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by DeeJ
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A writing prompt:Write a short dialogue between two zoo animals about something that day.
Writing prompt: Write a short dialogue between two zoo animals about something that happened that day

Barley the elephant wandered over the side fence he shared with Teely the Giraffe. He hadn’t seen him all day, and was wondering if he missed all the commotion today.

“Hey Teely, did you hear what happened today?” Barley asked when Teely saw him and wandered over the fence.

“Hi Barley, no I didn’t, the people were boring today, so I spent the day lounging in the back corner by myself. What did I miss?” Teely asked.

“ I heard Rino had to go see the vet again.” Barley rolled his eyes, and dipped his trunk to the ground.

“Again?” Teely sighed, “What did he eat this time? People really can’t read the ‘do no feed’ signs, can they?”

“It was an adult this time, you would think they would at least know better, fed him a bunch of raw patty pan squash. He must have brought it from home. Heard from the Monkey’s that this idiot planned the whole thing. Someone caught it all on camera, and I overheard that it’s now all over the Internet. Poor Rino, no one understands she’s on a special diet.”

“This is the third time this week Rino’s been to the vet, she never learns. Last time it was a bunch of ice cream. Hope she’s not as sick as she was from that.”

Barley stomped. “No idea, that annoying squirrel should be around later to let us know.”

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