I was being paranoid. I could've finally fallen in love. But instead I just lost my favorite girl. She was the only one I could count on to talk to when I was poisoned. What have I done?" Korra continued to mope in the Chapel untill the Fake Asami came back in and got Korras attention, her hands were behind her back and she showed a small smile. "I'm sorry Asami." Said Korra.

Fake Asami then frowned and got into a fighting stance showing her electric glove on her right hand. "You will be!" She yelled as she rushed towards Korra. Korra tried to firebend at her with precise punches and kicks but the Fake Asami dodged every single one, flipped over Korra and shocked right in the back with the glove! Korra felt hundreds of electric volts pulse through her body as she collapsed to the ground unconscious. Fake Asami then tried to pick Korra up but she was too heavy to lift. Her muscles made her rather heavy for anyone her size to pick up.

"Guys! I need some help lifting the Avatar up!" The butler's ran in and helped Asami lift Korra as they carried her unconscious body out of the estate. "Jeez! I knew she was built like a tank but I didn't know she weighed as much as one! What is she made out of?"

"Pure muscle I guess." Said one of the butler's. The butler's and Fake Asami quietly carried Korra over to one of Hiroshi Sato's old workshops. As Fake Asami grabbed some platinum chains for future use. One of the butler's used earthbending to get into a secret room. The very same one that Lin Beifong, Tenzin and Korra found when Hiroshi Sato was revealed to be an Equalist.

"Let's chain this woman up where she can't escape this time! Trust me when I say that I have unfinished business with her. My father might have failed but true freedom will still be found! Just remember that I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for my dad Zaheer!" Said the Fake Asami with utter passion.

"Yeah this is for your dad Naoto!" Said one if the butler's as they carried Korra into the dark secret room. Korra wasn't conscious but she could tell that Naoto played everyone for fools even herself near the end.

Chapter 5 The Truth Within

Korra regained consciousness a few hours later in a dark room with nothing in it. The floor was made of platinum as well as the walls to keep anyone from bending them. She tried to move but as soon as she tried to move her leg she realized that her limbs were all chained to the wall she was on! She tried to bend the chains but she realized that they were made of platinum so her efforts were fruitless. "Hello? Is anyone there? What is this place?!" She cried out as she was reminded of her time as Zaheers prisoner a mere four years ago. She had that same sense of helplessness rushing into her brain as if she was about to get poisoned again. But instead she saw a light. The light if a camera which projected a familiar face onto the wall away from Korra. It was the Fake Asami of course. She had a smug smile on her face as she gloated in front of a very angry Avatar.

"To answer your question you're in Hiroshi Sato's old Mecha Tank workshop. Where you and all of your friends discovered there was a traitor in Ms. Sato's family. Kind of ironic huh? Cause this place is now your prison. You'll be here until I get my precious little batch of mercury. You might recognize it as the same poison that nearly killed you when you fought my father four years ago!" Said Fake Asami.

Korra had erratically fearful thoughts in her head when Fake Asami mentioned the poison. "No! Not the poison! I can't take another dose of that stuff! I can't spend three whole years of recovery just to get poisoned again!" But she tried as hard as she could to hide her internal fears. She instead focused on the last statement Fake Asami made. "Wait. Your father is Zaheer?"

Fake Asami then removed the long black hair on top of her head, revealing it to be a wig and she took out her false eyelashes, wiped off her lipstick and removed her Future Industries business uniform to reveal plain grey robes and a bald head. This woman was very plain looking almost as if all the passion and life in her eyes was completely removed and all her smug smiles were used to intimidate Korra. "Yes. I am Naoto. The daughter of P'li and Zaheer. I was born before my dear mother was sent to prison and I lived with Zaheers parents for the majority of my life. When I heard that they escaped their prisons I was overjoyed that I'd finally see them again but now since you chained Zaheer to the ground and killed my mother I was immediately appointed as the new leader of the Red Lotus!"

Korra was confused. She hadn't heard of the anarchist organization since she beat Zaheer. "I don't understand. I thought President Raiko was trying to take out the remaining members of the Red Lotus when I was recovering and it was Suyin that killed your mom not me!"

"Well he obviously missed me. First of all, we hid away from the spotlight for a while since I knew that I could've blown our cover if I assassinated your President Raiko. I figured now was the best time to finally get my sweet revenge since I'm old enough and strong enough to take you on. Secondly I'm aware that Ms. Beifong killed my mother. She will pay the price in her own way. I'd love to stay and chat Korra but I've got guests to disappoint. That way you will be out of these peoples minds for a while. You won't be able to interfere with the final piece of my plans."

Korra was intrigued by Naotos last statement almost as if Naoto was implying something that Korra was also interested in. "What plans Naoto?"

Naoto devilishly and smugly grinned as she explained further. "The plans I have for the real Asami of course. I don't want to just kill you. I want the perfect death and that means I also want to kill everyone you love!" As the camera shut off and Naotos projection disappeared Korra felt entirely enraged at Naotos statement. She forced her eyes to start glowing and her elements to get powered up. She entered the Avatar State! Korra furiously yelled at Naoto in an echoing voice which included her voice as well as Raavas.

"Don't you dare do anything to my girlfriend you monster! You're the one who sent that threat two days ago! You are going to pay!" Korra struggled and strained her muscles to try and escape her confines and thankfully her humongous strength boost allowed her to pull one of her arm chains out, forcing a portion of the wall to fling across the room! Then she broke her leg chains with her brute strength alone before burning her remaining arm chain by breathing a huge torrent of scalding flames! She yelled with authority as the platinum eventually melted down to a liquid state and Korra bensed the wall portion at the camera smashing it in her pure anger. Then she screamed upwards breathing enough fire to burn down a forest before she bended the wall portion which actually had bendable iron in the inner core of the piece and tossed it to the wall across from her which destroyed the wall entirely! Then Korra saw a familiar looking disheveled woman chained up to the wall behind the one she just destroyed who looked relieved and shocked to see her. But Korra still thought that this was one of Naotos tricks so she formed an air spout launching herself high in the air and she prepared to crush her with the wall portion!

"Wait! Korra! Don't attack me! I'm the real Asami! Naoto captured me two days ago and I've been in these chains ever since before the marriage preparation began! I want to help you! I want to hold you! I love you!" Yelled the woman as she pleaded for mercy. But Korra still wasn't convinced. She needed more evidence.

"Likely story! Prove it! Say something only the real Asami would say!" Yelled Korra.

Asami cleared her throat and tried to show her unchained and unmistakable love for Korra. "Korra. I don't know when I knew that I loved you but when you said you never had a girlfriend before when I was teaching you how to drive I realized we were connecting. As I rode away with Naga after we narrowly escaped the Red Lotus while you were still in the Spirit World with Zaheer I felt my heart beat around you in a way that it never had before. I knew that your spirit wasn't in your body but I still wanted to hug you and tell you that everything was going to be okay. When you were recovering from your fight with Zaheer I wrote every single one of those letters that I sent with little symbols on the top right side. Do you know what those symbols were?"

Korra shook her head no.

"Those symbols were panda lilies! My mother used to send me panda lilies when she was inventing new machines with my father when I was a little girl. She told me that they're symbols of love and she sent them to me because she wanted me to know that no matter what happened to her she still loved me with all of her heart. Don't you see Korra? I sent you those symbols on those letters because I wanted you to know that I love everything about you! I love your physical strength, I love your spirituality, I love your compassion, I love your desire to help others, I love that you learn from your mistakes and that you're always trying to better yourself. But most of all I love the fact that someone as amazing as you is the Avatar! So please... Does that prove that I'm the real Asami?"

Korra thought about it for a second and started to calm down. She let herself go out of the Avatar State and dropped the wall portion. Then she walked up close to Asami. "I've been waiting to hear those words for months." Then Korra puckered her lips and stood on the tips of her toes to reach Asami's lips. She passionately kissed Asami and fondled her hair as Korra knew that this had to be the real Asami. Asami in turn rubbed Korras nose with her own nose as she enjoyed kissing the woman who desperately needed some love at this point. After around fifteen seconds Korra stopped the kiss and hugged Asami tight enough to let her know she loved her just as much as she could.

"I'm so happy to see you Asami. I'm sorry for not finding you sooner." Said Korra regretfully.

"It's okay sweetie. You're here now. That's all that matters." Replied Asami.

Korra noticed that Asami's chains were also made out of platinum. So obviously she couldn't bend them off even if she entered the Avatar State again. "Hmm. Looks like I'm going to need the keys to open this lock. Now where do these guards usually leave their keys?"

Before Asami had time to answer the two women heard one of the machines in the room start up. Korra looked around and saw that one of Naotos men had replaced his butler uniform with a Red Lotus one and that he was piloting a Mecha Tank! Korra got into a fighting stance and prepared for a rough battle against one of Hiroshi Sato's technological achievements. The Mecha Tank first shot one of its claws at the Avatar but Korra dodged out of the way and shot two air punches at the Tank. It seemed to have little effect. The Tank then shot two of its cables at Korra but she ducked under one, jumped over the other one and hit the Mecha Tank with a huge fire kick! Unfortunately that also had little effect on this Tank. Then the Tank tried to run Korra over with its heavy treads which caused Korra to avoid it by forming an air scooter and dashing away from the Tank. "This is ridiculous! How am I supposed to take this Tank down?" Korra wondered in her head. She continued to dodge the Mecha Tanks attacks untill she bended the wall portion at the Mecha Tank. The Tank was barely fazed as it smashed through the portion and hit the ground near Korra with its claw. Korra managed to get out of the way but only barely as she crashed into the ground after airbending herself to safety.

"Korra! Use the water from the canteen that pilot left out! If you bend it into the exhaust pipes the engine will stall! He's been using that thing to keep me hydrated!" Said Asami.

"Okay! Thanks for the tip!" Replied Korra. Korra dashed over to the canteen and picked it up but as soon as she did the Mecha Tank got ready to fire it's claw at Asami! Asami closed her eyes as if she knew she was going to die. The Mecha Tank took aim... But Korra bended the water out of the canteen and shot it right into the exhaust pipes of the Mecha Tank! The Tank was rendered completely immobile as Korra climbed the useless tank to try and get the pilot but the pilot got out of his seat and jumped out of the Tank allowing him to try and firebend at Korra. She climbed down and engaged in one on one combat with him. The firebender punched at Korra several times but Korra was too nimble to be caught. She dodged each attack and hit the Firebender with an air punch. It didn't knock him down but Korra followed it up with a fire kick to the ribs knocking the Firebender down to one knee. The Firebender then got up and tried to lightningbend at Korra! Korra dodged the lightning and formed an air spout under the man causing him to hit the ceiling with intense force! Korra then finished him off with a spinning roundhouse kick of air knocking the man into a wall unconscious!

"Woo! I guess I've still got that Avatar mojo!" Said Korra as she proudly flexed her biceps in victory. She noticed that the man had the keys for Asami's chains on his belt. She grabbed the keys, unlocked her arm chains that were still attached to her during the fight and ran over to Asami to free her from her bonds.

"Yeah. You've still got the moves Korra. That's another reason that I love you. You never give up." Complimented Asami.

"Thank you for the compliment and also for giving me that tip. It's been a while since I faced Mecha Tanks." Replied Korra as she unlocked the lock allowing Asami to move her arms and legs. "You know how to get us out of here right?"

"I sure do Korra. There's a secret passageway that I found down here that I located after my father was arrested. I'll just show it to you." Asami walked to the left wall and put her hand on one of the platinum panels. She pushed the panel which caused a secret staircase to reveal itself right next to her. "If we go through here we should be able to head right for my private office."

"Good then I'll just find Naoto and show everyone the truth with you. She's not going to get away with this." Said Korra intensely.

"Of course. But I need to do one more thing before we save everyone." Said Asami.

"What's that?" Asked Korra. Asami jumped into Korras arms and gave her a strong, loving hug. Korra hugged her back tightly and knew in her mind that this day was supposed to be perfect, the kind of day that she dreamed of since she was small and Naoto was not going to ruin it for her. "Thanks for the hug. We'll be even more passionate at the altar I'm sure."

"Indeed. Let's get this woman out of here! Then we can have cake with all our friends to celebrate." Said Asami.

"Now you're talking Asami. Let's do this!" Korra and Asami ran up the stairs and prepared to confront the deceitful Naoto.

Chapter 6 Two Asami's One Avatar

Korra and Asami made it to Asami's personal office and the whole room was filled with invention blueprints, business documents and pictures of herself with her family and with Korra. Korra had very little time to look around as she rushed towards the Wedding Chapel but she did see a photograph of herself and Asami eating dinner at Kwong's. It was the first date that the two ever had in Republic City. She got a slight warmth in her heart from seeing that picture for a fraction of a second. "Yeah. I was going to show you this room after we got married but I guess we don't have any time for that now." Said Asami while she ran.

"Come on Asami! We need to get to the Wedding Chapel. Naoto is probably already there!" Replied Korra as she ran out of the office and towards the Chapel with Asami in hot pursuit. The two women reached the Chapel where they saw Naoto dressed as Asami again talking to the many guests of the wedding and informing them of the supposed cancellation of the festivities.

"May I have everyone's attention please! Due to my ex fiance's actions during the rehearsal and her overall arrogance I'm very sorry to say that my wedding will be cancelled." Every one of the guests booed at the announcement as President Raiko himself protested the statement.

"You're telling me that I showed up for nothing?! This is absolutely outrageous!" Varrick agreed with Raikos sentiment as he stepped in with Zhu Li.

"I second that sentiment. It's almost like I stopped getting my calluses scrubbed for nothing! Well. I guess I'm just going to have to leave the old fashioned way. Zhu Li! Do the thing!" .

"Gladly sweetie." Zhu Li got a glider out of her backpack and she prepared to just leave the city with Varrick by her side but Naoto stopped them from doing so.

"I know you're all disappointed but I just want to say a few words before you head back home. I know a lot of you see Avatar Korra as a hero. You see her as a true savior in your times of desperate need. Well in these past few days I've seen the true Korra for who she is. I know that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I believe this is an example of someone who's a complete fraud. She was never a hero. She just got lucky every single time and she got rewarded by you people for essentially doing absolutely nothing to assist the people or to keep the peace. I could care less about what happens to her next. I won't partake in any cake so you can take as much as you want I suppose. I don't want that much culinary work to go to waste. To be honest if I had to through with the vows I'd be lying if I said that through any kind of weather, I'd want us to be together. The truth is I do not love Korra! I do not love the bride! My heart is dead inside. I now have an entire company to run on my own and no more family members to help me out. If you want to blame anyone for my problems and indeed all of the problems that have plagued this land over these years look no further than Avatar Korra!"

As soon as Korra heard that she kicked open the Chapel doors with her Airbending again! "Did I hear someone say my name?" Asked Korra rhetorically.

Naoto looked irritated when she saw Korra. She was so annoyed that she briefly went out of character and spoke with her normal raspy voice. "Ugh! Why do you have to be so resilient against me Korra?" Naoto gasped as she heard her raspy voice come out of her mouth and she saw the guests heard it too. They had confusion in their eyes and undoubtedly questions in their minds. Naoto cleared her throat and pretended to cry as she attempted to sound like the elegant Asami again. "I mean... Why are you always trying to ruin my special day?" Naoto tried to sob but the people could already see a bit of her ruse. Especially after the real Asami walked inside after Korra and hugged her from the side.

"Because it's not your special day. It's mine!" Yelled Asami. The whole room went completely silent to the point where everyone could hear a pin drop. Mako looked at both Asamis with total confusion as he couldn't find out who the real Asami is.

"What?! But how did you defeat my Mecha Tank pilot?!" Asked Naoto. Korra smirked at Asami as she explained how in an intimidating way.

"The same way we usually do. With Korras brawn and my brains. Cause we actually work as a couple unlike you and Korra." Korra punched some air at Naoto which she ducked but the gust of air knocked her wig off of her head! Naoto realized her bald head was showing and the guests realized that she was an imposter!

"What are you guys looking at? She's the problem not me!" Said Naoto as she pointed at Korra. The room as a whole was full of shocked guests but Mako, Tenzin and Tonraq were the most shocked. Tonraq immediately walked over to his daughter with regret in his heart.

"Korra... I'm so sorry for disowning you... We should have listened to you."

"It's alright father. At least I gave you some good evidence huh?"

"Well you certainly did that. I'm just glad to see that you and Asami are okay." Then Tenzin also walked over to the heroic couple.

"I think I owe you an apology too Korra. I assumed you were acting based on your emotions again so I acted based on my own. It was short sighted of me."

"It's alright Tenzin. Let's just focus on Little Miss Red Lotus for now!" Replied Korra.

Naoto wasn't defeated get though. In fact she was filled with anger, fueled with contempt, loaded with as much hatred as she could muster. She stood up, ripped apart the dress she had on revealing her robes and screamed at everyone who reacted in shock. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You people will pay!" Mako and Bolin attempted to take her down but Naoto shot a huge gust of air out of her hands at both bending brothers stopping them in their tracks.

"She can airbend?" Asked Mako in disbelief.

"Oh I can do so much more than simply airbend." Said Naoto. She blasted a huge gust of air behind her allowing Naoto to run through the Chapel at incredible speeds! Everything moved in slow motion from her perspective so she decided to weaken the strongest guests. She dashed over to Mako and Bolin and pushed them against the walls, she threw Lin and Suyin Beifong against one another and then she knocked Tonraq into Korra and Senna by pushing him with a big air blast! Naoto completed her attacks in just a few seconds which caused all of her victims to slam hard into the walls or into each other. Tenzin had seen enough of Naotos foolishness though. He formed an air spout and rushed over to her. "An airbending master? Alright! Comrades while I'm busy with Tenzin you guys kill everyone in here except the Avatar I still don't have my mercury!" Naoto crashed through one of the Chapel windows with Tenzin following her. Lin Beifong recovered and saw that all of her security team had her pinned down! So did all of the butler's. In fact every one of the guests was pinned to the ground against their will.

"Well I guess I know how they infiltrated this place so well." Remarked Lin as she was held down.

"Shut up Chief." Said one of the Metalbending Police Officers. All of the officers and butler's removed their uniforms to reveal Red Lotus clothing. "Now the lady told us to kill Suyin first so let's do it." One of the Red Lotus members pulled out a knife and threatened to stab Suyin but Korra and Tonraq used their brute strength to break out of their captors arms and waterbend at the knife wielder knocking him off of Suyin and saving her life! Asami flipped over her captor and knocked him down with a quick throw to the ground with her legs.

"Let's take these guys out dad." Said Korra.

"That's my girl! Let's show them the power of the Southern Water Tribe!" Replied Tonraq.

Meanwhile Tenzin chased Naoto over to Avatar Korra Park where Naoto decided to face the airbending master. "You know my dad mentioned you in some of the letters he sent me. He says you're tough. But from where I'm standing you're just a washed up old man."

"I'm only 56 years old. I prefer the term experienced. You've made a fatal mistake Naoto. You may have been able to fool everyone with your disguise and you may have a plan to destroy the Avatar Cycle but now that you've so foolishly challenged me, I can protect the Avatar from you!" Said Tenzin as he got in a fighting stance.

"You'll certainly try." Replied Naoto as she got into her fighting stance. Naoto started the fight with an air swipe which Tenzin avoided by launching himself in the air. He retaliated with two air blasts which Naoto avoided. Then she formed an air funnel and started shooting rocks at Tenzin that she bended into the funnel. Tenzin used an air spout to avoid Naotos attacks and dispersed the spout to hit Naoto with an air kick! Naoto caught the gust of air and redirected it back at Tenzin while also shooting two more air kicks. Tenzin avoided every single one. Naoto then jumped toward Tenzin and started slashing at him with air blades. Tenzin avoided the attacks with his enhanced agility and he used an air sweep kick to knock Naoto off balance and he pushed her back with a hard air blast knocking her into a nearby tree!

"Okay not bad old man. But let's face it. You're too slow!" Naoto recovered quickly and used her airbending to again travel at super speed. Tenzin tried to stop Naoto with some air swipes but Naoto ran past each one, appeared behind Tenzin and air punched him off of his feet! While Tenzin was still airborne Naoto dashed in front of Tenzin and air kicked him back. Then she launched him higher in the air with an air kick to Tenzins back as he was falling! Then she propelled herself into the air and slammed Tenzin to the ground with a hard air stomp as she was on top of the airbending master!

"You're way out of your league buddy." Mocked Naoto. Tenzin stayed focused and tried to hit Naoto with an air blast from his hands but Naoto redirected the shot and hit Tenzin with an air roundhouse kick as Tenzin tried to redirect the attack! Then Naoto ran towards Tenzin and hit him in the face with a point blank air punch knocking Tenzin right into Korras statue! "How about I show you my secret technique?" Said Naoto. She threw the thoroughly beaten Tenzin away from the statue and started running circles around the airbending master. Literally! Naoto ran so fast that her constant circular movements around Tenzin were forming a tornado! Tenzin tried to airbend at Naoto but he realized that he was in the eye of the storm. He couldn't airbend because he had no oxygen to work with! He started to asphyxiate as Naoto grinned proudly as she knew she had the airbending master right where she wanted him. Tenzin wondered how he could possibly get out of this one. There was no one in the park to help him and all the guests were probably still at the Chapel fighting off the Red Lotus. Tenzin thought this could be the end for him.
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