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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Gay/Lesbian · #2097630
The Fake Asami is revealed! It's time for Korra to show her the true power of an Avatar!
Chapter 7 The Chapel Clash

Around fifteen minutes before Tenzin was defeated by Naoto, Korra, Tonraq and Asami were fighting the Red Lotus in order to save the other guests lives. Asami knocked her Red Lotus guard off balance with a spin kick before knocking him down with an arm drag takedown. Then she noticed that the guard had her Shock Glove. "Whoa. Why would Naoto leave this with one of her guards? Maybe it was so she could kill me in an ironic way. Well she won't get the chance." Thought Asami. She picked it up and put it on her hand before she shocked another guard saving Senna's life. "That's better. I almost felt naked without this."

Korra started her attack by fire kicking at one of the Red Lotus members holding Jinora down. She missed but it allowed Jinora to break free and air blast her way out of his grip. Then Korra hit him with a big air punch knocking him right into the henchmen holding Ikki and Meelo. "Go Jinora! Save your father! We'll deal with these guys!" Said Korra.

"We're coming with you sister!" Yelled Ikki.

"They can't handle all of this Meelo!" Yelled Meelo. The airbending children jumped out of the already destroyed window and followed Tenzins tracks to his location. Jinora went the fastest as she was the Master Airbender.

"Oh father. Please be okay. We're coming to save you." Thought Jinora as she rushed towards Avatar Korra Park. Pema who was still being held down saw her children leave and she felt both proud of them and scared for their lives as any good mother would.

"Be careful sweeties!" Yelled Pema. Unfortunately her captor slammed her head against the floor with excessive force.

"Shut it! Or I'll kill you next!" Said the man as he earthbended a rock over her head. However Pemas youngest child Rohan was barely being restrained. He was watching his mother getting attacked and he was not happy about it.

"Leave my mommy alone!" Yelled Rohan as his captor was frozen in place by one of Tonraqs waterbending strikes. Rohan ran over to his mother and hit his mother's captor with an air blast knocking him into a wall! Rohan hugged Pema as she looked awestruck over what just happened.

"Rohan. How did you do that?!" Asked Pema in disbelief. "You said your first complete sentence!"

"Daddy taught me." Said Rohan. Pema carried Rohan and took him out of the Chapel so he'd be safe as Korra and Tonraq were taking out the Red Lotus. Korra got some water from a nearby basin and froze one man in place by shooting a stream of water into his stomach. Then she blocked two metal bands that a Red Lotus woman shot at her and retaliated by stomping the ground forcing the floor under her to shoot up and knock her into the ceiling.

Tonraq overpowered two Red Lotus members by freezing one man's face with a water orb and then kicking him in the face and then slashing the other man with ice claws freeing his wife Senna from their grasp. Then Tonraq took down a Red Lotus woman by dodging her earthbending rock attacks and catching her with a water tendril. Another Red Lotus thug jumped on Tonraqs back and tried to subdue him but thankfully Senna shot her with an icicle to her arm and then a Water stream to the face. "No one messes with my husband!" Yelled Senna.

"Thanks Senna." Said Tonraq as they continued to fight the Red Lotus back. Meanwhile Lin and Suyin were fighting some other Red Lotus thugs. Lin subdued one by wrapping him up in her cables. Suyin metalbended the iron railings around her and formed armor with it. Then she metalbended Lins metal armor into armbands for herself to use. She shot the armbands at three thugs which subdued all of them. Then she spotted two more thugs trying to attack them from above. She bended her armor at the first thing to knock him down and then Lin caught the second one with her cables, pulled him towards her and hit him with a knee to the face.

"Nice work sister." Said Lin.

Then Korra saved Mako and Bolin by dodging her opponents fire strikes and knocking the Red Lotus thug into his partner with an air swipe!

"Thanks Korra. We'll take these guys here. Go after the airbending kids!" Said Mako gratefully.

"What about everyone else here? I need to make sure Asami is safe!" Said Korra as she saw that Asami was still fighting off the Red Lotus.

"We'll make sure she's safe Korra! Trust me. Go after that crazy bald lady. I know you'll do it!" Said Bolin. Korra thought about it as she dodged more Red Lotus attacks and she decided that Bolin was right.

"Dad! I'm going after Naoto! You can keep these guys busy right?"

"Don't worry honey. We can handle them." Reassured Tonraq.

"Yeah. If I can survive giving birth to you I'm sure I can survive this! Just make sure to come back safe and sound!" Added Senna. Korra gave her parents a thumbs up as she followed the tracks made by the airbending kids air spouts. Meanwhile Mako and Bolin worked together to defeat the final Red Lotus thugs. Mako swiftly dodged one waterbenders water stream and knocked her out with an explosive fist of fire to the face! Bolin smashed right through the rocks sent towards him by another thug and retaliated with two earth discs that he saw lying around. The first one missed but the second one hit the thug in the chest allowing Bolin to redirect the first disc to hit his opponent in the back of the head! A third thug tried to sneak up behind Bolin but Opal hit her with an air drop kick knocking her away.

"No one hurts my Bolin!" Said Opal as she smiled at her boyfriend.

"That's my girl!" Said Bolin as he winked at Opal. Finally the two bending bros hit the final thug with a combination of fire and rock punches! The final thug was knocked unconscious as Mako and Bolin surveyed the scene.

"Okay. Is everyone doing well?" Asked Mako. The guests all raised their hands to show they were alright.

"Well we have a few injured but other than that we're good." Said President Raiko.

"Excellent. Now let's get everyone over to the pool area!" Recommended Bolin.

"Why would you recommend that?" Asked Mako.

"Well there are two reasons. For one that pool is the last place that these guys will think of to look for us and secondly after a near death experience on what was supposed to be a wedding day I think everyone deserves a quick dip in the pool." Explained Bolin.

"Well I can't argue with that. You go ahead I'll catch up." Said Mako.

"Mako. Help me out with these scoundrels. We need to cuff them and send them to the station before we can cool off." Ordered Lin.

"Way ahead of you Chief." Replied Bolin as he cuffed an unconscious thug laying down next to him. The rest of the guests all followed Opal and Bolin to the pool except for Asami. She decided to also follow the airbending children. Asami couldn't relax without knowing what happened to her fiancée.

Meanwhile Jinora finally reached Avatar Korra Park and saw her father being asphyxiated by Naoto. She rushed forward at full speed and shot an air blast at Naoto causing her to careen away from Tenzin and allowing Tenzin to finally take a breath! Tenzin wheezed and gasped for air as Ikki and Meelo arrived shortly after. "Get dad to safety. I'll deal with this woman." Ordered Jinora.

"Are you crazy? She'll kill you!" Said Ikki.

"Yeah are you insane?!" Added Meelo.

"No. I'm just trying to save my family. Now do as you're told. I want to keep you and dad safe." Elaborated Jinora. Meelo and Ikki helped Tenzin up and they helped him limp away from the fight. Naoto recovered and noticed the airbending kids helping Tenzin. She propelled herself forward but Jinora stopped her in her tracks with an air blast. "Leave my father alone!" Commanded Jinora.

"Oh yeah. I know you. You're that little brat that my dad captured when he tried to kill Korra. You're Tenzins kid. Well if you honestly think you can beat me that's a laugh."

"I don't know if I can beat you. But I've got to try!" Jinora got in a fighting stance and prepared for the fight of her life.

"Well it's your funeral kid." Naoto leaped into the air and tried an air kick to start the fight. Jinora dodged it and sent three air blasts at Naoto. Naoto sidestepped the air blasts and attempted a sweep kick. Jinora leaped over the kick and shot another air blast. Naoto caught the air blast and sent it back to Jinora by letting the air travel past her left arm and shooting it out of her right arm. Jinora tried to block it with an air shield but the force was so strong that it knocked her down. She got right back up and surrounded herself with air. Naoto tried to break through her barrier with a few air punches but Jinora was ready for them. She blasted her air barrier in all directions catching Naoto off guard and knocking her away. Jinora then blew a gust of wind at Naoto but the bald airbender recovered quickly and dodged the attack before she shot a compressed air wake at Jinora sending her careening into a tree. Jinora pushed herself up and formed a mini tornado hoping that it would suck Naoto in and beat her.

"You're dead!" Yelled Naoto. She was sucked into the tornado and Jinora prepared to go in for the finishing blow. She propelled herself up into the sky and prepared to hit Naoto with a compressed air blast but Naoto flipped around in the sky and kicked Jinora down sending her crashing down onto the ground! Jinora tried to get back up but she was unable to move. The tornado dispersed allowing Naoto to get back on her feet and prepare a Killing blow. "My dad wasn't kidding. You really are a pain in the neck. Goodbye Jinora." Naoto lifted Jinoras body up with her airbending and formed a sphere of air around Jinora as she sucked the oxygen out of her lungs! Luckily Korra arrived on the scene and saw Naotos despicable action.

"Jinora. It looks like I've got to save you this time." Whispered Korra to herself. She earthbended a rock right at Naoto. Naoto saw it coming though. She dodged the rock and focused her attention on the Avatar causing Jinora to be freed from Naotos grasp. Jinora crawled away while Korra confronted Naoto.

"So you've finally arrived. I've already beaten two master airbenders you'll last no longer than Jinora here." Gloated Naoto.

"You're not going to get away with any of this Naoto. Zaheer was messed up but you trying to kill a child? That's just repugnant. What are you trying to prove here?" Asked Korra angrily.

"In truth Korra. I'm sure you're too stupid to understand my motivation entirely. So I'll spell it out for you. This world has evolved. Trying to return this world to the past is an archaic idea that I disagreed with my father on. Technology and innovation is definitely the way to go. Now that this world has changed as much as it has and since the Air Nation has been reborn I feel you've done all you can do. There are no more reasons for the Avatar legacy to continue. Honestly I feel that the Air Acolytes did a better job when you were poisoned. At least they actually helped the world unlike you. So revenge was only secondary when it comes to my plan. I'm going to finish what my father started and show this whole world why the Avatar is but a footnote on our true potential as people. If my hypersensitivity is correct I believe my mercury has finally arrived near the Chapel and soon you'll be poisoned for the final time. You're not necessary anymore and there's nothing you can do to change my mind." Explained Naoto.

Korra didn't freak out at Naotos explanation. She didn't cry. She didn't even get angrier. Instead she laughed. She guffawed in a manner that echoed throughout the park for what seemed like hours. "You know. It's funny. You sound like all of my other enemies who said that I'm either an outdated idea or that they can do a better job than me. Plus they at least had some standards most of the time. Your dad at least helped me when he realized that Kuvira needed to be stopped. I've heard people saying that I'm pathetic or that I'm not like Avatar Aang for my entire life. But did that ever stop me from saving the world? No. No it didn't. You're just an emotionally overcharged girl who can't stand that I chained your dad to the ground. Well I've got a message for you and everyone else that faces me! I'm still the Avatar, I'm still here to stay for as long as I live and you Naoto... You've got to DEAL WITH IT!" Loudly proclaimed Korra. Korra put up her dukes and prepared for this last fight. The fight that would decide the fate of the Avatar as she knew it.

Chapter 8 Naoto vs Korra

Naoto got angrier and angrier as she also prepared for her fight. "You know what? Forget my father! I just want you dead!" Naoto felt her last earthly tether fade away as she let her rage consume her and she rushed towards Korra. Korra dodged her rush and shot two fire punches at her. Naoto dodged and dashed to Korras back. She shot an air blast behind her but Korra ducked the blast and shot an air punch back at her. Naoto caught the blast and shot it back with more force. Korra stomped the ground which made an earth ramp for her. She ran across and then jumped off the ramp dodging the air punch and she air kicked at Naoto while in midair. Naoto rolled out of the way and sent an air swipe at Korra. Korra jumped out of the way and sent two slabs of earth towards Naoto. Naoto dodged them both but Korra took advantage of her momentum and hit Naoto with an air spin kick knocking her away.

"I'm not done yet Avatar." Muttered Naoto.

"I'm only getting started." Replied Korra. Naoto dashed around at super speeds around Korra and shot several air blasts at her Korra dodged six in a row in six different directions but Naoto hit her in the back with another air blast from the back knocking her down. Korra quickly got back up and Naoto rushed at her again but this time Korra bended an Earth Wall right in front of herself and shot it right at Naoto. Naoto spinned out of the way but it allowed Korra to hit her with a fire kick knocking Naoto to the ground. Naoto recovered and shot two air punches and a spinning air kick at Korra but she dodged all three attacks and smashed the ground to try and bend the earth below her. This caused a mini earthquake to occur knocking Naoto off balance. Korra followed up by bending three rocks at Naoto and all three hit her in the chest, stomach and face respectively. Naoto got back up again and this time she was frustrated. Korra could see the anger just build up in Naotos eyes.

"All right. I was going easy on you. My father has betrayed me. He's betrayed the Red Lotus by helping you. You're not leaving this place alive!" Naoto started levitating without the assistance of her airbending. Korra couldn't believe her eyes. Naoto was flying! Korra shot fire punches and earth pillars at her but Naoto dodged each attack and quickly flew towards Korra hitting her with a huge gust of wind! Korra was knocked a good distance away as she was surprised by Naotos speed.

"Wow. She's fast, very fast. I've got to keep going. I can't let the Cycle end!" Korra thought to herself as she launched three water streams at Naoto to freeze her in place. Naoto dodged the first two and air punched at the third one stopping the stream in its tracks. Naoto rushed at Korra and tried to hit her with a shoulder tackle abut Korra dodged out of the way, formed fire jet streams below her feet and followed Naoto into the sky. Naoto shot three air swipes at Korra but Korra dodged all three and tackled Naoto using her jet propulsion! Naoto tried to get out of Korras grasp but Korra was just too strong. Her muscle mass was too much for Naoto to handle as she was sent crashing down to the ground with Korra. Naoto groaned as she slowly got back up and felt a sharp pain in her back. Almost as if she knew she was running out of options and time.

"Now will you stop this madness?" Asked Korra as she got up off of her stomach.

"After that lucky tackle? I don't think so!" Naoto once again went airborne and headed back for the Chapel. Korra followed her in the sky with her fire jets. Asami saw the two women flying through the sky and she ran back to the Chapel. Naoto kept flying untill she reached the Chapel where she stopped and saw a bowl full of mercury and two Metalbenders ready to hit Korra with it. Naoto smirked and avoided Korras fire punches and air kicks as she started giggling to herself in total unmistakable bliss.

"Why are you laughing so much?" Asked Korra.

"It's because you're done for. My plans complete! The Avatar Cycle is done! You two, inject her with the poison!" The two Metalbenders lifted the poison and as soon as Korra saw it she let out a fearful shriek.

"No! No! Not the poison! She'll ruin me!" Korra thought in her head. However before the metalbenders could shoot the poison at Korra Asami ran over to one of them and shocked him into unconsciousness with her glove! The other metalbender shot the poison at Korra before Asami could shock him too. The Avatar felt a sense of reassurance that she didn't feel earlier in her fight. Korra breathed in relief as she Metalbender the poison away from her before it could even touch her and she sent it back down onto the ground where the mercury was left as a useless puddle.

"No! My entire plan, ruined! He never told me that you could metalbend!" Yelled Naoto.

"Well. I can. Just give up Naoto. Your poison failed, your identity has been revealed and I'm too powerful for you to beat. It's over." Commanded Korra.

Naoto couldn't take any more of her plans going wrong. She put her hands on her head and stared at Korra with pure contempt and hatred. "DIE AVATAR!" She yelled as loud as she could. Naoto punched wildly in all directions as Korra narrowly avoided all of her strikes. Naoto then pushed forward with both of her hands and hit Korra with an incredibly hard air blast knocking her out of the sky! Naoto then noticed Asami below her and got an idea. Asami tried to run away from Naoto but she wasn't fast enough. Naoto harshly grabbed her and flew high up into the sky. Korra slowly got up after Naoto shot her down and she saw Asami in Naotos hands. Korra immediately used her flame jets to send herself back into the sky.

"Put her down right now!" Said Korra.

"Gladly." Snarked Naoto as she let go of Asami sending her falling to the ground! Thankfully Korra conjured an air spout under her and bended the spout over to the top of the Future Industries building allowing Asami to stay safe on a solid platform. Naoto used this time to hit Korra with an air kick sending her flying towards the ground but this time Korra wasn't going to mess around anymore. As she was falling Korra entered the Avatar State and flew back up to Naotos position at an even faster pace! Naoto saw her and flew away as fast as she could!

"Your powers may have been growing for years but mine have been growing since time itself began!" Declared Korra as Raavas voice echoed with hers. Naoto tried to hit Korra with more air punches but Korra flew around them all and saw a metal statue below her. She metalbended the statue broke off its pieces and shot all of them at Naoto. Naoto avoided them but then Korra waterbended a huge tidal wave of water at her from below and the wave hit Naoto right in the legs freezing them on contact! As Naoto was falling to the ground she sent one final air blast at Asami and it hit her right in the chest forcing Asami to fall to the ground. She screamed for help as she gained velocity.

"Korra help me! Please!" Korra saw Asami falling and she propelled herself towards her at full speed while still in the Avatar State! Korra had to be quick as Asami was getting close to hitting the ground but she reached Asami and caught her before she fell the whole way! Korra then quickly made an air spout to cushion Naotos fall before covering her body in stone to restrict her movements. Korra saw that Asami's eyes were closed and she feared that she might have been too late.

"Asami... Wake up... Please wake up!" Korra hugged Asami as she started to cry. This wedding had turned into a complete disaster. "I just wanted to get married. It was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives!"

"Well... We can always do it tomorrow..." Said Asami as she slowly woke up and gave Korra a romantic bedroom eyes look.

"Asami! You're okay!" Said Korra as she hugged Asami tightly. "I love you so much Asami!"

"I love you too. Thanks for saving me. You really are the best friend I could ever have." Said Asami as she hugged Korra and kissed her cheek.

"Oh brother. At this point I'm just gonna throw up!" Said Naoto as she struggled to no avail in her earth prison.

Korra was still pretty ticked at Naoto so she walked over to her after letting Asami get up. "Chief Beifong will be here in a few minutes. Just stay quiet if you know what's good for you."

"You'll pay for this. I'll never stop trying to kill you Korra. I'll find a way out of prison." Assured Naoto.

"I doubt that. Your dad's been in chains for years and he's still not going anywhere. Maybe I'll recommend that you get a cell close to his. Now if you'll excuse me I have a wedding to reschedule." Korra and Asami walked back inside the Future Industries building and one of the butler's walked over to them

"Don't worry. I'm an actual butler. I see that you've dealt with that insane airbender. Good."

"Do you know where the guests are?" Asked Asami.

"Well they're all in the pool area. They went over there after the whole Red Lotus fiasco was taken care of."

"Thank you." The two women walked into the pool area and saw all of the guests swimming around the pool. Meelo was doing cannonballs with Ikki as Tenzin laid down on the sidelines next to his wife Pema, the very excitable Rohan and the equally injured Jinora. Suyin watched on with joy as Opal and Bolin played with each other by splashing each other. Even Raiko was doing a backstroke with his wife Buttercup.

"May I have everyone's attention?" Asked Korra. Everyone at the pool stopped swimming and listened. "I know we've all had a very rough day today but I've taken care of Naoto. From the look of things here you took care of the Red Lotus as well. So this isn't just my victory. It's everyone's." Everyone clapped as Korra and Asami took bows.

"We've decided that if you still want to see us get married you can come tomorrow morning where we will hopefully have no more unnecessary interruptions. We both thank you for being understanding and for making the best out of a bad situation." Said Asami. Korra and Asami walked over to Tenzin and Jinora and saw how they were doing.

"How are you holding up Jinora?" Asked Asami.

"I'll survive. I may be an airbending master but I'm no Avatar. Thanks for saving my life."

"You're welcome. So Tenzin are you going to be okay?" Asked Korra.

"I'll manage. This was your victory before any of us got involved. You trusted your instincts. You were determined to show us the truth in spite of our doubts. Your actions allowed the real Asami Sato to be saved. I believe we all have you to thank on this day." Said Tenzin proudly.

"It means a lot Tenzin. I'll see you and your family tomorrow." Korra and Asami walked out of the pool area as they headed for Asami's bedroom.

"I think it's about time that you got rewarded Korra. Tomorrow we get married. Tonight we should have some fun. Love is in bloom with two beautiful brides in the room." Said Asami as she cheerfully opened the door and held Korras hands.

"Our two hearts have become one. I don't think I'll ever lose this bond with you." Said Korra as she kissed Asami firmly on the lips and fondled her hair. Asami rubbed Korras toned back and rubbed against Korras stomach as they started making out in Asami's private bedroom. They continued to kiss as Korras hands lowered to Asami's hips and Asami's hands reached for Korras hair. The two women stopped their kiss as saliva strands connected them.

"Let's enjoy this night we have together. It's the last one where we're just girlfriends. I can't wait to kiss you again on the altar." Said Asami.

"I'll always be here for you Asami. You'll always be my favorite girl."

Final Chapter I Now Pronounce You...

Korra slowly got up out of bed the next morning as she was completely exhausted. Korra got out of bed and brushed her hair before putting it into her hair loopies. She yawned and remembered the night of romance she had with Asami. The way they kissed each other over and over again, they way they cuddled and flirted, the sweet and pleasurable moans that came out of both of them during the whole night. Korra figured that they only stopped making out after they got tuckered out and collapsed in bed. She saw her aqua blue dress and she took off her waterbenders uniform to put it on. However Asami woke up and wiped her eyes before seeing that Korra was stripping down. "Korra? Are you getting dressed?"

Korra blushed as she covered her chest with her dress before talking to Asami. "Yes. I'll just step into the bathroom." Korra awkwardly walked into the bathroom and giggled to herself. Asami was clearly still checking her out when she was taking off her shirt. She knew that Asami loves girls with muscles. Korra put on her dress which looked absolutely radiant. It was as blue as her eyes, the beading looked like waves and the train was practical yet alluring. It was just what Korra wanted to wear for her wedding day. She finished removing her clothes and she put on her dress as Asami yawned and started putting on her red lipstick. Korra sprayed herself with Asami's Mango Sunrise perfume as she talked to Asami.

"Well Asami. The day is finally here. We're finally getting married. Can you believe it?"

Asami put on her mascara and eyeliner as she responded. "I believe it sweetie. I really didn't expect us having to face an airbending master in order to get the ceremony back on track but I'm glad we're back together again. To be honest that whole scenario was just like old times." Said Asami.

"How so?" Asked Korra.

"Think about it. You trying to prove someone is not who they say they are, us facing the Red Lotus and you beating an Airbender in the sky while also simultaneously saving your friends along the way? Yeah. That seems familiar doesn't it?"

"I guess you're right. I'm almost ready to come out and show you how I look in the dress. Are you ready?" Asked Korra.

Asami finished combing her hair. "Yeah. I'm ready. Please come out." Korra walked out of the bathroom and Asami's eyes were dazzled! Korras hair was tied in her hair loopies, her dress had short sleeves to show off her well built biceps, her blue dress looked like crashing waves in the middle of the ocean, her legs looked elegant and firm as they walked towards Asami and Korras face was bright and cheerful. Asami couldn't take her eyes off of Korra and she practically took several mental images of her before responding to her wife to be's appearance.

"You look incredible Korra! I'll just put on my dress and I'll show it to you when we're at the altar." Said Asami as she went into the bathroom and took off her businesswoman uniform.

"Why do I have to go to the altar right now?" Asked Korra.

"Well based on the clock it looks like we slept in. I'm sure Mako's waiting for you right about now." Explained Asami.

Korra looked at the clock and saw that it was already 10 am! "The wedding is supposed to start at 10:30! Did we really spend all of that time cuddling?" Asked Korra as she prepared to head for the Chapel.

"It appears that that's indeed the case. Don't worry I like to cuddle with you. Just make sure you start the ceremony with Mako, Bolin and Opal okay sweetie?"

Korra giggled at Asami's loving nickname for her. "Okay Asami I'll be there. See you in a few minutes!" Korra speed walked over to the Chapel and thought about the last few days. "Wow this has been one heck of a journey just to finally make our bond official. Okay Korra just act natural around Asami and just enjoy the peace you've earned for yourself. You don't know when someone else is going to threaten balance in the world." Korra thought to herself. She made it outside of the Chapel where Mako was waiting at the door.

"Korra. Where have you been? I was looking all over for you." Said Mako.

"Sorry! Asami and I just slept in and we didn't realize that it was time for us to get together." Said Korra while she awkwardly smiled.

"Uh huh. You were cuddling with her all night last night and got tuckered out didn't you?" Asked Mako.

Korra sighed painfully. "Yes we cuddled a lot last night. But that's only because I thought I'd never see her again. I've really come to love her. She wanted to reward me for saving her and she didn't want to just take me to a mover or Kwong's Cuisine. You don't have a problem with us cuddling right?"

Mako looked to his left and right before responding. "No. I don't have a problem with that. I'm just glad that you're okay and that you are going to have your special day. Look, what happened between us in the past is just that. It's in the past. After today I'll go right back to busting triads and taking names with Chief Beifong. But I just want you to know that I still care about you as a friend. I'll still fight with you, hang out with you and even help you out in a sticky situation. Just promise me that you'll treat Asami well as a wife. She's the woman you deserve." Said Mako in a remarkably sentimental tone.

"I'll treat her well. Don't you worry. We're crazy for each other."

"Okay great. It looks like Bolin is about to announce our entrance. Let's get ready." Said Mako as he held onto Korras hand. Korra smiled and prepared for the moment that she had been waiting for this whole time. Bolin was up on the altar as the minister as all of the guests returned to see the actual wedding unfold.

"So without further ado may my brother Mako and Avatar Korra please come forward?" Asked Bolin.

Mako and Korra opened the door and walked forward as Korra saw everyone in attendance with smiles on their faces. President Raiko gave her a thumbs up. Rohan waved at her while sitting in Pemas lap, even Lin Beifong gave her a brief grin before returning to her no nonsense demeanor. Korra and Mako walked to Bolins left side and waited patiently for Asami to make her entrance. Korra adjusted her dress to look her best before Bolin gave the signal to Tonraqs choir.

"Now we shall see the appearance of the maid of honor Opal and the woman of the hour Asami Sato!" Announced Bolin. The two women walked slowly towards Korra as the Avatar stared at Asami and just fully enjoyed how gorgeous she looked. Asamis hair was long and elegant, her waist was tight and toned, her cherry red dress complimented her aqua blue dress perfectly and her green eyes were filled with passion and affection. Korra couldn't contain her excitement and she was practically hopping in place waiting for Bolin to start. Asami reached Korra and the two of them embraced their hands and looked longingly into each other's eyes as Bolin began his speech.

"Friends, Family, Residents of Republic City. We are finally gathered here today to witness an unbelievable Union between Ms. Asami Sato and Avatar Korra. Now when I first met these two lovely women we became good friends and partners right away. I mean I even dated Korra for a brief time when I was a pro bender. Alas my relationship with Korra was not meant to be. I've seen these two over these years and it is truly remarkable to see these two heroes coming together in harmony today. Their bond as a couple is truly unbreakable, their commitment undeniable and their power as a couple is unlike any power I've witnessed in my life. This is a proud day for all of you here as these two incredible people finally get to tie the knot. Now Pabu may I read the vows?" Pabu climbed onto Bolins shoulder and gave him a piece of paper. It was the script for the vows. "Thank you Pabu. Now Ms. Asami Sato do you take Avatar Korra as your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

Asami immediately smiled and opened up on her feelings for Korra in front of everyone. "I do. After Kuviras attack on Republic City I never thought I'd have a family ever again. Now that I have known Korra for all of this time I feel like I finally have a family again. She's an incredible person and an equally amazing Avatar so yes I do take Korra as my wife."

"Excellent Asami. Do you Avatar Korra take Asami Sato as your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to care for her, embrace her as your life partner and live together in love for the rest of your lives?"

Korra started to tear up from sheer joy and she also opened up about her feelings for Asami. "I do. Asami was always the girl I could rely on to be the voice of kindness in my life. She was always the brains to my brawn. When I was poisoned she was the one person that I knew could give me that special type of emotional support that no one else could provide for me at the time. The one person I knew I could trust. I want to spend the rest of my life with her so I do."

Bolin looked pleased as he finished his duties as the minister. "Mako please present the ring." Mako gave Korra the ring which had a Water Tribe symbol on it and Korra neatly placed it in Asami's finger. "Then by the power invested in me I pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Korra and Asami looked longingly into each other's eyes. As if this entire journey that they've been through. All the setbacks, all the enemies they faced all the bonding they had was all building to this moment. Korras excitement was going into overdrive and Asami could tell. She leaned into Korras face and Korra held onto Asami's dress as they delivered their most genuine, heartfelt and romantic kiss that they ever gave each other. Korra was in her ultimate happy place as the crowd cheered for the new couple. Asami was also very proud as she finally had a family again and she also teared up a bit when she realized she didn't have to be alone anymore. The two ended their big kiss and walked through the aisle together. Everyone was satisfied with the weddings finish. After Korra was able to save the whole thing from the Red Lotus with their help all the guests knew that Korra deserved a happy ending with her favorite girl. Korra and Asami walked outside where Asami saw that Korras faithful Polar Bear Dog Naga was waiting for them. She wagged her tail when she saw Korra.

"What's this all about?" Asked Asami.

"I just wanted to do one more thing before we head back for the reception." Korra got on Nagas back and helped Asami get up as well. "Are you ready to go?"

"Oh! I almost forgot." Exclaimed Asami. She still had the bouquet of flowers in her hand. She tossed the flowers at her bridesmaids and Opal was able to catch them. She gave the flowers to Bolin and they shared their own kiss. Naga ran over to the docks of Republic City after around five minutes of running. Korra got off of Naga and gave her a quick fish treat for her to munch on.

"Good girl." Korra helped Asami off of Naga and explained her reasons for coming to the docks. "You have questions I can tell. Well I brought you here because I wanted to tell you something and show you something that I didn't want to show anyone else at the altar."

"I understand Korra. What is it that you wanted to show me?"

Korra took off one of the saddlebags on Naga and took out a necklace with a Future Industries symbol on it. It was a piece of blue stone that was attached to a blue choker. "I wanted to give you this necklace. I know this isn't an arranged marriage but I still wanted to give you this when we got married because I want something for you to hold onto when we're apart. I'm still the Avatar and I still need to help those in danger. I hope you understand."

"I completely understand. I'll wear this proudly for the rest of my life. I have my company to run and you have your power as the Avatar. I wouldn't have it any other way." The two women hugged each other after Asami put on her special necklace. "So you want to head back to the reception?"

"Yes. By the way Asami?"

"Yes Korra?"

"None of this would be possible or as sweet without you. I love you Asami.

"I love you too Korra. With all of my heart." The two women got back on Naga and Asami put her hands around Korras waist as they rode back. She knew that Korra would be an excellent wife as they worked together like bread and butter. No matter what happened or what would come their way Korra and Asami both knew they always had each other.

The End.
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