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Mystery of an abandoned lighthouse
The Old Tower Light

Kathleen McNamara

Herkimer was lonely, such a sad little ghost;
his home, an old lighthouse, on the old island coast.

The lighthouse was closed now; its usage had ended.
The great light was dark; there was no one to tend it.

A strong storm was brewing; there’d be trouble at sea.
But with no light in the tower, the ships could not see.

He had to help somehow; he just had to try!
The ships would all crash with no light in the sky!

There was a wee bit of oil in the old battered light.
He hoped it would last through the dark, stormy night.

He set fire to the wick; aimed the light o’er the waves,
and prayed all those ships his efforts would save.

The storm clouds they passed and the ships came to dock.
It was about the old lighthouse the sailors did talk.

That tower was abandoned a long time ago,
how the light started working, no one did know.

The story’s still told on a dark, stormy night
how the sailors were saved by the ghost tower light.
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