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Day #2 Assignment Character Listing
Lila Willows Harrison Grandmother and widow. Born in 1938 and married in 1956 after moving west to the Hollywood area. Her only child a daughter was born in 1957. She was widowed in 1967.

Catherine 'Cat' Harrison Burnside Mother and widow. Born in 1957 and married Brandon Burnside in 1987. She was widowed in 1987. She had two children Kevin Brandon Burnside, born in 1990 and Emily Willows Burnside, born in 1992. She is the owner of Bannockburn Bed and Breakfast in Evettesville, Va.

Emily Willows Burnside Daughter of Cat. Recent graduate of xxxxxx College, VA with a MBA in Business and Hospitality Management. Currently single. Heart broken and engagement called off upon the discovery of cheating by her fiance.

Kevin Brandon Burnside Son of Cat. Graduated from Hackettstown University, Hackettstown, NJ with a degree in education, specializing in US history. Currently a teacher at a high school in Loudon County, VA and head coach of the basketball team. Married, his wife Ciara is an Athletic Trainer at a high school in Fairfax County, VA. She holds an MBA in Athletic Training from Shenandoah University.

Brady Carlisle Born in 1992 and graduated from xxxxx College with a degree in Journalism. Recently hired by the small town newspaper, the Evettesville Gazette, his first position right out of college. Part of his assignments will be to cover the area high schools and colleges for sports news. He also found out he will be covering more than just sports. He has hopes of becoming a big time sports reporter in a major metropolitan area.

         Father: retired professional football player. Currently a defensive coach for a college football team in South Carolina.
         Mother: deceased. Passed away after losing fight to breast cancer.
         Sister: freshman in college.

Currently single and up to now, no romantic attachments. Is reconsidering "single" status since his meeting with Emily.
He played intramural basketball in college. He attended school on a academic scholarship. He lost his chance to go to school in South Carolina on a football scholarship due to an injury sustained in his senior year in high school. An illegal block in the back fractured his spine.

He is 6" 4" tall, broad of shoulder and well-muscled in the arms, he is very solidly built. His sandy hair and fair freckle faced complexion give the impression of a big Irish leprechaun. He exudes the charm of the Irishman as well.

Kelly Ann Morgan Born 1981. She is the owner of The Blue Ewe a yarn boutique in the "downtown" area of Evettesville.
She chose the moniker "The Blue Ewe" because of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountain area and for some of the specialty yarns she carries from the area farms. She has two twin boys, Niall and Liam 5 years of age. Divorced at the age of 33, she has been raising them alone, while starting her business from the ground up. Kelly and Cat are close, their friendship developed as Kelly taught Cat the finer points of knitting and crochet.
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