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Writer from the Heart Round 4
It starts with something
inside - a thought.
Then the chemical reaction
when you remember
how it felt.
An accomplished peace
swept over you.

When you don't sit
to pen and paper in hand.
When you don't sit
to keyboard and screen.

A desire ignites inside
something unexplained.
You know beyond a
shadow of doubt there's
something lurking inside
your infinite imagination.

A piece of you that longs
to come out,
to be seen by eyes to light
the vision from your mind

A piece of you that longs
to come out,
to be read by lips, speaking
the letters and sounds of
your words.

The desire to share
pieces, a glimpse of
something never before
seen is insatiable.

If you cannot get it out
of your soul to paper
or screen you will explode.

You live for the moments
because you think
this is why I was created -
This is my purpose.

You write no matter how.
You finish with "The End"
only to have another day
of writing to come.

It's the most enjoyable feeling ever felt.

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