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This is my third month with this contest/activity. Related story coming soon.

Month Three Questionaire
Word Count = 921

1. What are the rules/laws in your world?

We don’t know what the rules/laws are of Pasina. Of course, there were some rules/laws. Every society, planet, moon, spaceship etc. has rules/laws that everyone had to follow or pay for breaking them. If there is a population involved, then here are rules/laws. We just don’t know what they are yet.

So far we haven’t found anything in the ruins of Hecta that says what those rules/laws were. We have found some partially written statements that we think are rules/laws, but we don’t know for sure. Hopefully, you can help us answer this question once we get to Pasina/Hecta.

Was it the rules/laws of Pasina that ended up destroying their planet? Maybe it was something else that did it. Rules and laws are a downfall for many societies. Was it for Hecta too. Did they destroy their world like they did the surface? It doesn’t look like that’s what happened, but it could have.

2. Who enforces the rules in your world?

Like the rules/laws that every populated society have they also had individuals who tried to enforce them. Once again, we are sure exactly how they accomplished that, but we are pretty sure they had one in Hecta in one way or another. We just don’t know what it was.

We have found some things that would indicate that the enforcers were stationary. What I mean by that is that they lived on one of the streets or whatever they called their streets and they were responsible for that street. If anything happens it was up to them to deal with it. They probably helped in other areas if they were needed. Especially if that help was within a few streets of where they lived. We don’t know if any of this is true or not, but we think it is. Hopefully, you can help us to answer these questions one way or another.

3. This is the big one: If there is magic in your world, what are the rules? What is possible and what isn’t? How does the magic work? What are the limitations? What are the law type rules set in place? Are there enforcers for these rules/some sort of agency in place? Is there a class system involved; is there a hierarchy (are there rules about who can cast which types of magic)? Can different types of people cast different types of magic?

As far as we know there wasn’t any magic involved in Hecta or Pasina. We haven’t found anything to indicate this was a magic world. From what we know about Pasina it wasn’t magic that destroyed either or Pasina and Hecta, but it could have. A lot of planets, societies, have magic within them, but they aren’t magic worlds. This could have been one of those planets. Especially, when it comes to Pasina.

Was it magic that destroyed Pasina and or Hecta? Maybe a magical war broke out that destroyed them. Anything was possible, but we don’t think that’s what ended either one of them. It is one aspect of this investigation that we have been checking into. We do that with all of our investigations and usually, we can rule it out pretty quickly. Since we haven’t been able to do that that’s another reason why we are sure there wasn’t any magic on Pasina.

4. What are the limitations that different societies face?

Once again, we don’t know what the limitations were when it comes to Hecta. We are sure that there were some, but we don’t know what they were. With rules/laws there are limitations and if you went out of bounds of them they would be punished for it. What exactly that punishment was is still unknown. We don’t think that it was the ultimate punishment aka death, but it could have been.

There weren't any differences between Hecta and the rest of the Cave Cities within Pasina. At least we don’t think there was. It appears that they are all pretty much the same in the way of layout, population, etc. the other Cave Cities are too badly damaged or almost completely gone to be sure, but from what little we have found so far from them and Hecta is that they were all the same.

5. What kind of government did your world have?

We already know that there was one Leader in Hecta. That he or she resided in a large family house in the center of that Cave City and that it changed direction every hour so that they could face the entire population throughout the day. That’s all we know. How do we know this? It’s the one thing that was almost completely intact. There was some damage to it too, but not much. We figure it was probably protected by some kind of a force field when whatever happened to them happened.

Did they know ahead of time that something was about to happen? Was Hecta the center of what ended up destroying them? Maybe so. That would explain why they weren’t destroyed as badly as the rest of the Cave Cities.

6. Anything else you can think of that fits into this category.

I know I have asked a lot of questions today that there aren’t any answers too. That’s why you are going to Pasina. Hopefully, you can answer at least some of them. Maybe you will see something that we missed that helps us to answer them.

The same is true when it comes to theories about what happened to Pasina and Hecta. We have a lot of them that we don’t have answers to yet, but hopefully you young GraveDiggers can answer some of them too.

All we want to know is what happened to them so that we can prevent it from happening to our world and the other planets in this galaxy and universe. Our home planet of Kasna has been having a lot of problems lately. The Kasnans are afraid that whatever happened to Pasina could happen to them too. That’s another reason why we need to find out all that we can about Pasina and Hecta. Sure we are curious, that’s why we are GraveDiggers, but we are also doing it to help Kasna too.


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