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A deformed earthbender named Izuki targets Tahno at a pro bending game.
Chapter 1 Wolfbats vs Fire Ferrets

It had been six months since Kuviras army was defeated by the Avatar and her friends. Republic City had been rebuilt at an incredible pace as the buildings that were destroyed by Kuviras Spirit Vine beam were reconstructed thanks to Asami Sato and her revolutionary technology at Future Industries. She built a new line of construction equipment that allowed the Earthbenders and Metalbenders around the city to help reconstruct the infrastructure surrounding the Spirit Portal at a rate that no city had ever been rebuilt before. Asamis pure genius was on full display as she showcased the equipment shortly after Varrick and Zhu Li's Wedding with her girlfriend Avatar Korra. The two women had changed the city in more ways than ever before and in honor of their accomplishments President Raiko allowed a new statue to be placed near the new Pro Bending Arena. This new statue showed the Fire Ferrets Mako, Bolin and Korra in fighting positions as the officials inside the Pro Bending Arena decided to strip the Wolfbats of their Championship because of their illegal maneuvers during the championship game. Tahno was predictably enraged.

At this time Korra was sparring with Asami in a fist to fist fight at the Future Industries gym room. One of many extracurricular rooms inside the building. Korra started with some simple punches to the face and stomach with Asami blocking each one but then she followed it up with a jump kick and a leg sweep which Asami dodged and attempted to counter with a roundhouse kick. Korra however was able to grab Asami's leg and take her down before mounting her.

"That was a good spar Asami. For a second there I almost thought you were going to win."

Asami rolled her eyes. Any fight against the Avatar when she's at 100 percent is unfair for anybody at this point. "Well you are much bigger than me as far as muscle mass is concerned. I'm surprised I was able to dodge your strikes for as long as I did."

Korra grabbed a towel and started to wipe the sweat off of her body. Asami watched her with awe as Korras muscular physique fascinated her. The two of them had been dating for around six months and it's no secret to anybody in Republic City when it comes to how open Korra and Asami are when it comes to their relationship. Asami had a tendency to be a bit more extravagant than most girls so she kept on looking at Korra until someone familiar knocked on the door.

"Umm. Hello ladies. Can you please let me in?" It was Mako, the firebending policeman who recently got back to detective work after finishing up his employment with Prince Wu. He was joined by his younger brother Bolin who ran over to Korra in his typical childish enthusiasm.

"Korra! Asami! Wow Asami you're drooling a lot."

Asami blushed and wiped her face. "I'm sorry. It's just Korra is so stunning to look at when she works out with me you know?"

"Are you kidding? Korra is the coolest, funnest and buffest girl I've ever met in my life! Which is exactly why I want her and you to join us for a Pro bending game tonight!"

Korra took a look at the tickets that Bolin held in his hands. "Hmm. "The White Falls Wolfbats make their highly anticipated return against the new Fire Ferrets led by the Charismatic Enigma Nakamura." Well I've never heard of this Nakamura fellow but this does seem legitimately interesting. I haven't seen a Pro bending game in a while. So Asami do you want to come with us?"

Asami thought to herself for a moment. "Well things are pretty slow around the Future Industries building and I can just lend the reins over to my second in command for a few hours. I guess I could watch the game."

"Great! Just let me get my yuans and I'll be right with you two bending Bros." Replied Korra.

Mako was a bit confused by Korras response. "We already have four tickets Korra. Why are you getting yuans?"

"For snacks of course! After a workout like that I'm absolutely starving!" Korra grabbed her bag and ran out of the gym with Asami following her.

Mako sighed as he walked down the steps with his brother. "Same old Korra huh?"

Bolin shook his head in response. "I wouldn't say that. If it was the same Korra from four years ago she would've jossled you around a bit and kept Asami away from you. Her enthusiasm is the same but her values couldn't be any more different."

"Yeah I guess. Let's just enjoy seeing the new Fire Ferrets. Hopefully Tahno won't be too upset that we've decided to arrive." Mako didn't forget how Tahno and his team cheated to win four years ago or how Korra basically beat the Wolfbats single handedly in the charity game they played at three years ago. But he continued to his car and drove his friends over to the marvelously redesigned Pro Bending Arena.

Team Avatar all looked in awe at the Pro Bending Arena as they immersed themselves in every little detail of it. The exterior was loaded with torches and exquisite water fountains, there were bending games for young children so they could be entertained while their parents waited in line and there was a huge sign made of platinum above them which said, "Pro Bending match tonight! Wolfbats vs Fire Ferrets! Grand Reopening!"

"Wow. This is impressive. So who was able to make this arena look so cool?" Asked Bolin.

Asami and Korra both raised their hands. "Well I created the construction vehicles and equipment that worked around the Spirit Vines to create the new stadium..." Said Asami

"And I used my metalbending and earthbending to rebuild the arena exactly how President Raiko wanted it to be. Granted some other benders helped out around town, there was a lot of damage after all but most of the landmarks were rebuilt by me." Added Korra.

"Well both of you have done a very good job." Mako noticed a large amount of metalbending police officers providing security for the arena. He also noticed his boss Lin talking to her lieutenants. "Excuse me for a second ladies." Mako walked over to Lin Beifong, the stern police chief of Republic City and shook her hand. "Hi Lin, I didn't expect this much security for a Pro bending game. Is there something going on that I should know about?"

"Well Mako, remember when the Equalists attacked the stadium after the Championship game four years ago? We just don't want anything of that caliber to happen twice. So we're just patrolling the perimeter of the arena to provide proper precautions." Explained Lin.

"Alright. If you need me for anything just look for me, I'll be in the stands with the rest of Team Avatar."

Mako gave Lin a quick Salute and headed back to his friends who were going through a security checkpoint. There was a tall man in a hoodie sweatshirt and a mask which looked like Kiyoshi's face who was in front of Korra being checked by security.

"Alright sir. I need to ask you to remove your mask for me." Said the policeman at the checkpoint.

"No!" Yelled the masked man in a deep and raspy voice. "No. I don't want my mask taken off. My face is too ugly."

"Either you take it off or you don't get in." Threatened the policeman.

The large man sighed and removed his mask revealing his face to the officer, he hid his face from the people around him as the officer cringed in disgust at the man's face. "Eww! Gross! Keep the mask on! I see why you're wearing that now!"

"Thank you officer. Trust me, no one likes guys with faces like mine." Said the tall man, he walked towards the arena while Team Avatar all went through the checkpoint. The officer went from being scared of the man's face to being giddy at the sight of Korra.

"Avatar Korra! I'm so glad that you're here to watch the new Fire Ferrets. Do you want anything special from me?" Asked the officer excitedly.

"No thank you. Just because I'm the Avatar it doesn't mean I'm better than any of these people around me. I just want to be treated the same as everyone else." Replied Korra.

"Oh okay then. Move along. Enjoy the game." Said the officer with a disappointed tone.

"That was surprisingly humble of you Korra. Where did that come from?" Asked Mako.

"Yeah, I'll admit I didn't expect that kind of response from you." Added Bolin.

"Let's just say that after getting beaten up so often months ago I needed to learn how to become more compassionate. I needed to be less arrogant as well so I guess I just want to be a normal woman when I don't need to save the world."

Asami patted Korra on the back and pinched her cheek. "Don't worry Korra. What's in the past is just that, in the past. What matters is that you're still an amazing Avatar and that we're still your friends. Maybe some food will cleanse your mind."

"I'm way ahead of you. I'll get some noodles, popcorn and Lychee juice. Does that sound tasty?" Asked Korra.

"Sounds scrumptious. You two boys don't mind finding seats for us right?" Asami ran off with Korra to purchase their snacks as Mako and Bolin went to the third floor to get their seats. They put their bags on two seats to save them for Korra and Asami and they decided to strike up a conversation before the girls showed up.

"So how have things been with Opal? She's still your girlfriend right?" Asked Mako.

"Yeah absolutely! She's taking some time off from our relationship to spend time with Suyin back in Zaofu but she says that she'd appreciate a visit from me."

"Well that's good bro."

"So how's the detective work treating you? Are you still busting the triads?"

"Actually the triads have basically all been dealt with. Business has been slow around the city since its reconstruction so that's why Lins been giving me and a couple of the other detectives some time off on request."

"Well that's great. It's been too long since we've seen a really good pro bending match. Let's get ready, the games about to start!" Said Bolin excitedly. Korra and Asami got to their seats while they both carried the food. Each member of Team Avatar got a cup of popcorn and a glass of Lychee juice and Korra started to scarf down on her noodles as Shiro Shinobi began his enthusiastic commentary.

"Welcome everyone it's a beautiful night just perfect for the return of Republic City Pro Bending! My name is Shiro Shinobi and it's almost time for the first match of the season to begin as the White Falls Wolfbats make their way to the field!"

The Wolfbats made their typical over the top entrance as Tahno blew kisses to his many adoring fangirls and fireworks were set off all around him. "That's right, I know you all love me!"

"The Wolfbats certainly look confident but they might want to think twice about their attitudes when dealing with this new group of Fire Ferrets led by the Charismatic Enigma Nakamura!"

The Fire Ferrets made their entrance in an extravagant way as well as the slim but tall Firebender Nakamura led his team onto the field. He posed several times for the cameras and even winked at Mako once he saw him in the stands. Mako didn't know what to think of it. Nakamura backflipped towards Tahno as his team assembled near the referee. "Alright guys you know the rules and you know to protect yourselves at all times. Follow my instructions and let's have a clean match. That goes double for you Tahno!"

"Relax ref. I've had a change of heart. I didn't pay any of you guys off this time."

"I'll believe it when I see it." Said Nakamura.

The two men shook hands and went to their ends of the field as Shiro Shinobi increased his anticipation. "3, 2, 1 and the game has begun! Nakamura starts things off with some fire allowing Asuka to knock both Ming and Shaozu to the second zone! Tahno tries to attack Nakamura but he dodges every water strike as his other teammate Shinsuke hits Tahno with two earth discs forcing Tahno to the second zone!"

Nakamura slithered further on the battlefield as he blew a kiss towards Tahno. That just enraged the arrogant waterbender. "Nakamura hits Shaozu with fire allowing Asuka to sneak attack him with a water strike and Shinsuke to knock both Tahno and Ming to the third zone!"

Tahno hit the ground and yelled at his oddball opponent. "You think this is funny Nakamura? I'll knock that grin right off your stupid face!"

Shinobi increased his enthusiasm as the Wolfbats continued to struggle against the Fire Ferrets. "Tahno is launching stream after stream of water at Nakamura but the young man is just too quick to be hit! Asuka gets hit with an earth disc but she quickly recovers, dodges Ming's fire and hits Tahno with a water strike knocking him into the water! First knockout! What technique by this young lady!"

Tahno initially rose from the water with a frustrated facial expression but then he went back under the water to his surprise! "Hold it ladies and gentlemen! There appears to be a problem with Tahno. Did he forget how to swim?"

Tahno rose from the water and flailed his arms as he screamed for help. "Help! I'm being grabbed by someone!" He was forced underwater again as Korra noticed who was grabbing Tahno. It was the hooded man from before only this time his mask was off! He revealed his face to the public and it showed why his mask was so important to him beforehand! His whole face was like a moving tumor, his eyes drooped down from their natural positions, his face was covered with cancerous bumps, his nose was enlarged, his ears had holes in them and his lips looked ripped apart! The disfigured man knocked Tahno out and dragged him to the backstage area after lifting him onto a platform at the south area of the arena. The metalbending police cornered the man when he attempted to leave though.

"Let Tahno go you freak!"

"Freak huh? You know I've been called that my entire life?!" Yelled the disfigured man. The metalbending officers tried to tie him up with their cables but the man grabbed the two cables and used them to swing the officers around before tossing them against the hard concrete walls of the backstage area!

"Let that be a lesson to you idiots! I'm not just another pretty face!" The disfigured man picked Tahnos unconscious body up and carried him out if the arena as Lin arrived to look after her fellow officers injuries.

"Are you alright? Who was that man?"

"Chief Beifong, it's him. It's Izuki. He's back..."

Chapter 2 Informed Investigation

Team Avatar ran backstage as Mako headed towards Lin Beifong to see what happened. "That was insane. What happened Chief?"

"I'm not entirely sure myself. According to the bits and pieces that I've been able to get from my fellow officers here it seems like one of Republic City's most elusive criminals has returned."

Mako rubbed his temples before continuing the conversation. "Okay so let me get this straight. That huge guy who kidnapped Tahno has done this sort of thing before?"

Lin put her palm to her face and sighed. "Yes he's been kidnapping several people around Republic City for the last three months and based on our previous encounters with the man his name's Izuki. He's an Earthbender and he has a serious anger management problem."

"How unlike anyone I know" Sarcastically Replied Mako.

Korra perceived that Mako was referring to her. "Hey! I may have had problems with my temper in the past but I never kidnapped people."

Mako chuckled. "Relax I was only teasing. This guy is way worse than you've ever been."

Korra shrugged and focused on the problem at hand. "I see. So Chief Beifong, do you have any idea where this guys hideout might be? I mean Tahno was a jerk but I he doesn't deserve to be kidnapped from what I've seen."

"That's just the thing. Izuki is hard to locate because he doesn't exactly live in Republic City. Not in any of the houses or apartments I mean." Explained Lin.

Bolin looked perplexed by Lins explanation. "If he doesn't live in Republic City where does he live? With Shady Shin?"

"That's unlikely. Izuki doesn't like anybody let alone other criminals. So we've never been able to find out where he resides."

Mako and Asami examined the locker room where the metalbending officers were starting to recover from their beating. Mako noticed green and bubbling footprints near the exit. He got up close to them to get a good look and he saw that the prints were melting the ground around it. "Hey Asami, Korra, Bolin take a look at this. Have you ever seen this liquid before?"

Bolin scratched his chin as he thought about it. "You know I never have but I wouldn't touch it if I were you. It'll give you worse burns than Ghazans lavabending could ever give you."

Asami put on her gloves and attempted to grab a sample of the liquid but as soon as she touched the liquid it burned right through her glove! She quickly took the glove off and backed away from the liquid. "Whoa! That stuff just burns through everything like acid!"

Korra checked out the liquid and she saw that the footprints were headed for the harbor outside of the arena. The same harbor that she knocked Amon into when she first learned how to airbend. "I saw that guy before he grabbed Tahno. He didn't want to show his face before he went after him though. After seeing his disfigured face I think that he might have been better looking beforehand."

Asami got an idea based on Korras comment. "So what you're saying is maybe he was deformed by someone and he could be taking revenge by kidnapping Tahno?"

"It's not the worst idea I've heard. I don't think that's what's at play here but I won't discredit it yet either." Added Mako.

"How about we follow this guys toxic footprints and see where he came from?" Suggested Bolin.

"Sure, but this is official police business so I'll have to ask you to just let me and Mako handle this scoundrel." Commanded Lin. Team Avatar nodded in approval as Lin walked outside and saw that the footprints led to the harbor near the arena. There were acidic burns near the railing so Lin was able to tell where Izuki went.

"He must've went to the sewers. No wonder we haven't been able to track him. Mako come with me and everyone else just head back to the stadium, I'm sure that the Wolfbats found a replacement for Tahno by now."

"Are you sure you don't need any more help? I could head in there to help sort things out with him." Asked Korra

"I appreciate your assistance but..."

"No you don't." Interrupted Korra.

"You're right. I don't. But the point is ID rather just risk two lives rather than the lives of all the qualified benders in town. So don't worry. I'll bring him in with Mako before you know it." Finished Lin as she attached her cables to the sewer entrance below the arena and swung towards it. Mako hugged Bolin before he left.

"I promise I'll be back brother, just don't freak out when you see that monsters ugly mug on the newsreels okay?" Asked Mako jokingly

"Just be careful Mako. Pabu misses you already." Replied Bolin as his Fire Ferret Pabu crawled into Makos arm and hugged it. Pabu returned to Bolin as Mako used his firebending to hover down to the sewer entrance to join his boss.

Meanwhile Izuki continued to carry Tahno closer to his lair when he noticed an advertisement poster covered in the murky black sludge he was walking through. He picked up the ad and saw a pregnant woman next to a sign that read, "Do right by your baby, give birth at the Air Temple Island Maternity Ward!" Reading that caused Izuki to calm down and experience a flashback where he remembered seeing another pregnant woman. She was very pretty with short black hair, dark skin, green eyes and a curvy figure aside from of course her pregnant stomach. She was sitting on her bed waiting for him to come home and she rubbed her belly as the fetus inside of her kicked. Izuki remembered walking into the house with a dejected look on his face.

"Oh honey. You're here. So how did your audition go?" Said the woman cheerfully.

Izuki saw his past self walking slowly towards the woman and stammering at first. "Well... They said they might call me. One of the Wolfbats didn't like the way I look."

"Oh." Replied the woman.

"What do you mean oh?" Said Izuki in an annoyed tone.

"I didn't mean anything honey." Said the woman

"Yeah you did. The way you said oh, like that."

"Izuki, all I said was..."

"You said oh! Was it supposed to be "Oh so you didn't get the job?" Or "Oh I should've known?" Or "Oh so how are we supposed to feed our baby?!" You think that doesn't matter to me?! I have to go to job interview after job interview and nobody wants to employ me! You think I don't care? You think..." Izuki started out frustrated but then he put his hands to his face and started crying. "I'm sorry honey... I shouldn't take out my frustrations on you. You're struggling enough, being married to a freak!"

The woman tried to calm Izuki down to no avail. "Honey you're not..."

"Yes I am! Everyone hates the way I look! Oh Minami!"

Minami rubbed Izukis back and smiled at him. "Shh, it's okay. The baby is going to stay in my womb for three more months. Mr. Takuma will let us slide on the rent for a few more weeks, he likes me."

Izuki wiped his tears and looked out of a window. "Well he hates me. He scowls at me every time I walk out of the door. I just need to get enough money to get us out of this stupid house before you have to give birth. Then we can move into a decent neighborhood. For crying out loud! There are tons of pro benders that earn that kind of money in a weekend without having to worry about the way their faces look." Indeed Izukis face in his past wasn't pretty but it was more dorky looking than deformed in the past.

Minami laughed slightly and laid down on her bed while keeping her belly safe. "Come here. Stop worrying about how your face looks. I love you no matter what you look like. You're fun to spend time with and you know how to make me laugh."

Izuki ended his flashback and tossed the unconscious Tahno down to the ground. Izukis nails looked more like claws so he took off the gloves he had to conceal them and he scratched his prey. "Well Tahno. I hope you're thinking about what you did to me. Because it's time for dinner. By dinner I mean you!"

Chapter 3 Tasty Tahno

Lin and Mako trudged through the sewers as they were uncertain of who or what was down there with Izuki or Tahno. The whole sewer system of Republic City was a maze of disgusting corridor after disgusting corridor. Mako tried to listen in on the walls to find Izuki but he couldn't pick up any noises initially. Lin on the other hand found a piece of metalbending police armor that had been ripped to shreds. She picked up the armor piece and recognized it as one that was worn by one of her fellow officers. She closed her eyes and kissed the armor in a sign of respect.

"Lin. Was that Officer Shinjis armor?" Asked Mako. Officer Shinji had been missing for two whole months and it seemed like now Mako finally closed the missing persons case in the most grotesque way possible.

"Yeah. I may seem like a cold, heartless police chief but I want you to know that's just because I don't want my emotions to corrupt my duties as a police chief. I truly do care about the officers that are under my command so when they end up like this... Well. I honestly find it hard to stomach. I care about all of my officers so when one goes down I feel the need to rise up and take the culprit who attacked him or her down. Just remember that if anything happens Mako."

"I'll remember Chief Beifong. Wait... I hear something." Mako heard the sounds of biting, chewing, licking and slurping coming from one of the sewer corridors. He lit up the darkness with his firebending and headed down the corridor to the left, then one to the right and then one more to the left before he found Izuki munching on something. His back was turned so Mako couldn't tell what he was eating but he knew he couldn't be eating anything sanitary at least.

Izuki wiped his mouth and burped before putting up his hand towards Lin and Mako. "I'll be right with you Grandma. I still have some fries to go with these thighs."

Lin frowned at Izukis flippant response. "That supper of yours had better be worth your time because trust me it's going to be the last tasty meal you're going to have for your entire life."

Izuki grinned and grabbed a severed leg that was partially chewed. "You really think you'll arrest me? You don't know the sacrifices I've made to keep this city clean. Care for a bite of my last supper? It's low in fat."

Both Mako and Lin cringed at the sight of such ferocity and Mako almost felt like he had to puke. "I'll pass. What are you having? Oh. How foolish of me, who are you having?" Asked Mako. He knew that Izuki was a cannibal at this point. How else would he explain the severed leg that this monster was chomping on before he arrived?

Izuki stepped to the side and showed the person he was eating. "Why it's Tahno of course. His skin is so soft and tender. You're too late to save him but maybe you can try some of him."

Mako couldn't take any more of Izukis revolting offers so he punched a fireball at Izuki forcing him to roll out of the way. The fire set the remainder of Tahnos dead body alight and Izukis eyes started to glow orange. "You arrogant, big headed pieces of Air Bison dung! You are so going to regret coming down here!"

Lin tried to restrain Izuki with her cables but this time Izuki bended the appalling sludge around him to shield himself from Lins cables before he attempted to hit her with a wave of sludge. Lin rolled out of the way and bended portions of her armor at the monster. But Izuki blocked the metal pieces with more sludge and bended the sludge underneath Lin sending her crashing up to the roof of the sewer and covering her in slime. Mako tried to take advantage of Izukis distraction by trying some fire punches but Izuki dove underneath the sludge he was in, swam underneath Mako and shot a bunch of slime right from under him.

Mako finally vomited after falling to the ground after getting hit with the sludge. "Gross! How are you doing this?"

Izuki rose up from the slime with a piercing smile on his face. "My earthbending has transcended solid materials or even liquids. The wastes of humanity, the discarded trash. These things are my weapons now! Quite fitting wouldn't you say?"

Lin however recovered from her attack and restrained Izukis dirty and grotesque hands. "You in a prison cell for the rest of your life will be more fitting, cop killer!" Izuki pulled on the cable hard forcing Lin over to him before he tackled Lin, threw her against the sewer wall and punched her stomach repeatedly.

"Time for a correction. I don't kill just any cops. I only kill and devour pretty boys. Therefore you're just an annoyance old lady." Mako used a fire kick to burn Izukis back, hurting him just enough so that he loosened his grip of Lin allowing her to escape. Izuki laid down in the slime he was in allowing the liquid to cool his burn.

"You are such a beautiful pain Mako! Such beauty is what I hate! You're going to die!" Izuki bended the slime on the roof of the sewer tunnel and rained sewage down on top of Mako. Luckily Mako was able to dodge the falling debris and get in close for a lightning strike. But Izuki dodged the lightning by leaping out of the liquid sewage and hitting him in the face with a revolting rock near him. Izuki then mounted Mako and grabbed his throat while licking his own lips.

"You're going to be so delectable pretty boy. Tahno tasted just like a chicken-rat. I suppose you'll be like a winged lemur." Izuki opened his mouth wide and was ready to bite Makos arm until Lin shot him in the back with her metal cables knocking Izuki off with authority!

"No one eats my fellow officers!" Lin picked up Mako who's entire back was covered in sewage at that point. He was also just barely regaining his consciousness.

"Lin... Why were his eyes glowing? Do you think that's why he's going nuts?"

"We'll speculate on it later for now let's just take this guy back to the..." That's all Lin had to say before she got hit in the chest with another rock knocking her away from Mako. Izuki tried to capitalize on his opportunity but then his eyes stopped glowing and he started screaming in agony while holding his head in pain! Izuki pounded his fist into the sewage and groaned in intense internal pain!

"What's he doing?" Asked Mako. Izuki screamed one last time before running right towards Mako who gained a second wind. Mako rushed away from Izuki at full speed by propelling himself forward with fire jets as Izuki bended all the sewage he could into a thick wall keeping Lin from following him as he chased down Mako. Lin sighed in pain as she got out her radio to call her department.

"Officers of Republic City. This is Chief Beifong. Send someone over to the Future Industries building. I have a feeling that I do actually need help from someone not on the force this time."

Meanwhile, Shiro Shinobi finished up his commentary on the Pro Bending game as Bolin, Korra and Asami finished the last of their popcorn and Lychee juice. "The Wolfbats have put up a tremendous effort with Tahnos replacement Kanji but unfortunately for them Nakamura, Asuka and Shinsuke made the relatively green player pay for his inclusion in the game. Talk about one sided! This whole game should be a mere stepping stone in the season for these new and ultimately impressive Fire Ferrets! This is Shiro Shinobi and I'll see you next time for more Pro Bending!"

Korra fist bumped Bolin as they headed for the exit with Asami. The three of them loved watching the game but there was still a sense of uncertainty surrounding them. Bolin was checking the clock above the Pro Bending field and he noticed it had been over forty five minutes since Mako went into the sewers. Pabu sadly purred on Bolins shoulder as he looked at the sewer entrance. "Ladies. I'm sorry but I think I'm just going to stay here and wait for my brother. I thought he'd apprehend that toxic guy after the match was over but I don't want to go home without him. You two just go ahead. Me and Pabu will stay here."

Korra and Asami shook Bolins hand. "I understand Bolin. Just don't stay out too long. I might have to send one of my employees after you if you do." Said Asami.

"See you Bolin. I'm personally really tired. I'll see if Makos back with you when I get some rest." Said Korra. The two women walked away holding each other's hands. Korra felt a sense of uncertain fear for Makos life but she figured that he's tough enough to handle Izuki. It still upset her though and Asami was able to see the uneasiness on Korras face.

"Korra. You seem really off. Are you that worried about Mako?"

"Asami... I really don't know what's going to happen to him. I want to ask you to do something for me tonight."

"What do you want Korra? Whatever it is you can have it!"

"I just want..." Korra was about to express her full feelings in front of her girlfriend but she was interrupted by a familiar charismatic individual.

"Well paint my face and call me Kiyoshi! Is that Avatar Korra I see?" Asked Nakamura.

Korra made a small smile and waved at the charismatic man. "You've got a good eye friend."

Nakamura let out a fanboy scream and hugged his teammates who were uncomfortably grinning while they were hugged. "Well this is amazing! Avatar Korra in the flesh! I am Nakamura! The new leader of the Fire Ferrets. I've always loved your work with the team." Asuka, the Waterbender for the team shook Korras hand.

"Ever since you first played in Pro Bending I always wanted to be just like you. I even got a gym membership and pumped as much iron as I could just to match your strength!" Asuka rolled up her sleeve to show a big, meaty bicep on her left arm. It wasn't as big as Korras biceps but it still looked strong.

"Wow! That's impressive. Well just make sure to eat right and always exercise and I'm sure your bulk will stay intact." Said Korra in encouragement while flexing her own biceps. Asuka nodded her head and left along with Nakamura with smiles on their faces. Shinsuke stayed behind for a bit though.

"Thanks for being so nice to my sister. You two ladies deserve a ton of praise for everything you've done. I hope you'll cheer us on for the Championships."

Asami shook Shinsuke hand. "Of course we will. I think I'll sponsor your team if you need money for the Championship pot. I've done it before."

Shinsuke grabbed Asami and hugged her as hard as he could. "Thank you Ms. Sato! You're so generous and so kind!"

"Thank you... Can you please let me go... I can't breathe!" Said Asami as the hug was practically crushing her.

Shinsuke let go as Asami breathed deeply to get oxygen in her lungs. "Sorry. Anyway. I'd better catch up with my sister and my friend. I'll see you two later."

Korra and Asami waved as the two women headed for the exit. Asami put her arm across Korras back and her hand on Korras cheek. "Now what did you want from me?"

"I want something to get my mind off of this whole situation with Mako. I want to just spend time with you back at your place."

"Like a night of romance? A turtle duck date?"

"Yeah. Something like that. I just want you to understand that I want to make you feel good Asami. I just think that my emotions involving other people sometimes get in the way of how I feel about you."

"Well Korra. It's usually me who wants to be in bed with you. You just accept it so easily all the time."

"That's because I'm happy when I'm with you. I noticed that I'm always on the receiving end when it comes to our love for each other. So this time I want to make you feel good. I know how much Mako means to you and I want you to know there's someone here to support you. So can I please have a night of romance with you?" Asami thought about it for a second. Korra always needed emotional support in the past but now Asami was feeling just as uncertain about Makos fate as her lover was. She sighed in relief and confidently spoke her mind.

"Yes Korra. I would appreciate some love from you tonight. Let's head back to my mansion. You'll get everything you want tonight."
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