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Rated: E · Outline · Family · #2098075
Daily assignments for the October NaNoWriMo challenge
Day #1 Themes: Empowerment, Fulfillment, Dream Realization, Vulnerability and Family

Protaganists: Catherine "Cat" Burnside Mother/widow
Emily Burnside Daughter
Lila Barnett Grandmother
Brady Carlisle Novice Reporter

Flaws: Catherine--too much selflessness and self-doubt
Emily--smart mouthed and stubborn
Brady--a bit too cocky to some, but not himself

Antagonists: Self-doubt and fear
Antagonist Profile: Self-doubt and fear
*Opportunistic; preying on the vulnerable
*Always lurking in the back of the mind
*Never hesitates to agree with what ever disparaging comment is thrown the hosts' way
*We do our best to undermine our host for an entire life time
*Medication only keeps us quiet and at bay
*Only eradicated when host begins to realize self-worth; realizes it is better and stronger than we keep telling it
*Once they realize they are "good enough", we are banished forever.

Heart break

Theme bonus: Catherine and Emily will overcome their personal challenges by helping
each other. A bit of role reversal with Emily playing the cheerleader that
Catherine always was, Catherine and Lila playing Cupid behind the scenes.
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