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..Social Commentary as Poetry...

.Stand Up For Yourself!

In the dream, it was Germany, before WWII. The economy was very bad.

The singer was in a sleazy, glitzy night club. The atmosphere was smoky, and jazzy…

It’s the march of the materialists,

the serial of history.

The poor are getting poorer,

and the rich are getting richer.

The Nomes are all in stitches,

and bitches are just bitches.

No more nurses for your health…

Better stand up for yourself..!

The Fascist kick the passive,

and the pansies take a pass.

But we always had to know

that this show could not last;

The Diabolists have the last laugh.

It’s time for a New Deal,

In an Age of ill gotten wealth…

Better stand up for yourself..!

Mooching on your children’s future,

there’s no nurture for the young.

The dogs are eating dogs,

and the cat has bit your tongue.

It’s no use to ask for help…

Better stand up for yourself!

Andrew Dewitte

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