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Chen Revolve Is Tested
The Narrator said "In the morning, the next day."

Chen, Aki, Muramaru, and Lin were gathered side by side. Dea walked in front of them and said

"Weeeeeelllllllllll, now is time for you guys to start your next state of your training. I would have waited,

but..." Dea then glanced at Chen, who stuck out his tongue. "Anyways, it's time for the ones who

released you guys Ryuki to learn about white magic and dark magic."

"Isn't dark magic evil," said Lin.

"Not necessarily." Dea said. "Dark magic has the ability to destroy and hurt. It also used for

curses and corruption of others. Like so..." Dea held up his left hand and suddenly a black ball of light.

"As you can see, black magic has a darker color than the magic you seen so far. Meanwhile, white magic

is used for healing and purification. It can also used to strengthening your body and can be solidified

easily, making good barriers and such. Like this..." Dea then dissolved the black light and then a white

light came out. The light then solidified into a hard baseball shaped white ball.

"So which magic did we use?" Aki said.

"Weeeeeeeeellllllllll, it's neither; or to be more precise barely any." said Dea as he dissolved the

white ball. "The magic you guys did not have much of black or white magic in them. But that is a good

thing, because if too much black and white are combined." Dea held up both hands then suddenly both

hands released a ball of light, a white light in one hand and a black light in the other. Dea then pressed

both the light together that resulted in an explosion of grey light. "See." Dea said.

"Okay, now you guys are going to see which types of magic you guys are able to do." said Dea.

"Now, take a leaf guys." Dea then passed a leaf to everybody except Chen. "The trick is if the leaf gets

disintegrate or strengthen. Obviously, black magic will disintegrate it while white magic will strengthen

it. Now, hold out the leaf with your dominate hand. Okay, start!!!"

Aki, Muramaru, and Lin held up their leaves and released their Ryuki on it that enveloped the

leaves. Both Muramaru's and Lin's leaves has stiffened while Aki's leaf has disintegrated. Dea, surprised,

and then said "Okay, Aki-chan can use black magic while Muramaru-chan and Lin-chan can use white

magic. Excellent, you guys! Weeeeeeellllllllll, now it is time for Chen-chan training."

"Ha! So what stupid animal am I going to fight, huh?" Chen asked, arrogantly.

"Said the guy who has got his ass kicked by them." said Aki as she smirked.

"Said the girl pretending to be a boy, tomboy!" Chen shouted, angrily. A kunai then appeared

and hit Chen's head. "Oooooowwwwww!!!" moaned Chen.

"No, I'm not sending any animals for this training. I could get in too much trouble." Dea said as

he winked at the audience.

"So, who am I training with?" Chen asked, grimly.

"Me," said Dea.

"You?!" said Chen, suspiciously.

"Yes, Chen-chan." Dea said as he grinned. "Me." Chen then grimaced at the idea.

"Well, good luck Chen-chan." Lin said.

"Okay, all I gotta do is beat that dumbass." Chen gloated while everyone exchanged glances

with each other and sighed together. "Well, this will be easy! Bring it on!!!" Chen then prepared with a

stance. Dea suddenly got enveloped to a smoke. "What!!!" shouted Chen, as the rest of them were also

stop with surprise.

The smoke cleared up and a female Dea appear. "Huh?!!!" the group shouted together.

"Weeeeeeeelllllllll, I wanted to try something... different, you know." said Dea, with a bubbly girlish voice.

"Just get it over and done with!!!" Chen yelled, angry yet he also blushed. Dea then grinned and

said "Ready!!! Three, two, one! Start!!!"

Dea suddenly disappeared from sight. Chen then started searching for Dea. Dea appeared at

Chen's back and started to punch him, but Chen punched him in the face. Dea launched a kick at Chen's

arm and dashed back.

"Well, you are getting scared?" Chen asked as he gloated.

"Nope, I just wanted to show you something." Dea said, hands glowing black.

"Bring it!!!" shouted Chen.

"Okay. Hookahi Manu!!!" Dea said while he launched the attack. The attack is shaped like a

black, normal sized bird that soared through the sky and strucked Chen.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!" shouted Chen.

Chen then got wrapped on the waist by a white rubbery substance. Dea then pulled the

substance and Chen was launched toward him. Dea launched a kick just as Chen came at an arm length

distance. Dea suddenly dropped the substance and it disappeared.

"Weeeeeeeeellllllllll, do you want to take a break?" Dea asked. Chen suddenly came up and

attempted to punch Dea, but a white barrier blocked it.

"I... I will not... lose to you!!!" Chen yelled as he launched his arms to punch. "Ora, ora, ora, ora,

ora!!!" shouted Chen as he rapidly punched the barrier.

"You can't destroy Hiki Ole Barrier with just power alone. You got to use your Ryuki, even than

you got to master it some so you can overpower it."Dea said as he dissolved Hiki Ole Barrier.

Chen charged in on Dea while Dea palm-thrusted him. Dea did a sweeping kick at Chen's legs as he

knocked Chen down. Chen suddenly launched himself at Dea feet first. Dea dodged Chen's attack and

grabbed his legs and flung him over.

"Dammit!!! I... gotta... win!!!" screamed Chen as he got up. Chen then charged at Dea and

suddenly started launching rapid amounts of punches and kicks. Dea matched Chen; punch for punch,

kick for kick. "Oraaaaaaaaaa!!!" Chen yelled as he tried his best to overpower Dea. Dea suddenly

vanished without a sound.

Dea appeared behind Chen and proceeded to kick Chen at the back. Chen felled down on his

face. "Maybe you not cut out to use Ryuki." Dea said which sounded almost concern and transforming

back. "Just give up, alright."

Chen got up and panted while doing so. "I... can't... lose." Chen said, continued to pant.

"Why? It's nothing to die for!" Chen looked and saw that Aki said that, looking very worried.

"Shut... up... I... I'll handle... it." Chen said.

"But..." Dea started but Chen shouted "I'll become the strongest!!! I'll surpass my father!!!"

Chen thought about his father and began to have a flashback. Chen as an 8 years old kid was

with his father. "Dad, I heard the lady down the street said that you killed her husband. Is that true?"

Chen asked.

"Well, it did happen. We were pitted against each other; I have to survive for you, so I had to

protect myself." Chen's father said, solemnly. "Chen! I know that you been having problems with the

children and their parents. I know... that you're having a hard time." Chen frowns and held back his

tears. "Don't worry about it, Chen." said Chen's father and grinned. "I'll tell you what. How about we

both leave for Japan? We'll start over and leave everything that doesn't matter behind." Chen's father

then smirked and said "I'll even teach you some of my moves." Chen smiled back and said

"Okay!!! Lets... Go!!!" Chen's smiled back, brightly.

Five years after that, Chen and his father was peacefully settled in Japan. Chen's father settled

on making a dojo while Chen learned all that he can from his father. Then one day there was a knock on

the door. "I'll get it." said Chen, as he went and open the door. There was an old lady stand there with a

smile on her face, hands was behind her.

"Is this the dojo?" asked the lady while Chen answered "Yes! Come in, madam." They walked in

and spotted Chen's father. "Dad!!! This lady needs you."

Chen's father noticed the lady and said "Oh! Coming!" Chen's father walked up to them.

"Oh, I'm quite thirsty. Can you please get me some tea?" the lady said, apologetic and bowed.

"I'm sorry for intruding and then shamelessly asking request like this." Chen's father then bowed as well

and said "No problem. Chen!"

"I got it!" Chen said and left. As Chen was about to put the tea in the fire, he heard his father

yell "Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!" and ran to his side. "Dad!!" screamed Chen while he looked at the scene. Chen

saw his father lay in a pool of blood. "Dad! Dad!! Wake up!! Dad!!!" Chen shouted while he shaked him

as though he was asleep.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, ha haha ha, ha hahaha!!!" The lady laughed out.

"Why? Why did you do this?" Chen asked, tears streamed down his face.

"Why?! Why?!!!" screamed the lady who looked very mad and crazy. "That bastard killed my

son!!! He was innocent and that bastard killed him!!! Killed him!!!"

Chen shuttered and said "My father was a nice man!! How dare you do this?!!"

The lady lost more and more sanity by the second, said "Don't you know the real reason why

you and your precious father are hated by the people of the village, huh?! Well, boy!! Your precious

father was a merciless dojo challenger, traveling town to town fighting dojos to the death!! 'My father

was a nice man,' huh!!! Huh!!! All he is is a monster killing for fun!!! Fun!!!"

Suddenly, the lady started coughing violently. Then, blood started coming out of her mouth.

"Aaaaahh!" screamed the lady. She all of the sudden fell over. Chen checked the lady's body and learned

that she had died.

"Dad, dad!!!" Chen screamed, kneeled down, and cries.

As he got out of the flashback, Chen started at charge at Dea. Dea then disappeared and

appeared at Aki's side. "So if you're not going to stop, then I'll force you to stop myself." said Dea then

suddenly grabbed Aki by the neck and began choking her.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!" Aki screamed.

"Well, Chen!!!" shouted Dea.

"Dea, this isn't funny!" Muramaru shouted as he started to slash at Dea, who punched him

before he finished. An arrow soared to Dea, but he used Hiki Ole Barrier to block then countered Lin

with Hookahi Manu. "Now then..." Dea started, but then Chen dashed at him.

"Don't touch her!!!" Chen shouted and started to punch. Suddenly, Chen's hand enveloped in an

orange light and threw a punch. Startled, Dea uses Hiki Ole Barrier just in time. Dea spotted that there is

a crack on the barrier as he dissolved the barrier.

"Congratulation, Chen-chan!!!" Dea said which shocked everyone with his sudden bubbly talk.

"Huh..." said Chen.

"Weeeeeeelllllllll, you did it." said Dea. "You just release your Ryuki now, Chen-chan!"

"I... did it. I did it!!!" Chen said and approached Dea and suddenly punched him on the top of his

head. "Bastard! Why your kind after all that pain you cause them."

Muramaru then shouted "Enough Chen! We were a part of this!" Chen looked dumbfounded and said "All of you."

"Weeeeeeellllllll, yes. I thought that if you were push to your limit more than you could

accomplish the training." Dea said with his hand at the back of his head. "Besides, it would be good for

your love for Aki, huh." Dea then got punched by both Aki and Chen.

"Now, here's a leaf, Chen-chan. Remember your resolve." Dea said and threw a leaf to Chen.

Chen grabbed it with his right hand and released his Ryuki on the leaf. Chen, mercilessly, threw the leaf

back at Dea which hit his head. "Owww, white magic." Dea said as he moaned.

"Weeeeeellllllll, time to rest, then we'll start drilling afterwards." Dea said. "Alright, dismissed!!"

Dea then turned, walked to Chen and said "Your father changed, Chen. He wants you to know that." and

walked by, leaving a bewildered Chen.

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