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Initial character list
Sunday, Oct. 02
Required: Character List ▼

AKA Dramatis Personae. Draft a list of your characters and write a brief profile on each one (name, age, occupation or relation to main character(s) and rough physical description.) NOTE: You will have opportunities to revise the list throughout October, so this revision is not expected to be fully accurate or complete.

*** NEED CHARACTER NAMES? See the name generators at the bottom of the calendar.

Bonus: Character Database ▼

Compile your character list into a format that is easy to update and expand. The point is organization, so your character information is easy to find during November. Later this month, you will write more detailed profiles on some characters. Keep your list handy for future updates throughout the Prep.
IDEAS (feel free to come up with your own):
A spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Sheets .
An electronic folder full of files on your hard drive.
A "bookmarks" folder in your web browser.
A novel organization software application such as Scrivener or yWriter .
A cloud-based organizational software application such as lino or dropbox .
A social media account or blog.
A "book" or folder full of static items in your WDC portfolio.
A binder full of printed or handwritten pages.

Note: A spiral or bound notebook is NOT recommended, because the data inside cannot be shuffled around and organized, and you can't insert new profiles or other data later.

Protagonist: Evangeline Whitehead

The year is 1858. My protagonist is newly married. She has long, thick red/blond hair that is usually tied back with twisted locks to keep the shorter front tresses in place. She is had a hard life. She looks at least five years older than her 19 years. She is of 5’5”” and of stocky build. She rarely smiles. She has been working since age 8 as a laborer. She is of Irish descent, but did not get a formal education as most of her kin did. She is by nature quite cautious, and scares easily. Her slight accent has been a blessing and a curse. The Irish stick together, but they also get bullied. In unfamiliar situations, she will be quiet rather than risk being harassed. Her easy transition from calm to fear is how the transference to 250 years into her future was accomplished … and subsequent ones she falls into.

Antagonist: Kate Blanchard

Kate is almost identical to Evangeline. She is of Irish descent. Has red/blond hair that she likes to wear tied back. She is 5’5” and slender. She is 22 year old and progressed through school rapidly. She rarely smiles and has mood swings from assured to irritated when she thinks her intellect is challenged or when her inventions are critiqued. Kate is a scientist and quite brilliant. She is also impatient. She is overly sure of herself and gets in arguments when others urge caution and patience. Her invention is being examined by the top minds of the institute. The main observation is that there is no fail-safe on it. Kate is responsible for the event horizon that triggers the transference that lands her 250 years in the past. She soon realizes that people in the new timeline cannot distinguish her from someone named Evangeline.

Minor characters:
Bob Whitehead. Bob is a farmer in 1858 Oregon. He sent for Evangeline through a mail order process. He is a handsome man, but the women of the region are scarce and not willing to work the land with him. He married Evangeline for a helpmate. He does not understand how she changed so dramatically from the sturdy working class girl he married to this feisty little thing that does not know how to do manual labor. He fears he married someone with an unbalanced mind.

Finn Morgan

Finn is Kate’s love interest. He is stylish and where’s his dark blond hair slicked back. He is fit, strong and masculine. He is her anchor to try to get back to her timeline. He is also quite intelligent and add his knowledge to effort to get Kate back into the timeline. It may not be enough.
Royal Blanchard

Kate’s father looks much younger than his 50 years. He is disciplined and rarely smiles. He is a brilliant man and the source of Kate’s passion and intelligence. He is the one working feverishly on his end to repair the gateway so that he can retrieve his daughter. It may not be enough because there is a scared nitwit (Evangeline) running through the timelines messing things up. Kate and Evangeline are almost identical, it is difficult to find identifiers to put each back in their own timeline.

The character database is on google docs. I also keep a word document because I want to keep a visual image photo of how I envision each character.
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