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A comedy about the Manchester football Derby.
The Manchester Derby the hottest of English Football rivalries - by Rory F Smith.
The Manchester derby is the biggest game for both Manchester clubs.
When Manchester play Manchester, tensions, passion and intensity are the watch words.
The loyalty amongst Manchester fans, and love of fellow Manchester supporters cannot be matched. It is a universal eternal bond that cannot be broken,. It was created in deep love for all that is Manchester.
It is almost tribal in their loyalty to their heroes who play for Manchester.
But watch out for all Manchester fans hate with a passion fans of Manchester. It is a eternal hatred that no war or sectarian issues can hope to match,
It is almost tribal in it’s ferocity. There is nothing a Manchester fan hates more than that of Manchester.
From the moment a Manchester fan is born the fan is given the team colours, badge and Manchester songs and Manchester chants tattooed onto their heart.
Two things must be remembered, by Manchester fans, love your fellow Manchester fans, and hate your opposing Manchester fans. After all did your ancestors not die for you to have Manchester as the best Manchester of all?
Who can forget the long line of Manchester derbies won by Manchester, lost by Manchester, and sometimes drawn with banter shared between both Manchester and Manchester?
On days of victory by Manchester against Manchester, then Manchester people will feel they own the world, they will walk with a spring in their step. But when Manchester lose to Manchester, well it is like a death. Manchester people can barely hold their head up.
You can almost sense the mood after a Manchester derby whether Manchester have won, lost or drawn against Manchester.
There have been good times and bad times for Manchester. While there have been glory years and disasters for Manchester.
Who can forget when Manchester equalised with minutes to go against Manchester? I can tell you many Manchester fans went home happy that day, while some went home very frustrated.
Who can forget when Manchester took a massive defeat to Manchester? And the manager of Manchester was devastated while the manager of Manchester was treated like a hero.
Who can forget when Manchester scored with minutes to go to take a sensational victory, against Manchester?
Who can forget when Manchester won the cup, while Manchester had been sent packing before the final?
Who can forget when Manchester won the league while Manchester did not?
Who can forget the great Manchester players seen as heroes by fans of Manchester and as the enemy by fans of Manchester?

Alternatives name for Manchester
Mancunians, Manchurians, Mancheeseter, Manchooseter, Madchester, Mancheesetester, Manchoiceter, Man, Menchester, Womanchester, Womanchooseter, Manbester, Womanbesterm Mantester, Mancheater, Magnifichester Magnifyingchester, Mantlechester, Mantrachester Mindchester, Manufacturechester, Mandychester, Mandelsonchester, Manumitchester, Mandiblechester, Manualchester, Manwomanchester. Mannachester, Manlychester.

Top Teams from Meddlechester - The biggest city, and most glamour puss kitty, in the World ;
FC United of, FC City in, United, City, Kitty United, Utd, Man, Stockport, Bury, Altrincham, of, Chester, County, Bolton, out, Blackburn, Runcorn, Widnes, Burnley, Preston, Accrington, Wigan, St Helens, Oldham, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal, North End, Red Devils, Sky Blue, Southend, Kidderminster, Spurs, Chelsea, Aberdeen, Tranmere, Wrexham, Leeds, Lancashire, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain, The World, Rest of the World, European Union, Europe.

Wars of Manchester
War of the Roses, War of the Rovers, War of Wanderers. Wars of the Athletics, War of the numbers, War of the places, War of the foreign places, War of the years.

Throughout England there are similar derbies of intense passion such as Oxford, v Oxford, Bradford v Bradford, Bristol v Bristol, and Sheffield v Sheffield.
These derbies can compete with the sheer passion of the Scottish Old Firm derby of Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow Rangers, and of the Edinburgh Heart of Midlothian v Hibernian. Plus the major regional battle of the Spanish clash of Real Madrid v Catalonian Barcelona. Plus the Milan v Milan. Or how about the Athens derby contests.

So when you look at the English Premier League table pay particular attention to Manchester and Manchester in the league table and remember the passion energy, and sheer hatred, love, concern, that all Manchester people have for this game.
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